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Best 3D Design Apps for Interior Visualisation for Customers and Artists

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Renovating a space or building is a huge task that requires money, time and intelligence. Naturally, you will eventually have a beautiful interior that you will not find in the most popular home catalogs.

However, this is not always the case. While the overall design looks awesome on paper, and you would think that different types of furniture would complement each other, that is not always the case once completed.

From 3D viewing to animation to 3D printing, 3D rendering has a lot to offer. However, its software solution is usually large and requires sophisticated hardware. Do not worry; you can start now with 3D rendering on your phone! Yes, 3D scanning application for Android, iOS or Windows devices is available. Depending on your abilities, you have different options.

What is the purpose of 3D visualisation software?

Computer designers, 3D artists, and architects may alter designs in reality quickly, theoretically and concretely, using 3D visualisation software and 3D rendering. It’s not been simpler to experiment with different possibilities, refine them, and create several design variants. Designers and architects can use these technologies to understand better the descriptive and analytical characteristics of the environments they’re constructing. Still, they can also convey ideas effectively and collaborate more efficiently.

What is the best software to be used for 3D Visualisation?

There are many 3D visualisation software available on the market and internet. Choosing the ideal one might be time-consuming, especially if you’re going for tools to assist you with designing or learning needs. Consider the following factors before determining which software is ideal for you:

  • What will the software’s purpose be?
  • How many different 3D software tools have you utilised in the past?
  • What capabilities do you require to use the product effectively?
  • What is your budget?

Top 21 3D Design Apps 

Fortunately, new technology has provided us with new solutions to ensure that everything is exactly as intended.

The 3D design apps listed below will assist you in planning and visualising your space before you begin remodelling.

These apps are ideal for both homeowners and interior designers, and they can assist you at every stage of the process. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Magicplan

Before you begin renovating a place, make sure you have a detailed floor plan to stay organised.

This is when Magicplan enters the picture. This programme is simple and lets you create comprehensive floor plans directly from your smartphone or tablet. Scan a whole space in 30 seconds and obtain accurate measurements, or you may construct your bespoke floor plans from the beginning.

Add as many details as you want, such as appliances or electrical outlets, before converting any 2D design into an interactive 3D model, just with a single touch.

  • Home Design 3D Gold

You might like to try Home Design 3D Gold if you’re looking for a comprehensive 3D design programme. It’s a hybrid of an architectural and design tool that makes it possible to create the whole interior and exterior of the space. You can raise the ceilings, modify the thickness of the walls, and more.

You can also choose between numerous different furniture pieces and change them by scaling, changing their colour, arranging them on the wall, etc. The compass can tell you exactly where the light will penetrate your room at every time of day or night.

You may also virtually tour your new home using the app’s photo-realistic 3D rendering to see how you like it to be.

  • Wayfair

Wayfair is the latest apartment catalogue, combining interior with AR. Tons of products in Wayfair’s marketplace are available in the app. People can quickly arrange their new apartment by looking at décor, furniture, bathroom renovation ideas, and other options.

Just upload a picture of your space and add the decor or furniture to see how everything fits together. The exact dimensions of the items you’ve placed in your space will be displayed. You may quickly add items to the cart and purchase them if you wish to.

  • Autodesk Software

This 3D visualisation design software is provided for non-commercial use only, primarily for students and other community members. Everyone may use this programme because it is a worthwhile skill to understand how to use it.

It is free, one of the top 3D design software that includes several sophisticated and extensive features and some high-end software tools. One of the key drawbacks is that it contains several complex packages that are hard to understand at first and necessitate some essential requirements of a system that can be difficult to meet.

  • Ikea Place

Ikea Place could be what you require if you need to go a step ahead and witness the true potential of AR.

Its AR software lets you scan the space you want to remodel, pick décor or furniture you want and realistically place it in the room.

Their visual search option might also come in handy when coming up with ideas for interior design. If you find an Ikea product but aren’t sure which one it is, you can take a snapshot of it, and then the app will search through its catalogue to recognise it.

  • Houzz

Houzz is a fantastic tool for both designers and homeowners. It includes a large library of high-resolution house and product photos and can assist you in completely redesigning your area.

Users can easily choose their favourite furniture pieces, then click “View My Room in 3D,” switch on their cameras, and see how the items would seem in their area in actual time. You can buy it right from the app if you like what you see.

Users can also participate in discussions online and interact with other experts, making it easy to collaborate with the other interior designers.

  • Shapr3D

Shapr3D is among the most powerful 3D CAD applications available. Solidworks, the leading company in CAD software, is being used as the engine. You may create accurate mechanical components, highly complicated prototypes, and completely working finished goods with Shapr3D.

You may use 2d or 3d modelling tools, export 3D models that are manufacturing-grade, etc., for everything from engineering tasks to jewellery creation. Engineers and product designers frequently travelling, operating for freelancing, or prefer working on a tablet instead of a PC may appreciate this mobile program for 3D design.

  • AutoCAD

You’re probably familiar with AutoCAD if you work in the 3D industry. But were you aware that Autodesk has a 3D modelling tool for AutoCAD? The 3D app doesn’t have as many features as the other apps but still has some useful capabilities for light 3D modelling. It works with DWG files, a prominent file format for architectural design. On the smartphone, you’ll be able to analyse projects as well.

