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5 Ways Architectural Rendering Can Save You Money

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Let’s conceptualise a situation where you are a property developer. Now, you only wish to maximise your profits. You would also want to invest your dollars smartly to get maximum returns with profit. This is when you will think of Architectural rendering. Ideally, these renderings dominate trending and modern property websites with excellent branding strategies. 

Although you might be amazed at their worth, you might consider being cost-conscious. With this, the question arises: Will architectural renderings help to save money? If yes, how do they save money? 

We live in an age where computers hold the final authority. This is because technology offers a pool of rendering options that assist artists in creating incredible visuals regardless of the field. In the architectural field, architects, too, use 3D modelling software to build computer renderings for several purposes, including creating presentations. 

Looking back over the years, people used to plan architectural renderings by hand. It was more of a two-dimensional image that aimed to display all the attributes that should be highlighted in the final design. However, things have been different today. 

Before moving on to today’s topic, let’s examine why architectural renderings are important. If they are essential, how? 

Chigwell Exterior Architecture Visualisation

Why are Architectural Renderings Important?

Typically, the more efficiently architects present their ideas, the more effectively they close deals. By now, you must know that architectural renderings create space for communication by sharing ideas visually satisfyingly. They also allow designers and professionals to share their ideas in a way that is easily perceived by others. 

Below listed are some of the vital benefits that architectural renderings bring to the table:

  1. Visualisation
    Whether 2D or 3D, architectural renderings are excellent for a very subtle and basic understanding of a project; however, projects and designs can sometimes be challenging for the customer to understand. With renderings, architects explain themselves well, helping customers get a complete understanding of how their structure would look when completed.

    A rendering allows clients to visualise how the plan looks in three dimensions. At this stage, clients can also refine their decisions in certain areas, including the paint colour, carpet finish, or anything else that makes their space tacky. All the potential amendments can be done at this stage without a hitch.

  2. Share Designs And Proposals In Various Views
    Architectural renderings allow you to design your vision using typical 2D and 3D concepts. As it is known, renderings help stakeholders and clients see how a project will look when executed. In addition, designers and architects can cast interior and exterior from various angles or allow time views, i.e., night or day views.
  3. Locate And Fix Flaws
    Generally, architectural renderings allow you to delve into the design elements from various perspectives. Thus, the outcome is fruitful. Eventually, you can quickly identify the design’s flaws, issues, and negative sides by fixing them. Here, 3D wins over 2D, as a sketch floor plan cannot be as fruitful and beneficial as the 3D one.
  4. Fundraising
    You must have heard the saying, ‘ A picture is worth 1000 words.’ In this case, the saying is true. A rendering allows flawless communication regarding a project to all potential donors in brilliant ways that words or explanations alone cannot accomplish. In other words, words and explanations might not significantly impact the project idea, unlike renderings that create a vision of the upcoming project in the client’s mind. 
  5. Marketing
    Renderings help build buzz for your plan.  As a result, you can use this in several ways: social media, ads, banners, etc. Let’s consider the example of a building owner. He/she can allow their current clients to see how a building would cater to all their requirements. Architectural renderings help designers and architects to present their skills to valuable clients. They can feature and showcase past projects on their sites, use them in multiple ad campaigns, or embed them into some social media strategies. Doing this helps them drive valuable leads, which turn into potential customers.
Rom Valley Architectural Rendering Cam
  1. Collaboration With Clients
    Architectural renderings allow designers to ensure and be confident that they are on the same page as their clients. Interior designers can display clients a more distinct version of Architectural renderings that allow homeowners to make robust decisions about which elements would look best and what they should choose. Always remember that communication gives rise to brilliant outcomes.
  2. Communicate Designs To The End-User
    A rendering can be utilised to engage a project design with an end-user. Remember that a critical element of a successful project is the ‘buy-in’ from users. Here, users can be anyone—either customers, employees, or members of the ordinary public. When architects show renderings to the users during design, they can receive potential feedback at the beginning or at the end of the design process to help users understand how a new space functions or looks.
  3. Seals More Deals
    Architectural renderings allow designers, architects, and contractors to close more deals. In fact, they enhance their sales velocity as well. Design pros can build a range of personalised presentations in minutes and make fast decisions that go beyond client expectations. All in all, they lead to more deals and contracts in the long run.
  4. Save Money
    Using architectural rendering software or approaches can help designers cut potential costs. How? By eliminating the need to outsource each of the conceptual design work. In simple terms, you no longer need to wait for manual or hand-drawn rendering. You can easily generate unlimited versions at zero added cost. This point is further discussed in the blog below. 
Architectural Visualisation Material Selector Brick

Benefits of Architectural Design

Renderings are a vital tool in architecture. Although renderings are used to serve a variety of purposes, the following listed below are just a few benefits. 

  • The space is utilised in a brilliant way because the design layout holds all the essential functions of the space. Alongside, it also states how it should be layered. 
  • Holding a knowledge about the project layout does not offer estimations but confident timelines and projections of cost. 
  • It cuts down the need for continuous and unnecessary adjustments and modifications in construction when unusual problems arise. 
  • Because making amendments or building a structure involves a significant investment, you will want to ensure that your project gets completed successfully by making the best use of time and money. Herein, an architectural design guarantees that your budget gets utilised efficiently with a clear plan. Furthermore, it also states that the project can be executed by avoiding all the foreseen challenges. Surety and guarantee are what renderings offer. 

