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CGI and Visualisation are Essential in Today’s World

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In today’s scenario, advancement is essential. Computer-generated imagery is one of the vital selling products used by most companies these days, and it has become a compulsory weapon for online product selling. Among so many alternatives, CGI product selling has proved to be an interactive selling tool. E-commerce product selling with the help of product visualisation has changed the traditional way of selling. Product selling is an art, and with 3D visualisation, the right customers can be attracted to ensure better sales. There are proven facts that e-commerce portals with 3D images bring in better traffic and ensure increased sales. In the scenario of tough competition, CGI images act as a boom in selling products. It is an interactive way to convey everything about the product that could effectively attract customers and will make them buy your product. Product visualisation is a smart process of the digital world that can increase your brand presence and can ensure proven conversions.   IKEA-Hammersmith West London -Interior

What is CGI?

Computer Generated Imagery is a powerful tool used all around the world today. If we wish to define CGI, it can be defined as virtual photography that utilises computer software to create meaningful content. With the help of advanced CGI technology, it is possible to create 2D and 3D images that are pretty different from general photographs in a manner that can create illusions for viewers to believe that the product is real. Computer-generated imagery creates hyper-realistic images that could hold a viewer for about 5.94 seconds. When rich CGI images are included on the website, it helps users imagine the product and feel it on their end; this helps attract viewers for a long by increasing the visibility experiences.  Computer Generated Imagery photographs have been used in various sectors. It has been long used in printing, comics, animated movies, VFX films, etc. It is also commonly used in architecture designs to understand how the final house will appear.

What is the necessity of CGI?

When you are looking for product up-gradation, CGI images can help. When compared to traditional photo shoots, advanced 3D images can depict a product in a better way. The innovative CGI images allow to clearly convey even the finest detail of the product in a provocative manner. Images, when taken with three-dimensional views, could depict the product with a better scene where its colour, texture, and uses can easily be conveyed. For achieving product success, including CGI product images is essential these days because most of the competitors are already using it. It has been proven that 3D images can effectively attract more customers and increase the overall time they spend on these images. Also, they achieve better conversions by conveying products effectively. There are various reasons why CGI is important for product images:
  • It’s cheaper

    Many believe that CGI includes huge costs, but this is not true. When compared to traditional images, it is comparatively cheaper. Traditionally, taking photographs of products involves hiring a photographer, arranging perfect surroundings for a photoshoot, hiring trained staff, and spending on high-end equipment. The CGI photographs eliminated the need for all this. While planning to take advanced 3D images of the product, just the use of technologies is required. It reduces the need of travelling to exotic locations and reduces the need of spending on staff. This is a process that could be done anywhere by merely creating a 3D rendering environment. A professional can create a required setting anywhere by 3D technologies to create photographs that are realistic and effective to sell products.
  • Requires less time

    CGI is comparatively a faster process that could be done almost anywhere. This would reduce the need of travelling to an exotic location for a photoshoot and also reduce the time required to take each and every product to the desired location for a photo shoot. This could also reduce the need for a perfect atmosphere as the photoshoot will not be affected by conditions such as rainfall or bad weather conditions. With CGI modelling, it is possible to create interactive images of products anywhere. It is easy to alter images right where the photoshoot was done, and this could be done in a small room. CGI designers have all experience of converting an imperfect photoshoot to an interactive and effective one.
  • Effective connection to users

    The main purpose of product images is to target potential customers and to ensure a better rate of conversions. When effective 3D images are included on websites or eCommerce portals, customers are more likely to get attracted to these photographs and to products. CGI product images are an effective way to connect with users and viewers. It has been proven that websites with 3D images is more likely to attract customer than those websites with no 3D images. When CGI images of the product are included, they could effectively convey everything about the product, its designs, images, colour, and texture so that it could attract viewers and can convert them easily.
  • Easy photographs of multiple variants

    When traditional photographs were taken, it was necessary to take separate photographs for each variant of the product, but with advanced CGI, this is not required. It is easy to change the colour and design of the product with advanced CGI software. This negates the need of taking separate pictures of individual products of the same type. This reduces both the time and effort required in a single photoshoot. This could easily create a different product with different colours, textures, styles, features, and designs. This could make it easy to advertise and market products of a particular brand.
  • Different possibilities of marketing

    CGI opens different ways with which product advertising or marketing can be done. One may choose to create message advertising or can choose to market products with interactive 3D images. While promoting flats and houses, it is possible to create video tours that can promote the house effectively. The advanced CGI photographs and videos can run well on both desktop screens and on mobile devices. It could assist the owner of the product in advertising the product in a meaningful way to customers. Effective 3D images can ensure a better experience for users and can also help them make easy decisions about buying the product.

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Where can 3D visualisation be used?

