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10 types of videos that are used for marketing purposes

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As the internet is growing faster, people are becoming more and more impatient. They don’t like reading blogs or watching advertisement images, instead, they like watching videos, be it informational or entertaining.


The value of video content has increased in the world of digital marketing, tremendously. If you are a local brand just debuting in the market, or even if you are an established enterprise, you undoubtedly require video content to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones.

Video marketing helps you to differentiate your brand from others and create your own identity. With ever-increasing time spent online, your business can benefit a generous amount if you utilise video marketing strategies effectively.


According to a survey, 97% of marketers believed that video content allows their consumers to understand their products better. Also, only 10% of the message is retained after reading a text while 95% is retained after watching a video.

Video marketing improves conversion rate and thus increases your profits. Above that, websites having video content have better SEO rankings i.e. proved by the fact that 70% of the top 100 Google search results contain video content.

So, in a nutshell, we can confidently assume that video marketing is an essential requirement if you want to reach a vast audience over the internet and convert them into your customers.


To help you with just that, here are the 10 most popular video marketing formats that you can use to promote your brand efficiently.


  1. Product Demo

Demonstration videos are one of the most popular types of videos used in marketing to introduce a new product or service to the audience. You can utilise these videos to provide customers with a thorough understanding of your product, the problem it solves, and how it will help them in their daily life.


All of the product or service’s use cases ought to be shown in such videos. The main goal of a demo video is to convert leads into buyers by showcasing all the benefits and features of the product while explainer videos actually cover the specifics of how it operates.


When it comes to making a purchase, nearly 80 percent of individuals say that watching product videos gives them more confidence. Gen Z favours branded videos or advertisements that feature someone talking about a product by an overwhelming majority of 87%.


Unboxing videos are the most prevalent forms of product demonstration videos. You can quickly produce product demonstration movies by showcasing your product, passionately discussing its features, and incorporating animations, background music, and transitions.

Here are some ideas for making engaging demo videos:

  1. Make it straightforward and understandable.
  2. Create different videos to cover various facets of the good or service.
  3. Keep your message concise and clear.
  4. Utilise social media channels to generate leads and potential clients.
  5. Try to focus more on audible content rather than written text


  1. Explainer video

One of the first videos to be produced at the start of the marketing phase for a brand-new product or service. The video provides information on a comprehensive overview of the product as well as an explanation of how it operates.


Explainer videos do not necessarily need to be very long, but they should provide all the necessary information to clients who are considering making a purchase of the product.


A successful explainer video will provide a concise explanation of the work that your company does, the challenge that it is attempting to address, the technique that it is adopting to address the challenge, and the benefits that it will provide to the audience.


Explainer films are useful for increasing the number of leads generated by a business by targeting those who are not familiar with the company’s brand and attempting to persuade them to become prospective customers by providing thorough explanations of the goods and services on offer. ‘How to’ videos also come under the category of explainer videos.


Here are some tips for creating tempting explainer videos:

  1. Try to connect with your audience
  2. Discuss the value offered via your product/ service
  3. Leave your audience intrigued for more by engaging them through animations with a voice-over or live-action recording


  1. Customer testimonials

Getting your consumers involved in the production of a video wherein they discuss their experiences with your product or service is another successful method of brand marketing that could be extremely effective.


Customer testimonial videos are even more effective than the simple text reviews you see online, which are one of the most important metrics for consumers to make purchases. There is nothing that can be more convincing for a potential buyer than looking at an exceptional review that was given by another customer who has already used the product. Your audience’s purchase confidence will unquestionably increase as a result, and they will assume that they will, most likely, have the same experience if they buy your product or service.


You can also present client testimonials in the form of case studies. These case studies tell the tale of your customer, beginning with the first time they encountered an issue that could only be solved by your product and ending with a depiction of how your solution altered their lives. Also, there is no other method that could possibly be more effective in showing appreciation to your current loyal consumers; after all, who doesn’t want a little bit of publicity?


  1. About us videos/ Brand documentary


Whether you are just making your debut in the market, or you have been an old player, a brand documentary is exactly what you need to connect with your audience and ignite (or reignite) that spark of curiosity about your company. It is an opportunity for you to introduce your audience to the people backstage i.e. people behind the brand. Go ahead and get your cameras ready so that you can tell your own tale of how, when, and why you began this company. Discuss your goals and the ways in which you want to make the lives of the people in your surroundings simpler by offering your product or service. Let your customers hear you pour out your heart and let them experience that human connection, they watch your brand documentary.


And if the production of a full-fledged documentary seems like an overly difficult task to take on, you can get your feet wet by making some short videos titled “about us” that provide an overview of your journey and the passion that drives your company. Make it easy for your customers to identify with your brand and the vision you have for it. They will have an easier time putting their faith in you and your product if they have a deeper understanding of you.



  1. Ads and commercials


When we think of marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is a video ad or commercial. A form of marketing video that has been used in the industry for ages,  video advertisement has one primary objective: “selling” your product or service to viewers through an engaging narrative, animated elements, and visuals.


These video commercials should be brief and to the point, encouraging the target audience to take action and buy your product. Nonetheless, these videos may also serve as branding tools rather than direct sales tools for a particular product or service. Most effective commercials leave an indelible impression on the viewer. For example, you can add a catchy song or come up with clever conversations to retain your brand in the thoughts of your consumers. Ads are challenging to create because they need to be concise while still capturing the attention of the target audience. Marketing strategists often turn to advertising companies to develop creative solutions that are consistent with their overall brand and mission.