Moving forward with the chief motive of the discussion, the answer to the question, ‘Will architectural renderings help to save money? Yes! Today, 3D renderings have become more affordable with their design services. On a separate note, it actually helps to save money at every step! Wondering how? Read on to find out! 

5 Ways Architectural Rendering Can Save You Money 

Below is a list of 5 Ways opting for architectural rendering can save you tons of money for your next project. 

#1 Minimises Construction Prices and Higher Prices

Creating a 3D rendering helps construction workers and architects work systemically. Typically, these renderings identify all the potential issues with the design prior to the building process, thereby rectifying them. This eventually helps architects save money on altering or rebuilding a structure that has already consumed a huge amount of funds. 

Furthermore, research says a lot about architectural renderings. Studies highlight the financial benefits of renderings on sale. According to the National Association of Realtors, staged homes elevate future sales by 17% compared to non-staged homes. There is no doubt why investing in architectural rendering can give you potential financial returns. Moreover, with renderings, you can present designer furnishings, excellent image composition, exact finishes, and perfect lighting. Isn’t it worth it? 

#2 Rapid Designing Process

Designing involves a time-consuming process. It is done in collaboration with various participants, including a landscape architect, boss, team, investors, etc. When you get an architectural render, you can cut down the excess need for communication between diverse parties involved in the design process. To name a few, the design process involves professionals like investors, architects, interior designers, etc. Through renderings, people can see an accurate visualisation of the image. The method clarifies the model’s materials, design (interior, exterior), and colours. 

Eventually, images aid highly in collaborating all the parties into one vision. In simple terms, architectural plans can be alarming for common people to conceptualise. Hence, images can showcase a clear picture and better understanding of the plan making it easier on both sides. (architecture and client)

#3 Easy Marketing

Architectural Renderings help to showcase your project on multiple platforms (online and offline). Because this is a one-time investment, it reduces the funds you invest in marketing, besides allowing you to promote and market your project anywhere and everywhere. Stunning architectural renderings can help you voice your plan through various marketing channels. This eventually drives people to talk about it, increasing the chances of sales.

For instance, let’s consider a situation where you post an image on your website and a few social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Consequently, it can be used in multiple ads, commercials, site billboards, magazines, brochures, etc. All in all, renderings are highly beneficial for all real estate websites. With proper marketing, you can maximise your profit and sales. And of course, you can save extra money. 

#4 Higher And Faster Sales

Besides gathering more interest, images offer another brilliant benefit. It displays your project to potential buyers, thus speeding up sales. Bear in mind that the longer your property lies on the market, the lower the value becomes. However, with a cutting edge image, it can help you to speed up the sales process besides preventing lower price lags with changing interests and market conditions. 

In case you are dependent on bank funding, you might need to close a bit percentage of pre-sale units before the bank releases your financing. Simply put, faster sales result in faster bank funding. Eventually, it reduces the risk of putting your construction on hold due to funding purposes. 

#5 Faster Regulatory Board Approval 

You might come across a phase where your project may need the approval of a public/government authority. A rendering that displays your project plan for the regulatory board can optimise and add intensity to your pitch by identifying the design or placing elements that the board might be concerned/worried about. 

Renderings lower the number of revisions that you give to your design. Eventually, it speeds up the approval process of the regulatory board. At this stage, the renderings done can be conceptual renderings. Hence, you do not need to polish them as marketing images. As a result, it is cost-effective. For marketing purposes, a 3D model can be used later. Hence, ensure asking your rendering agency if they provide low pricing for conceptual renderings. 

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3D Rendering for Design and Architecture What Are The Types

What Are The Factors That Influence The Architectural Rendering Cost? 

While selecting an architectural rendering partner, note that the cost may vary from partner to partner and design to design. The price also depends on the scope of the project. Below are 3 crucial factors that influence the overall cost of Architectural rendering. Have a look! 

  1. Labour
    The initial design format determines the labour required to execute the project. Transforming a blueprint or 2D design into a 3D rendering takes a potential amount of time and labour. If the architectural design is already in a 3D form, the renderings can be created more easily. The amount of labour required for the project determines the overall cost of architectural rendering. 

2. Rendering Time
Depending on the detailing, the existence of curved surfaces, the number of light sources, and the rendering time will be determined. Typically, a system’s time to render the image varies with the project’s complexity. Note that longer rendering time calls for a higher cost. 

3. Post-Processing Time
After a computer renders the design, designers start working precisely on it. They adjust the effects, add effects if required, and adjust the colour balance and lighting. Thus, the processing time contributes to the overall rendering cost. 

Here, the best way to lower the costs of renderings is to give a detailed note and feedback so that the artist can produce results that require fewer revisions. When you analyse and determine your requirements and expectations from the design, you can eliminate a considerable cost invested to create a rendering. 


Now, the main idea of the discussion does not prove the fact that architectural renderings can make impossible designs possible. Instead, they help builders and designers to build more affordable, genuine, and feasible projects that can meet the requirements of the clients efficiently. All in all, the objective of renderings is to eliminate the funds required in unnecessary revisions.

If you wish to build a project that sells and attracts your target audience, you require a brilliant architectural render for it. Looking at the fact that quality renderings can be commissioned for less than 1000 USD, it is imperative to state that they are highly beneficial in terms of property marketing and development. Moreover, the benefits of Architectural renderings outweigh the cost involved in it. 

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