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Ways of transforming the customer experience through product AR and VR

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According to a recent survey conducted by various marketing organizations, it was discovered that the dependence on augmented reality and virtual reality has increased to a great extent. The number of users dependent on augmented reality has exponentially increased from 58 million to 98 million in two years. In light of these developments, businesses have ushered because they now cater to their customers in a much more personalized way.


With the help of augmented and virtual reality, businesses are working to provide better marketing and promotional services. They have improved how they entertain their customers and get their concerns answered. Multiple ways and strategies have been developed by businesses over the years to develop this technology. The various steps taken by them over the period to extract the maximum efficiency from augmented reality and virtual reality have been given in the following way.



Increasing customer engagement

The first step for enhancing the customer experience is engaging the customer. The customer’s engagement can be enhanced only when his attention to the subject matter is boosted. The companies use different techniques and strategies to grab this attention by deploying augmented and virtual reality.


These techniques allow you to develop interesting options such as an online shopping experience in the metaverse, playing video games using virtual reality and connecting with your friends on a real-time basis using avatars connected to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These realities serve the customer and entertain him, thereby motivating him to have more of this experience. They help to incite his interest in multiple apps and platforms, due to which the average time spent by a customer increases with time.


Increasing the awareness of brands

Brands are keen to gain insights into customer preferences so that they can redefine the experience with necessary adjustments. Technology has become a very important stimulant for making this happen. They use online platforms to seek this information, mainly collected from sources like cookies and browser history. To enhance the customer experience with the help of this information, brands are now stepping into the world of augmented reality and virtual reality.


They allow the customer to experience first-hand the primary information to increase the brand’s authenticity and reliability. Around 89 per cent of customers decide their future association with a brand based on authenticity. For instance, brands like Chiquita bananas and Mamaearth offer customers an opportunity to travel to the tropics, wherein the primary plantation of the raw materials is done just by scanning the QR code. Customers also keep track of whether their money is being utilized for the fulfilment of sustainable goals. This helps to develop a connection with the business.


Enhancing the utility of the product

According to a recent survey, it becomes possible for a business to convert around 70 per cent of its customers into buyers in an online marketplace of information concerning the utility of the product is shared. In other words, most brands are now helping customers find the perfect fit for themselves by allowing their avatars to try the purchased clothes before buying them. Moreover, e-commerce websites offer customers three-dimensional views of the products to get a holistic view of the same. In addition, users can now discover if purchased furniture would suit their living room Or not by simply taking a picture of their living room and adjusting the position of the furniture on the screen.


Many cosmetic brands allow you to try lipstick shades by switching your camera. All of these aim to instil confidence in the user before purchasing the product. The users get to know if the product will suit them or not. All of this is because of augmented reality and virtual reality.


Provision of customization

Not all users can be satisfied with a uniform design of the product. Different users have different expectations. However, it may not be possible for any company to develop such a vast range of products. But many brands offer limited customisations to respect customer preferences and even attract customers. It allows the user to adjust the product’s shape, size and colours in the way he wants to enhance the customer experience.


Food delivery companies provide options to customize the flavour and the type of food they want. You can now choose the type of pizza along with the toppings of your choice. With the help of augmented and virtual reality, customers can easily develop their designs and communicate their intentions to the producers. They are given a chance to use the basic features of the website or application to add and amend the customizations. The service provider takes into account all of these factors.


Improving customer service and support

The duty of the seller does not end by simply delivering the product. It stretches even beyond that. Customers want their queries and concerns answered as and when they arise. Even if the delivery boy has delivered the wrong pizza, there has to be someone to list the complaint and provide a refund to the customer, even at midnight.


However, such quick service at the instance of human beings may not always be feasible. That is why companies are now relying on augmented and virtual reality to improve the customer experience. Companies use chatbots so that customers’ queries and concerns can be entertained as and when they arise.



This can be ultimately said that this is one of the most important aspects which must be taken into consideration. All of the experiences developed with the help of Augmented reality help the companies in the long run to survive the competition that is available in this globalized world. It is essential to improve the customer experience to provide it with the maximum amount of satisfaction so that the customer sticks to one brand without switching to others.

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