But worry not! Even if you don’t have the funds to employ an agency, you can still produce a commercial for your brand by using voice-overs, graphics, animations, interesting transitions, and even getting actors to act out a brief story. The key is to come up with something really fresh and unique.


  1. Educational Video

The primary objective of these videos is to impart something valuable to your audience in a specific niche that is related to your brand, product, or service. For instance, a company that sells hair-care products such as shampoo, hair serum, and hair oil could provide instructional videos on subjects such as “how to prevent hair fall.”


What are the causes of excessive hair damage, and how can it be prevented? Etc.

Therefore, if you give the members of your audience the knowledge that they require throughout the stage of their awareness journey, you can draw them to your brand while simultaneously building trust with them.


Also, users have a higher positive impression of businesses that offer instructional videos on their websites or mobile applications, by a margin of 53%. (Source: Google)

Videos on a variety of subjects, such as instructions on how to use your product or service in the most effective way, as well as organising a webinar in which professionals share their understanding of relevant fields, are examples of some content that may be provided in the form of educational videos.





  1. Interview / Q&A video

The easiest kind of video that you can create to solve the queries of customers along with promoting your product, is interviews or Q&A videos. You only need someone to play the role of a customer who will ask you pertinent questions about the product or service you offer, and you will need to answer these questions in detail in order to resolve any and all worries that your actual customers might have.


If you want your Q&A videos to be more successful, you should first collect questions from your direct customers by conducting polls or surveys online or through feedback forms, and then respond to those questions in your videos. You can also do “Live sessions” on social media with actual consumers. You will be able to communicate with your audience, gain a deeper understanding of them, and collect feedback on your product or service in this manner, all of which will be beneficial to the development of your product in the future.


An interview or Q&A session will serve the dual purpose of promoting your product along with bringing you and your audience closer together by giving you a channel for direct communication. There is no question that doing so will assist you in enhancing trust among current and potential buyers, as well as elevating the level of customer satisfaction in your business.


  1. Social Videos

The trend of social media marketing is growing day by day and we can definitely agree that it is here to stay. Social media is a blessing in disguise, especially for the marketing industry. Creating and publishing videos for promoting your brand on social media is very easy and it gives tremendous results in terms of brand engagement and brand awareness.


No doubt, so many small businesses are flourishing only through social media marketing. There can be unlimited forms of content videos that can be used to promote your brand on these platforms ranging from creative reels, Instagram story Ads, Youtube shorts, web stores, posts, youtube videos, and the list just goes on. Social media gives unlimited opportunities to generate and share marketing content on a large-scale platform.


Apart from the free videos that can be published by just creating a business account by the name of your brand, you can also use social media for promoting your product through paid services like affiliate marketing, google Ads, Ads between youtube videos, Facebook, Instagram ads, etc. It provides never-ending possibilities to help you reach potential buyers, create awareness about your product, get feedback from existing customers and strengthen your brand image.


Here are some stats that are proof that social media marketing is a superpower that can do wonders in marketing your brand be it new or established:

  1. 93% of businesses believe that the video content they posted on social media contributed to the acquisition of a new customer.
  2. Additionally, 63%  of companies believe that video has the highest return on investment (ROI) on social media.


Creating better engaging social media videos for marketing in itself is a whole full subject that requires an understanding of customer psychology, usage of colour schemes, captions, animations, and transitions depending upon the platform where the video will be published and the target audience.


However, the most useful piece of advice is to produce videos on a more regular basis and to remain current with social media trends in order to achieve maximum consumer engagement and acquisition.


  1. Behind-The-Scenes


Remember the T.V. series called “How it’s made” that we all loved watching when we were young, which basically included episodes in the form of documentaries showing how some of the most popular products that we use in our daily life are produced in big factories.


Well just like that, another interesting way of marketing your brand, and connecting with your audience is to show them what goes on behind-the-scenes of the creation of your product or #bts of your company.


To put it simply, you need to make a video that focuses on the fascinating steps involved in the preparation of the product, or the management of the service that your company offers.


Whether your company sells handcrafted goods, cooked delicacies, engineered tools, designed clothing, or anything else, there is always a methodical process behind its manufacturing that can be shared with the audience.


This not only serves to promote the goods but also guarantees their authenticity. Even if you own a business that provides a service, such as one that plans events, you may still demonstrate how you organise things to ensure that your clients have a pleasant and hassle-free experience with you.


No matter what kind of company you run, a behind-the-scenes video (or #bts video) is exactly what you need to get the audience excited and invested in your products and services.


  1. Company culture

A video that portrays the culture and values of the people working at a firm is referred to as a “Company culture video,” which is self-explanatory given its name. It is a representation of their entire day at the office and what it is like to work there.


A video like this one will typically have a number of employees talking about their experiences, sentiments, and the ways in which they have fun while they are at work. It is essential if you want to improve the public’s perception of your business. It should highlight the positive aspects of your company’s work culture as well as the advantages that are offered to staff members.


The majority of the time, such videos are produced with the intention of luring prospective employees by bragging about how fulfilling it is to be a part of such an organisation. Nevertheless, you may also exercise your creative side and develop videos about the business culture by employing animations and narratives. In addition to assisting you in gaining that human-to-human trust from your clients, these videos will also assist you in drawing attention to the significance of human resources inside your firm.





In the age of digital marketing, everybody is generating video content for marketing their company online; nevertheless, the ability to create engaging and interesting videos is the skill that will set you apart from the competition.


You now have access to all of the tools that were discussed above, and as a result, you are in a position to produce the greatest videos possible and propel your business to new heights. So, jot down your innovative storyline, grab your camera, and get ready to publish your very own marketing video for your fantastic brand!



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