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3D Architectural Aerial Rendering

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Three-dimensional rendering is the latest advancement in most sectors. Technological advancement has also changed the visualisation in real estate. 3D aerial rendering is not entirely new to real estate; however, innovation is key to success, and an important way to bring innovation in real estate is through 3D architectural aerial rendering.

In this ever-changing world, three-dimensional aerial rendering is a must for every real estate business owner. Aerial view and architectural rendering techniques have changed how architectural projects are viewed and presented. Whether residential or commercial, professionals provide an amazing view of real estate projects. This changes the way these projects are presented to investors and buyers.

What is 3D rendering?

The benefits of 3D rendering are recognised in all segments. 3D rendering is the simple process of converting 2D images into 3D models using computer devices. The advanced process of 3D rendering can convert simple information and images into a visual representation

3D rendering has changed the way images are presented in various fields. It is commonly used in cinematography. 3D animated movies are a common form of entertainment for kids. 3D animation and rendering are also commonly used in video games. 3D rendering is in almost every field. It is used in online shopping, eCommerce platforms, gaming, movies and real estate.

In real estate, it represents the aerial views of homes and apartments. The adjacent area of residential complexes can be exhibited using 3D rendering images. It provides a new perspective to the visualisation of real estate projects.

Aerial Exterior Render

Aerial Exterior Render

Why aerial rendering in architecture?

3D rendering is a powerful tool used in architecture. The aerial view of the residential projects allows buyers to imagine their dream home more innovatively and better, whether small or big; 3D visualisation is used to present architectural projects more imaginatively and wisely.

Architectural rendering helps create three-dimensional images. This process helps create an enhanced visualisation of the proposed architecture, making it easy to understand the real estate project and see it as a bigger picture.

In industries like real estate, 3D rendering is vital to express how future homes will appear. 3D architectural, aerial rendering represents property from a bird’s eye view. When viewed with an aerial view, residential projects appear more appealing.

The birds-eye view of the properties is a digital visual of projects from a bigger and better scale. It can include wider details of the project and display every nook and corner of the complete project. It is created to showcase a zoomed-out picture of the site. When such images are projected to buyers, they can get a detailed idea about the project. They could cover everything a project will have. So, in a way, a buyer can see his home/ workplace even before it is made.

Types of architectural rendering:

Architectural rendering can depict the overall picture of the complete project. It also predicts how the final project will appear after complete construction. There are three types of architectural rendering:

Interior rendering

Interior rendering presents a complete visualisation of the house or apartment. This rendering exhibits a three-dimensional picture of a house or an office after flooring and lighting. Interior architectural rendering may also include the final presentation of the house after furnishing. Interior designers use it to depict the final appearance of the apartment. 

Exterior rendering

Exterior rendering can present a three-dimensional image of the building and its appearance in terms of its surroundings. It includes the representation of light, reflection and shadowing of the building after its construction. Such rendering also consists of the appearance of real estate projects with the environment.

Aerial rendering

Aerial or bird-eye view representation of the real estate is important if you wish to get a better idea of the project. It helps provide a dynamic perspective of the complete architecture. With these types of rendering, one can easily identify the landscapes and surroundings of the real estate project. Rendering helps get a better understanding of the final project.

Why aerial rendering in architecture?

Simple images can easily miss essential shots of the overall structure of the residential projects. 3D rendering is commonly used to display crucial characteristics of an apartment. It is now widely used to display the aerial view of properties. Aerial rendering is efficient enough to represent buildings with their adjacent locations. The nearby markets, playgrounds, schools, hotels, etc. It can easily showcase the surrounding properties. Aerial rendering in architecture includes the following:

  • Landscapes
  • Nearby roads and highways
  • Parking areas
  • Surrounding buildings
  • Playgrounds
  • Parks
  • Other amenities

Who can benefit from 3D aerial rendering?