3D visualisation and CGI have been a common part of several industries today. They help imagine a product and its design in an appropriate manner. It makes the product feel real, and this is the obvious reason why it is used so widely. The concepts of 3D visualisation have long been used in sectors to get rich graphics-oriented images. It is used in designs, images, diagrams, and animations. When used wisely, it could effectively convey in a better way and help ensure real-life experiences for viewers and users. Commonly, it is used in three major industries:
  1. Designing of product and its manufacturing 
 With the help of 3D visualisation, it is possible to convey everything about the product meaningfully. This can include its prototype or an idea of the final product. This could be helpful to depict how the final product will look. It is used to explain products to stakeholders or investors; however, it is also used for product marketing among customers. This does not only help get an idea about the product but could effectively help detect flaws in the product even before it is created so that it could be eliminated without any costs. It acts as an amazing tool that could effectively help customers to imagine products at their end while they are sitting at their comfort in their home. They could try a product in a real environment. When 3D images of a product are included on a website or portal, everything about a product can be imagined. This includes its colour, texture, flaws, and its risks. The CGI images can be achieved by taking various photos in 3-dimensional environments to create virtual images of products. It is proven that when 3D images of products are included on the website, they could ensure better conversions. 2. Architecture industry   There is software that could help create effective and appropriate 3D visualisation images for architecture and interior designing. With the help of CGI, it is possible to create realistic 3D images for a house. This could help imagine how the final house will appear after construction. These days, customers will only invest in houses when they know how the final design will look. Rather than investing in the construction of a model house, it is better to get a 3D image of the house that could effectively convey the final design of the house. This could help gain the right investors. With the help of 3D designs, it is possible to achieve a perfect interior for every room of a house. This can help decide the interior and exterior of the house. One can decide the colour of the paint or texture of the house. Not only this, with CGI, it is also possible to decide the lighting of the house and the placement of the furniture in the house. Also, the in-hand idea of the house can help create an effective construction, and if there are any flaws in the design, it could be corrected without investing in correction. 3. The entertainment industry  3D visualisation and CGI have long been used in entertainment. The first memory of 3D visualisation that we remember is with animation movies. It was long back when 3D animation was used in movies and films. CGI has already been popular in games, movies, music videos, and advertisements. Thanks to the advanced CGI concepts, it has been carefully crafting meaningful 3D games and entertainment videos for its viewers. Even when the oldest known use of 3D was in animated movies and VFX films, it is now commonly used in creating interactive gaming experiences. Video games created today are all designed using CGI. This could help create real characters that can be imagined. Realistic characters could be used to make movies and games interactive. Other sectors where CGI is used are:
  • Electronics industry
  • Education industry
  • Printing industry
  • Publishing industry
  • Medical and diagnostic industry
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The benefits of 3D visualisation

3D visualisation and CGI is an advanced technology that ensures better sales with an increase in traffic. It proved to be an interactive tool that can easily convey a product and its finest detail to customers and can make them buy the product without any doubt. 3D visualisation is a smart technology that provides various benefits in product selling. It helps in creating interactive and stunning content in the digital field. This is the obvious reason why CGI is used in various fields. 3D images are now commonly used in product selling, and there are various advantages it ensures, some of which are:
  • Interactive product presentation

It is a perfect alternative to showcase a product and its characteristics using a 3d image over those still traditional photographs. Sometimes, even those traditional photographs taken from different angles fail over interactive 3D product images that can be titled to judge everything about the product.
  •  An effective way for communication

When 3D visualised images are included for any product, it is easy to advertise and communicate everything about the product in the easiest manner. These smart images of the product can themselves tell everything about the product without any need for further communication. Users can get perfect product understanding by viewing the 3D images without any need for another sort of interaction.
  • Increased conversion rates

When users view the smart 3D images of the product, they can know how the product is? He knows that it will be delivered in the same way as it appears in the images. This will make him take the buying decision easily. When users view 3D images on websites or on portals, they will surely buy the product because the images will tell almost everything about the product, and this will ensure better conversions rates.
  • Better user experiences

With interactive 3d images, it is possible to ensure better customer experiences for users. The smart 3D images can be used to judge the texture and style of the product in just a single shot because these images can be moved or titled as if they are in the real world. Also, many 3D images can be used on a person. For example, while buying lipstick from a portal, the buyer can try shades on her face to choose the suitable lipstick. Also, a purchaser can view the complete design of his house before investing in it. All these features of 3D visualisation ensure better and enhanced user experiences.
  • The enhanced digital shopping journey

With 3D images, it is possible to display all sorts of styles and designs available in a product. This includes its different shades, different textures, and different fabrics available for sale. For example, while buying a bag, the buyer can change and adjust the colour combination, size and designs to finally select the best and most suitable bag she wishes to buy. Also, the 360-degree view of the product can help them decide what they should actually buy. La Hechicera Marketing Image

Marketing with 3D visualisations

No one can deny the fact that interactive images are more likely to attract viewers than a mere plain image. Traditionally images were used for product promotion which proved to be a dull and old technique of product selling. Today, interactive, smart 3D images have replaced those traditional photographs. This has made it easy to promote products and brands. When interactive 3D images are used for the marketing of products, they easily grab the user’s attention. These interactive images can be used to judge almost everything about the product. Right when the user is buying a product, he can decide the colour, contrast, texture, style, and appearance of the product. This will make it easy to decide whether he actually needs the product or not. This makes product marketing easy and interesting. This is a common reason why 3D visualisation is now commonly used by almost every eCommerce portal for product selling.


Product visualisation is an affordable, smart, and less time-consuming effort that every selling company must use in order to stay in the competition and to ensure the sales of products. By including interactive CGI images, one can not only achieve an increase in traffic but can also connect with potential customers by providing them with interactive and useful products. When there exists such tough competition, selling products can sound to be difficult, but with interactive tools like CGI-generated images, this becomes really easy. 3D images included on portals or websites are sure to attract customers for a long and will ensure conversions. It is not wrong to say that in the present scenario, product visualisation is actually a necessity and not a mere need.  

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