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Guide to adding animations to your product home page

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Animation is one of the most important effects that must be added to the homepage at every cost. It has become an effective technique to make websites more engaging and attractive. There are different types of tick me that help to Grab the attention of the customers. It helps to increase the creative aspect of different websites to create a distinctive image in the eyes of the consumers in light of the existing competition.


Web animation can be of different types. This kind of animation can be executed with the help of different tools. It helps to make the product appear much more desirable. It is helpful to increase the retention rate and, at the same time, boost the website’s conversion. Animation effects have to be successfully incorporated across the videos for a better effect over the period. The different elements that must be considered have been given the following way before the animation effects can be added to the homepage.


What are the different animation tools available?

Different types of animation tools are available in this capacity to increase the engaging power of a website. These animated tools are potent and help increase the product’s utility. Different techniques in this capacity have been given in the following way that helps to incorporate these fantastic effects in a customized way.



Navigation is one of the most important ways, with the help of which the interface of the website can be made much more interactive. This navigation helps the customer unravel the website’s features quickly and give the required commands over time. This can increase the accessibility of the tools. The feature of navigation is also able to increase the presentation of the website.


A UX infrastructure and architecture can be used to design these navigation tools and bars. The whole website can be divided into simple steps and categories. Sufficient navigational assistance increases the conversion rate and the average time spent on the website concerning the user.


Hover animation

This is the kind of animation effect that every website can incorporate. These animations explain to the users how to access the different processes and get an idea about the basic layout. This layout is handy for helping users access the website for the first time. These animations can take the form of an advertisement, and at the same time, they can provide a holistic view of the product in question. These animations can be easily added after getting encrypted in JavaScript and HTML.



Most of the time, the information on the website takes time to get uploaded. In such a situation, a user might get frustrated, and hence the website may leave a negative impression on the user’s mind. The website designers and operators can use progressions. It is a kind of animation that seeks to divert the user’s attention while the information is being loaded.


These animations can be in the form of a timer that can operate when information is uploaded. It is essential to mention that progression helps to create an impression that the time taken to load the information has been reduced. These animations must be fascinating and engaging. Loading bars and the circular motions of a cycle are the most commonly used progression animations in this regard.


Attracting the attention of the users

The most crucial goal of animation is to attract the users’ attention. This can be done with the help of graphics and animations. There can be forms and graphs that can share the data in a very concise way. The presentation of data helps the user to analyze the Crux of the information and accordingly use the same to its advantage.


These animations add utility to the design of the presentation, and accordingly, the retention and engagement of the user get enhanced. These users thereby help in the growth of the company. The content and the customizations in terms of theme and colour scheme can also play an essential role in this category.


Points to remember while developing the home page

Designing a home page is challenging. The process is time-consuming, and the result is not even determined. The process depends on the perception of the users. In light of these uncertainties, it is essential to keep the list of factors for avoiding mistakes in incorporating animations into a website.


  • The animation effects must be relevant to the website’s content and theme. For example, any website with a lot of data must be animated using charts and graphs.
  • The animation effects are helpful in boosting the rate of engagement. But these animations must be able to engage the audience over some time.
  • The animation effects should be able to enhance the delivery of information to the user. This helps to make buying decisions over time.
  • These animations must be customized according to the expectations of the users.
  • The animations must make it easy for the website to operate and instead must not make it complex over some time.
  • A lot of tools can be used for the incorporation of these animated effects. They can take the form of three-dimensional tools and, at the same time, bring a better impact over a period of time.



It can be concluded that this is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into consideration. These effects are actually helpful in order to bring the maximum amount of growth. This is actually which must be taken into accord while designing the marketing strategy of any company. Without these policies it is actually not possible to grow over time. This is going to be useful by the need of the day as this is very crucial to grow over the period of time in the light of the competition that is existing.




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