Companies commonly use 3D rendering in architecture to display realistic project images. The benefits of 3D aerial rendering are important to stay ahead of the competition. It can ensure efficient marketing of the project and the effective display of the project to buyers.

3D aerial rendering is beneficial for everyone. It can benefit:

  • Marketers – 3D architectural and aerial rendering are used for advertising and promoting real estate projects.
  • Real estate agents – Real estate agents can use 3D aerial views to represent projects to buyers and investors.
  • Investors – For investors, a 3D aerial of projects is a way to understand the project before making final purchase decisions. 
  • Developers – Developers can get an idea of final project designs with 3D rendering. With 3D aerial rendering, developers can effectively design houses and residential properties.
  • Customers – Customers can easily compare different projects with their aerial view before buying a house in a particular project.
Chigwell Aerial 3D Rendering

Benefits of 3D aerial rendering

The real estate industry today is competitive. Many real estate builders excel at creating innovative projects. It isn’t easy to stand out even if you are talented. New methods need to be adopted to keep up with the industry. Today, 3D is the talk of the town. Therefore, 3D aerial rendering is a foolproof method for real estate projects. It is beneficial in various ways, some of which are:

  1. Attract clients

Adding a 3D view of your project helps the clients visualise how your project would look alive. It helps in creating beautiful and eye-catching presentations. It also makes your project more trustworthy for the customers. When clients view the bird’s eye picture of the existing project, they can easily judge the final project. It facilitates them in making easy purchasing decisions. Aerial representation of the project could make them invest in the project.

2. Save up on time

Delivering the picture of the final project in less time is one of the basic requirements in the architect industry. 3D aerial rendering is the fastest type of rendering available in the market. Other design tools available take a longer time. 

Representation of the project is easy with a 3D aerial view. When buyers can view their project sitting at home with 3D aerial rendering, they can easily decide which project to invest in. Aerial rendering also helps you advertise sooner. You can advertise your project even if it is not completed yet.

3. Cheaper

It only requires you to invest your money once. If invested once in 3D architectural, aerial rendering, it could ensure long-term profits. Creating 3D aerial views of real projects is quite easy. An expert can easily create fine aerial presentations for real estate projects with the right hardware and software.

With just a single 3D aerial representation, you could use it in many ways. 3D aerial views of real estate projects are used for advertisement. The right presentation of the project can make your offer more attractive.

4. Reduce errors

Unlike manual plans, 3D renderings do not have irregularities. It helps you easily figure out flaws in your project as a whole. It can ease improvement. 3D aerial presentations are created by smart software, and thus it could easily depict the exact copy of the original project. 

There is less probability of deviations or errors. It can also help in clearly identifying real estate projects at a bigger glance. Right improvement at the right time also increases the quality of the final result.

5. Real scale mapping

It can help you create direction maps and reference guides. You can use it as a real scale map. It can help clients see the accurate sizing of your project. It can also be used as a map to reach your project. This is a guide for buyers to the project.

6. Deciding view is easy.

When you have the feature of the 3D aerial view, it is easy to view your project from different angles. 3D rendering is possible for both commercial as well residential projects. It could effectively provide a perfect view of the project from a bird-eye view. It is easy to view a bigger picture with an effective aerial view of a real estate project. It can display projects with a view of a neighbourhood. It is an effective way to view large projects in a single shot.

7. Zoomed out view

3D architectural visualisation is also effective because it can showcase the zoomed-out view of the project. It enables viewing the complete project as a whole. It is easy to detect flaws when enjoying a complete view of a large project in a single shot. With such a convincing picture, the basics of the project are easily identified. With such an accurate and realistic presentation, it is possible to convince your investors and buyers.

 8. High-quality rendering

When 3D aerial rendering is introduced to architects, it changes the overall representation of the real estate project. 3D aerial views are efficient to display projects in a whole new version. It could help depict the excellent work architects have done in the complete project. With hardware and software of 3D rendering, it is easy to create a wonderful bird’s eye view of real estate projects. It makes it easy to create three-dimensional pictures of a project. It can represent even the simplest project most attractively.