  • OnShape

Users of the Onshape program can use this 3D modelling app to connect with 3D models using parametric modelling tools. You’ll be capable of drawing on the files, selecting them, and making other changes. On architectural projects, you can collaborate with your group without the threat of losing information.

  • eDrawings

Dassault Systems, another pioneer in the 3D sector, released this smartphone 3D designing app. You will be able to coordinate with your colleagues with no restrictions using eDrawings. You’ll be capable of accessing 2D and 3D design data and employing AR and VR applications to provide a unique experience and manner of communicating with the team members and clients.

  • Revit

Revit is a design programme created by Autodesk, the same company that created AutoCAD and Maya. This 3D visualisation program has a strong rendering engine and a diverse set of design tools, models, and textures with which to play. If you do not have any prior experience in structural engineering and architecture, Revit has a high learning curve.

Experienced experts in this field won’t be able to work quickly and easily, resulting in positive outcomes. Revit is designed to be installed and used offline. This implies you’ll need a model with a higher configuration to fulfil the software’s storage, RAM, and processor demands.

Revit is popular among users because it makes it simple to generate models and interact with coworkers while staying current with design trends such as sustainable floor designs or energy analysis. Even though Revit is a paid service, a free version is available but with limited functionality for educational reasons.

  • SketchUp

This is a 3D visualisation design software similar to Blender, although it is far less sophisticated. This programme is likewise free for a limited period before the users must recharge it. It’s mostly used for architectural modelling and comes with a big library of models. The interface’s process may be a little tough to grasp for new users. Third-party plugin applications are also supported. Sketchup is the most user-friendly 3D modelling software.

  • Wings 3D

It is an open-source 3D visualisation software application that uses polygon modelling techniques and is considerably more user-friendly. It employs certain fundamental techniques, making it one of the best programmes for learning 3D design. Using professional-grade software programmes, this tool may be used to master the concept of 3D modelling easily. The main downside is that it cannot be utilised for animations and only provides the essential features.

  • Homestyler Interior Design

It is very simple to use this free tool, and it will also assist you in creating a comprehensive design plan. You can first look at their Design Portfolio and see what others made. You could also contact home renovation pros for help and discuss your projects’ ideas.

The nicest part about this software is that it lets you take a photo of your space and then overlay things from Target or Ikea to design it from various sides and angles.

The software is ideal for both interior designers and property owners, and it can assist you in visualising your future area before you begin remodelling.

  • Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a free programme that provides greater customising choices. You can begin to work on walls after drawing or importing the whole blueprint of your residence in 2D. You can also easily modify the width and angle of your walls before placing your windows and doors.

After adding texture and colour to your walls and floors, you can begin furnishing your area with various furniture pieces. Once you’re done, please take photos of your creation and virtually tour around it in 3D.

  • Microsoft 3D Builder

Microsoft 3D Builder is among the few 3D apps on the market for Windows Phones, and it lets you repair, modify, and create 3D printing models. You will get a chance to produce realistic renderings to evaluate your 3D print to ensure that the models will appropriately print. This program is useful in making modifications to your 3D printer.

  • Thingiverse

If you don’t want to learn 3D modelling or wouldn’t have the time but still want to get involved with 3D printing, Thingiverse is a terrific place to start. This mobile 3D software brings together a large community of people who share 3D models for free. Thanks to this smartphone software, you may enjoy the flexibility of 3D printing wherever you desire.

  • HomeByMe

Finally, HomeByMe lets you create your own space from the bottom up. Make 3D floor layouts, add decors and furniture to your room, and more. You may even hire their crew to come to your house, take measurements, and produce a 3D floor layout.

Their photo-realistic 3D model of the design will let you see exactly how your room will look once the interior design job is finished.

  • Foyr Neo

You might have already heard of Foyr Neo. It is a recently released software that simplifies understanding and uses a 3D visualisation design tool for a wide range of consumers. This software has most of the functionality of the previous software and a detailed user guide for customers in a variety of landscapes. Furthermore, when contrasted to other programs for the same services, this programme costs less, making it among the most cost-effective solutions.

  • Sculptra

Another great 3D app is Sculptra. Sculptra bills itself as the most user-friendly and capable 3D sculpting programme available. It has extensive 3D sculpting features like 3D file import, symmetric sculpting, and sculpting tools. You’ll also get access to a large undo history and extremely realistic renderings. Sculptra’s major goal is to create characters for animation and video games.

  • Blender

Last but definitely not least, Blender is among the most widely used applications for all forms of 3D visualisation creations, and both pros and amateurs utilise it. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. It includes several 3D visualisation tools for creating different models and animations. This is among the few web-based interior design programmes that are free and open-source. Its drawback is that it takes a long time to render.


Your home remodelling endeavour will be easier if you use 3D interior design software to help you imagine your area. There are numerous apps to pick from which can add value to your design project.

There is a 3D modelling programme for every ability level and device. Whether you’re just getting started with 3D modelling, want some fun, or are a professional searching for more smartphone solutions, these top 21 modelling applications should help. Or perhaps you’d like to 3D print your designs?

If that’s the case, you can quickly export an STL file from your 3D modelling tool and have it 3D printed using an online service for 3D printing! Don’t worry about the parameters, the print job’s failure, or the quality.

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