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Enhancing luxury Retails through Product Animation

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Luxury brands have always been the key priority of many customers. The luxury industry has always been able to attract customers with the help of its amazing products and display technique. Over the period, technology has made marketing these luxury retail brands much easier by digitally transforming them. It can now fulfil customer expectations and provide a better customer experience. Customers no longer only expect a good quality product but also a better surrounding experience.


This Ambience is generated with the help of product animation. Product animation has been helping online and offline branding companies attract customers’ attention. Different types of tools, such as three-dimensional displays and visualisations, have increased the inflow of younger generations. The different types of product animations now being deployed by the luxury retail brands have been given in the following way.


Three Dimensional product animations in stores

Luxury brands have been able to generate a creative Universe inside their physical store with the help of technology. Most of the brands that are known for the luxurious experience they share have been able to grow this experience to the next level. Many brands have Incorporated Augmented reality using three-dimensional technology. They create intangible objects for the customers to increase the interaction and collaboration between the two units.


They want to increase the storytelling experience of their brand and even allow their customers to know why they are so special. Infraction rays are used to develop a product’s digital structures to attract the customer’s attention in the store so that a customer gets converted into a buyer. Projection mapping is also helping to attract a customer to know more about a product even if he is not interested in purchasing the same.


The use of three-dimensional techniques online

E-commerce has been growing at an exponential speed. Three-dimensional technologies are also used in these online websites to increase customer experience. To enhance the customer experience, online luxury brand retailers want to make the product realistic to the customer. They try to use product animations to make this happen. Different types of visualisations are created with the help of 3D scanning.


With the help of these animations, you can get a 360-degree view of the product. You can zoom the product and even rotate it for a better experience. Different interactive three-dimensional tools are utilized to attract the customer’s attention. Many luxury brands have launched Limited editions which are completely customized according to the personal taste and preference of the customer. The online avatars created with the help of metaverse can be used for amending a brand’s basic product following the customer’s personal preference.


Customizations that promote the product

A customer obtains maximum satisfaction when he gets the product of his choice. Personalized configurations help to enhance the customer experience over time. It can be easily promoted with the help of three-dimensional visualisation. The luxury market is stepping into the dimension of product customization by providing an opportunity for the customer to participate in the product creation process.


For instance, the famous chocolate brand, Cadbury, invited public suggestions to develop a new taste of chocolate. To discover if the newly developed product with the amendments incorporated by the customer would be useful or not, three-dimensional visualisations are provided to the customer even when the product does not exist in real life.


You can even change the basic colours, including the materials and the shape, as many times until and unless you do not get the product of your choice. The customized boutique offers different avatars to build new designs and variants. This generation of endless possibilities has increased the customer experience over some time.


Increasing use of smart pixels

Many luxury brands are also developing increasing dependence on smart pixels. These smart pixels help redefine the customers’ experience through better clarity and realistic experience. Product animation tools help to develop engaging content for marketing. The use of graphics and animated content has also increased over time.


These animations can be uploaded on the websites of luxury brands and even on social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to attract customers, especially the younger generation. According to a recent survey, around 87% of the younger generation get lured by animations. The dependence on media is very high, and even the basic information about luxury brands is shared only through these online platforms. Smart pixels help improve the quality of these animations to provide a better impact. It is a better version of basic animation.



Many international luxury brands have already incorporated Augmented reality and three-dimensional techniques to boost sales. The list of these features has been given in the following way.


  • The famous Global beauty brand Sephora has created an Augmented reality mirror that allows the customer to try on their favourite lipstick Shades on the skin tone before purchasing.
  • The luxurious brand Michael Kors allows users to try the sunglasses on their face virtually to enhance the satisfaction that they are spending so much money on the right product.
  • Prada has also developed a unique customized personality test for the customers, and according to the results, it displays the product they must buy.
  • Ray-Ban has also introduced a virtual mirror to support online trials for a better customer experience.
  • Di has launched some Snapchat filters that allow users to try on the accessories on them to see if it suits them or not.



Ultimately, this is one of the most important aspects that must be considered for the time being. The world is developing at a very great speed. With the help of better marketing strategy development, the utility of these three-dimensional techniques increases to a great extent to provide a better customer experience over time. It is one of the most important processes that has been helping customers bring maximum satisfaction over time.



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