9. Increase in sales

3D aerial, architectural representation is the need of the hour. It is the best way to stand out from competitors. 3D aerial views help showcase the project in the most innovative way. It is helpful for buyers and investors. Clients will surely enjoy this when they get a new way to view the project. With new experiences, they will appreciate the project. The right representation of the project in aerial views could make them invest, thus helping in increasing sales.

10. Multipurpose alternative

Aerial rendering of a real estate project is a multipurpose utility. It does not only help get a picture of the project, but it can also facilitate a map to reach the prime location. It can also display the picture of the project with its surroundings and can facilitate identifying nearby terrains and landscaped. Last but not least, it can also help identify irregularities so that they get corrected to make the architect perfect.

Why outsource rendering?

3D aerial rendering is essential because it is one of the best ways to level up your project. It can help you show land or property in full detail. It also has immense benefits. It has almost no downsides to it. It is always wiser to outsource 3D rendering. It is important to find a quality company that suits the needs of your project. Doing proper research is required, according to your project.

Usually, outsourcing depends on the size of your project. It depends on the requirements of your company. Instead of having an in-house team, it is better to outsource 3D rendering. It surely depends on the size of work and the requirements of the business.

Even when smart software can facilitate the easy creation of 3D aerial, architectural pictures, sometimes they require advanced knowledge. By outsourcing rendering to a knowledgeable team, you can transfer your burden. It will help you concentrate on other important details of the project.

There are various advantages of outsourcing rendering. It is helpful in the following ways-

  • Lighter on your wallet – You can save on additional costs. You do not need to buy the software. You also save on space and the salaries of the in-house team. Therefore, it can help you maximise your profits. Hiring a team at your end can make you spend a lot. It will add cost that is comparatively high when outsourced.
  • Save on time – You can get high-quality work done in a short period. Outsourcing is more efficient. You do not need to manage it. By outsourcing, you can transfer your burden to the outsourcing company. It reduces your workload. You must choose the company wisely and make sure they deliver on time.
  • Get quality work done – Companies who outsource services are usually well experienced. They can provide skilled resources on budget. They also provide the latest technology and software for cheap. They can help create the best designs that are impossible when done on personal ends.
Aerial Exterior Visualisation of flats

How are 3D architecture rendering created?

Previously, companies used aeroplanes or helicopters to capture aerial images of their project. This method was extremely expensive. Eventually, drones will be released into the market. They are cheaper and offer various advantages.

2D renderings made previously were difficult to visualise. They also do not help in identifying errors. It added up a lot to the final cost. Drones help you map the topography of your project accurately. It also helps you in accessing the softwares required. This softwares can help you add realistic environments to your surroundings.

Previously taking pictures of a bigger area was expensive. Now software is used to add them for cheaper. It also gives access to photogrammetry for making accurate calculations. Photogrammetry helps you in taking accurate measurements through pictures. A camera is mounted under a drone to capture pictures. It is pointed towards the ground. The software helps in determining the topography of an area.

It helps in the accurate recreation of an area. You can easily map out any space in detail. It gives you a clear vision of your project. The software also helps you identify potential issues. It saves you a lot of time and money.


Visualisation is an important aspect of architecture. Without visualisation, efficient construction is not possible. A 3D aerial view of the architecture helps determine how the project will look after completion. It helps buyers and investors to identify and visualise their dream houses.

3D architectural aerial rendering is important in real estate projects because it helps visualise a realistic project. The bird-eye view 3D images of the project can help depict the actual picture of the project in respect to surroundings.

3D rendering is an amazing way to show your project clearly. It can help represent even the finest detail of the project better. Aerial view representation effectively entails everything about the project to prospective clients, investors, and buyers. It is equally beneficial for developers and real estate agents.

3D rendering is thus a significant tool for real estate projects. It is a must-have for every architectural design.

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