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Everything You Need to Know About Designing the Perfect Hero Shots in 3D

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In this digital world, the entire internet is too much saturated with advertisements and promotional banners. From weather websites to social media platforms and apps, everything includes pop-ups, native ads and other promotional methods that easily draw the attention of the viewers. 

However, with digital advancement, it becomes a challenge for brands to create advertisements that easily stand out from the rest and give their marketing efforts a competitive edge. 3D Shots is one of the most revolutionary and helpful for enhanced marketing efforts and helps you boost your business more than ever.

Today we will discuss what is hero shot, who can use it to leverage their marketing efforts and how to create a perfect hero shot using 3D rendering. So, if you are curious about creating beautiful silo shots, keep on reading. 

What is a Hero Shot - Bike Render CGI

What is a Hero Shot?

Creating perfect shots with digital models such as 3D modelling is not easy. You should begin with the basics to grasp the concept better. So, you will begin by discussing the definition for your help. Hero shots typically refer to videos or photographs displayed on the website landing page. However, it can also mean a single image that describes the entire marketing operation. 

The ideal shot should clearly and accurately depict the service, product, or action of the landing website. The main purpose of hero shots is to subtly encourage viewers to buy the service or product. But it is not the case always, it depends on the unique needs and circumstances of using hero shots. 

Types of Hero Shot

In the world of 3D rendering and virtual representation, hero shots play a crucial role in creating advertisements that are immersive, visually appealing and content-rich. Hero shots in 3D can be divided into three different types. Below, we will discuss them in detail- 

Process-focused hero shots

Process-focused shots depict the functionality of the product in action instead of focusing on the product design and look. Instead of a photograph, a video is preferable for this type of shot. It is because the audience will be more engaged if the shots continuously display how the product functions. 

These types of hero shots especially work for businesses that offer different services instead of products such as streaming subscriptions, fitness training programs or abroad education programs. 

Outcome-focused hero shots 

The primary goal of these types of shots in 3D is to depict the result or outcome of the service or product of the landing website page. It is mostly a descriptive type that displays what kind of benefit you can get when you sign up for the service or buy the product. 

Videos as well as time-lapse photos both do well for these types of hero shots in 3D. It is because the video and time-lapse photo can easily depict the change or progress the company service or product is meant to offer. 

Product-focused hero shots

The product-focused shots in 3D represent/depict the primary product of the website. A website can have multiple hero shots that alternate automatically within seconds. 

This approach is especially beneficial when your primary focus is the product design. Today, it is a most common method for business like jewellery, clothes, cars, furniture, etc.

Characteristics of an effective hero shot

There are several unique characteristics of hero shots that help to stand out from the rest. Here are some primary characteristics of an ideal 3D render primary product image:

  • Contextualisation

Contextualisation is an important characteristic of hero shots that makes them more successful. For instance, if your company sells trekking backpacks then your primary product image should strategically display the bag in a hiking or trekking environment.  

  • Visuals 

The visual is also an essential characteristic of hero shots. Effective shots use real people such as satisfied customers or employees for enhanced outcomes. However, it can also display inanimate objects or animals, depending on your unique business needs. 

  • Captions

A hero shot may also have a blurb sentence or phrase on the photograph or video describing the service or product. The sentence or phrase is often the same keywords used for Google searches to enhance SEO.  

  • One product

Lastly, a hero shot will only focus on one singular product or service. So, it will only feature the product in the centre of the image. Also, the props around the product must complement the concept of the photograph. 

Designing hero shots in 3D

With the advancement of digital modelling now you can create hero shots in 3D. Here are some tried and proven tips:

  • White background

A white background hero shot is one of the common kinds of hero images. It is also the most simple 3D-based hero photoshoot. This involves the use of a white background for shooting the main product. 3D rendering on white background can add shadows and depth to the images.

It also makes the product look more realistic than traditional product images. These types of product visualisation are less expensive. That is why, they can be easily used for cost-effective product marketing visuals.

  • Improved aesthetic

Three-dimensional space also improves the aesthetic of your hero shot. These images usually tell a story or represent a theme. These themes can be easily designed in the 3D space. There is also room for greater flexibility and customization when you design hero shots in 3D. You choose or create endless themes and aesthetics. 

Furthermore, 3D renders also makes your hero images look realistic. It offers an interactive and immersive experience for the consumers. This will result in improved customer engagement and conversion rate.

  • Reduced prop cost 

Hero images usually require various props and heavy editing. Traditionally, these two factors played a crucial role in the success of a hero image. And a good part of your budget can go to props and editing tools. 

Rendering hero images in 3D cut down on the cost of expensive props and editing tools. Because there is no need for real props in the 3D environment. One can create visual simulations of the props or the required environment. Additionally, 3D designing can make the shot context look more real-like and interesting.

  • 360° shot

This is another benefit when you amalgamate the two worlds of hero images and 3D environments. A 360° shot is easily achievable in a three-dimensional design. Also, a 360° hero shot is the most popular choice for landing pages and product pages. 

This type of image helps your customers understand a product well. Buyers usually opt for products they can resonate with and engage with. 360° hero images allow your customer to visually examine every aspect of a product.

  • Detail shot

Product-focused hero images pay greater attention to details. This means the details of a product are highlighted for improved customer engagement. 3D rendering of hero images effectively increases this detail orientation. Not only that, but 3D designing also offers added immersive effect. It enhances the quality of a product image, making them all the more engaging and informational. 

That is why, hero images designed in 3D can appeal more to consumers than traditional ones.

BPL - Noesis Florio - Product Animation - Hero Shot


Hero shots are a type of photograph or video that is featured on the website landing page and depicts the service or product the company is offering. There are primarily three types of shots: product-focused, process-focused, and outcome-focused.  Also, shots have their unique attributes that make them different from the rest. 

Now, one can also create hero images with 3D rendering and 3D modelling reducing the hassles of perfect photography or video processing sessions. Above, we have discussed a comprehensive guide to creating a perfect hero shot in 3D and everything you need to know before getting started.

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