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Top 7 reasons why you should use 3D in product commercials

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Photographing certain items can be difficult to capture quickly and accurately once they are in their final packaging. This is especially true for food, which must look appetizing even when packaged, and bottles, which have intricate reflections. The same applies to objects made of materials such as plastic or aluminum, which are also difficult to represent accurately in a photograph.

However, it is essential that the representation be realistic to promote a product. You can have fun and create advertisements with complete artistic freedom thanks to the 3D image.


3D rendering of products for advertising campaigns:

Photorealistic rendering can make your life easier, whether you want to illustrate an item on your packaging or sell something online. Using CG images in marketing is beneficial for several reasons.

Using 3D modeling as a marketing tool has many benefits, whether you want to showcase your product in an advertisement, on a website, or in any other visual medium.


7 reasons to use 3D photorealism in advertising:


  • Create a perfectly coordinated marketing plan

Working in close collaboration with the artistic director of an advertising or communication agency who knows perfectly well what you want your product to do and the purpose for which you will use it, we also start the creation process. As a result, we work closely with project managers and creative directors to create a 3D image that W will ultimately use in a marketing campaign. As 3D designers, we pay close attention to customer requirements, consider aesthetic and visual constraints, and produce exactly what we envision.

Obviously, the biggest benefit is that we can see the final product exactly as the creator envisioned it. There will be no unpleasant surprises; The result will be what you expected.

In addition, advertising deadlines are often short, and media planning requires many adjustments, many of which are related to visual limitations. However, this can be avoided using 3D modeling.


  • Create a unique theme for your product

Once you’ve created your initial 3D rendering of a product, you can customize and use that image however you see fit.

Every opportunity is a valuable opportunity to relaunch an existing product in the market, whether through a temporary or seasonal special offer, a product redesign, or a new recipe, but it must be successful and attract people. To maintain interest, it is essential to be able to reinvent yourself.

Developing a specific theme for a product by developing a story or narrative thread is an effective and cost-effective solution for advertising agencies and their clients. This is another compelling argument for CG Imaging, which excels at showing a product’s full potential.


  • Render with specific characteristics

You don’t need a sensational concept to make your product eye-catching or grab attention with all its visual appeal. Your product just needs to be presented as realistically as possible.

In this case, the staging of your products can be completely personalized. You are responsible for selecting each individual component to ensure that every aspect meets your standards.


  • Present your less photogenic stuff in the best possible light

By using CG images, you can avoid difficult shots. Many items are difficult to represent in a visually appealing and appealing way, including frozen foods, fresh produce, prepared foods, as well as bottled, canned, or jarred foods. This is not only true for the food industry. Also, some technical and technological products, for example, household appliances, are more difficult to return than others.

In short, when it comes to providing an aesthetic concept, the difficulties faced by creative directors in advertising agencies depend on whether or not they design images for a product suitable for photography.


  • Interactive 3D advertising

Customers can experience and explore your products in greater detail through 3D ads than any static image. They can rotate, zoom in and out, and configure the product.

So it’s no surprise that this compelling technique that makes your products stand out more than traditional banner ads improves audience engagement.


  • Low-risk perception

3D advertising is an essential factor in reducing consumer perception of risk. To provide customers with the greatest possible inspection of online products in a physical store, 3D advertising has become rich advertising that reduces risk perception. The superiority of 3D elements can, according to marketing professors Charles Dennis and Raed Alghrabat, be attributed to 3D authenticity, which is “a psychological state in which 3D virtual objects are sensorially perceived as real objects”.


  • Increase ad visibility

Consumers have proven that among the thousands of ads they see every day, 3D ads stand out before their eyes. To attract customers at the beginning of the sales funnel, 3D advertisements can be very beneficial. The latest visualisation technique entertains potential customers and, at the same time, promotes lasting relationships with them. Plus, 3D ads can help you outshine your competitors. Being ahead of the competition and using state-of-the-art online graphics can help you increase your market share in 2022.


  • A greater propensity to buy

3D advertisements can increase customers’ desire to buy. Every successful business follows an important process that involves evaluating the performance of the business. Purchase intent is one of the key KPIs for all retailers. 3D creations have been shown to increase this metric. An example is Belvedere, a premium vodka brand, saw a huge impact from a 3D ad campaign. Their options for growing the business have purchase intent 4.9 times higher than the category average. The sale increased due to higher purchase intent, bolstering its reputation as a premium brand. The example shows how 3D advertising is a useful tool to increase sales and brand awareness.



3D images play a vital role in business. These images fascinate clients, so they purchase the product easily. If you want to know more about 3D images, this article is for you.

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