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A deep dive into 3D marketing & 3D advertising

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Marketing and advertising play a crucial role in taking your brand value up by several notches. Many people believe that marketing or advertising is strictly limited to promotion. But that’s not the fact! You need to pay attention to the marketing and advertising strategies to get the desired exposure and visibility for your brand, products, and services. As a result, the traffic and revenue will pick up lunch in ice-freezing water.

For the sake of your business’s survival, you must focus more on the latest marketing and advertising trends, which are nothing but 3D. You might wonder what exactly 3D marketing and advertising mean because they sound far from how 3D pictures are shown at the theaters. So, to clarify your doubts, here are some fundamentals of three-dimensional advertising and marketing concepts.

What are 3D advertising and marketing?

The first thing to study is what exactly digital marketing and advertising are because the concept of 3D emerges from that only. So, let’s suppose you want to stick to the conventional advertisement methods for your brand of business. There is nothing wrong with that because, in earlier days, businesses used to spread the word about their products and services through these traditional methods only. However, you can count on success only if you remove the Internet, or more precisely, the digital market from today’s world.

Going by the conventional marketing methods and advertisements on the digital platform, the Internet means digging up your grief. Ironically, these methods once helped so many businesses to gain success. But technology has evolved, and now the world is connected through this digital market. You can only succeed if you incorporate advertising and promotional methods specifically planned for the digital market.

One such digital advertisement and promotion trend in 2022 is 3D. Going by the success stories of so many small startups and small-sized businesses, it is evident that 3D marketing and promotional tactics will only go out of use for a while, not at least for the coming few years. In 3D marketing and advertising, you focus on the two most important aspects: modeling and visualisation.

3D modeling

If you see the advertisements of various electronics brands, you will see how they have leveraged 3D technology to describe different features of chips, mobiles, laptops, cameras, and many more. This is what 3D modeling is. It means figures and several other things displayed on the screen are marked on a 3-axis coordinate graph. Due to this, every element included in the advertisement or marketing will have height, breadth, and length.

3D visualisation

If you check some of the products on Amazon, you will see the tab in the picture slider says 360-degree rotation. Once you open that tab, you can rotate the picture in all directions to see exactly how the product looks. It is usually achieved by combining virtual and augmented reality with coordinate mapping using artificial intelligence. 3D visualisation is done for still photography and helps display the pictures more realistically and interactively.

How to create the best 3D marketing and advertising project?

Although 3D marketing and advertisements have a lot of benefits, you will only be able to meet the best out of it if you work on mapping your project with perfection. There are so many different ways of preparing a 3D project for your marketing that getting confused is very natural. Besides, it is a very new concept, and the chances of failure are somewhat high. So, if you continue to get negative responses, you will easily get overwhelmed while planning for the next 3D marketing project.

So, to help you out of this tough situation, we have explained some of the best ways to create a 3D marketing advertising project.

Interactive presentations

When giving product presentations, you must make them more interactive and realistic. It will help you provide an immersive experience to your customers and make your story more connected. In other words, your target audience can easily relate to your product or service, goals and objectives, and mission and vision. This will help you advance and increase the overall brand value.


Customization can also help in increasing engagement through 3D modeling and visualisation techniques. You can provide visuals in the 3D format of certain products to your customers and customize them according to their choices. They will have first-hand experience looking at the product and verifying all its features modified further according to their wishes. However, since we are talking about considering the customer perspective, it is very important to understand that customization in 3D advertisement and marketing requires a lot of planning and knowledge about customer demands.

Virtual try-on

For clothing businesses, 3D engagement is possible by allowing customers to try on the clothes virtually. Since window shopping has skyrocketed in the past few years, you can establish a strong foothold in the fashion industry. But since there are so many competitors, what you can do is make use of 3D modeling and visualisation to allow your customers to modify the dress according to their choices and try them on. This will help them make a more confident decision without having any bad reviews for your business.

Gamification through metaverse

As the concept of a metaverse is already preferred across various industries and sectors, you can make the most out of it. To implement 3D advertisement and marketing techniques, you can gamify some of the components of your online website or application. For example, the clothes can become the apparel of different gamified characters.

This will automatically increase customer engagement and provide them with a more immersive experience for shopping. Similarly, if you offer online education to middle school students, you can include fun games like quizzes, choose the options, and many more. These kinds of visual representations of different scenarios in a 3D manner will certainly increase overall customer engagement.


In this article, we have walked you through 3D marketing and advertisement fundamentals. It is mainly achieved through 3D modeling and visualisation, where any pictographic or video graphic representation is given a realistic and immersive form. We have also listed ways to easily introduce 3D features in your advertisements and marketing concepts for increased customer engagement.

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