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Comprehensive Guide to the Easiest 3D Modelling Software

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Are you embarking on your journey with 3D modelling software, or perhaps you’ve tried it before and feel like you haven’t quite found the perfect solution for your needs? Don’t be disheartened! There are plenty of choices available, and we’ve prepared for you the ultimate list of the most accessible 3D modelling software. Whether you’re just a hobbyist or you have professional aspirations in the field of 3D modelling, our list will undoubtedly assist you in closely examining the most accessible 3D modelling software options available!

Which Software is Best For You?

We’ll present you with the most accessible 3D modelling software divided into three categories. Firstly, we’ll introduce you to software designed for complete beginners. These are suitable for creating simple models or mechanical parts and are excellent for those just starting to learn 3D modelling.

Next, we’ll discuss software for editing 3D models. There may be instances where you only need to adjust a 3D model obtained from the internet, and you do no need to dive into complex 3D programs and start learning modelling from scratch. We’ll show you that there are simpler solutions available for such tasks.

Finally, you’ll find 3D modelling software that is user-friendly but also offers more advanced features. These are ideal for starting your 3D modelling journey and then continuing to use the same software for more intricate projects.

You’ll need to understand the specific skills you need to select the best software for your requirements. Various types of software are available for both 3D modelling and computer-aided design (CAD). What sets them apart? You’ll find the answers here.

Top 6 most accessible 3D modelling software for beginners


Tinkercad is a product of Autodesk, a leader in the most popular 3D modelling and CAD software. It’s free software accessible online. It’s highly intuitive and introduces you to the fundamentals of 3D modelling using basic shapes. It’s a fast and straightforward tool that will have you creating your first 3D model in no time.


Vectary offers a comprehensive set of tools inspired by graphics, product design, video game design, and 3D printing. This online software is versatile and suitable for various 3D modelling projects. Vectary allows you to drag and drop elements, eliminating the need to create everything from scratch. Additionally, this software supports rendering. A free version is available after signing up on the website.


If you prefer using a tablet over a computer due to its mobility, Morphi, a mobile app developed by a New York-based startup, addresses this need. It’s easy to learn and has gained popularity in American schools for teaching kids 3D modelling. You can work on a simple project or choose from a library of decorative and functional models. The application is free, although additional charges apply for specific models and tools. For educational institutions, the software is priced at $9.99.

3D Slash

If you’ve played Minecraft, you’re likely familiar with its block-based building system. This concept inspired 3D Slash, where you create shapes by removing blocks. You can either trace an image or start with a basic shape and sculpt it by adding or removing blocks. The software offers a precision of 0.1 mm, which is sufficient for creating simple yet functional 3D models. It’s fast and easy to learn and can be quite enjoyable, primarily when you’re engaged in removing blocks.


SelfCAD is one of the latest additions to the 3D software landscape. While it was only released this year, it has already gained popularity in American schools. Why? Because it’s incredibly user-friendly and ranks among the easiest 3D modelling software options for beginners.

SelfCAD offers various features for sculpting, modelling, and slicing objects. It is based on Software as a Service (SaaS) learning, meaning experienced users should have no trouble getting started. The software offers a free trial; if you decide to purchase it, it costs only $9.99 monthly.

Editing 3D Models

In the realm of 3D model editing, several noteworthy options can streamline your workflow and enhance your 3D modelling experience.


This open-source, free software not only enables you to edit existing models but also empowers you to create new ones. If you’re a novice in 3D printing, MatterControl is an excellent starting point for acquainting yourself with basic commands and terminology.


Meshmixer, another offering from Autodesk, simplifies repairing, optimizing, and editing your 3D models. It’s so user-friendly that you can become proficient with most of its tools simply by experimenting. However, if you require guidance, our tutorial can assist you in mastering Meshmixer. This software is both free and efficient, making it a valuable tool for making adjustments to your 3D models.

Taking Your 3D Modelling Skills to the Next Level

SketchUp Free

SketchUp is well-known, especially in the architecture, design, and filmmaking industries. SketchUp Free is a simplified version of SketchUp, offering a web-based platform with user-friendly tools. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, Getting Started Is a Breeze.

Once you’ve honed your basic 3D modelling skills, you can invest in the pro version of SketchUp, which is exceptionally powerful and capable of designing extensive and complex models. Explore this upgrade with the help of our tutorial.

SketchUp Free

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is one of our preferred CAD software options. Developed by Autodesk, it is widely embraced by industrial designers. While it possesses the power to handle highly complex 3D models, it is also an excellent choice if you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals. You can familiarize yourself with the essential tools through our tutorials, where we provide step-by-step guidance on designing a 3D-printed turbine, functional threads, and a pipe fitting.


ZBrush, a 3D modelling software that accommodates both 2D drawings and 3D models, offers a unique feature: significant overlap between its options, designed intentionally to simplify converting a 2D image into a 3D design. ZBrush is also advantageous in that it does not demand a high-end graphics card, a crucial consideration when selecting from among the easiest 3D modelling software options available.


FreeCAD presents an excellent alternative to occasionally costly software options. It is a professional CAD software equipped with a robust set of tools for designing mechanical parts. Not only is FreeCAD free, but it is also open-source, with a thriving community dedicated to enhancing the program. You can delve deeper into its capabilities through our tutorial, where we create interlocking parts using FreeCAD.


For non-commercial and educational purposes, OnShape is available for free. This software is quite unique, specifically tailored for creating technical and spare parts. As a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, it guides you in sketching basic geometric shapes and then transforming them into 3D models through operations such as extrusion. It is unquestionably more technical CAD software.


Mudbox is a user-friendly 3D modelling software for Mac with an accessible learning curve. It offers a plethora of advanced options, making it a viable choice for professional applications. If you’re interested in 3D printing, do note that Mudbox does not support STL file exports, necessitating the use of additional software for file conversion.


This software undoubtedly ranks among the most accessible 3D modelling software available. Even without prior experience, we’ve prepared a Sculptris tutorial for you, and the process proved remarkably simple and straightforward.

Sculptris facilitates digital sculpting, allowing you to apply various brushes, edit meshes, and texture your models. It is considerably less technical and mechanical, making it an ideal choice for creating more abstract models, such as figurines.

Cinema 4D

Known for its ease of use, Cinema 4D is a potent 3D modelling software boasting a user-friendly interface. Thanks to its wide array of CAD tools, you can craft impressive animations and embark on ambitious 3D printing projects. This software is the ideal choice when aiming to achieve intricate designs. It is available in four different versions: Studio, Broadcast, Visualize, and Prime, ensuring a version suited to your project’s unique requirements.


With its extensive range of powerful 3D tools, Modo excels in modelling, rendering, and 3D animation. The software’s editing options are intuitive and straightforward, positioning Modo as one of the easiest 3D modelling software choices. You can commence your learning journey with our complimentary tutorial.


Last but certainly not least, among the easiest 3D software options is Blender. Blender enjoys widespread popularity across various industries. It is both free and open-source. Blender serves as an excellent entry point for those keen on delving into the realm of 3D modelling. From crafting 3D models for 3D printing to rendering 3D animations, Blender boasts a top-quality suite of tools catering to diverse needs. Explore our tutorial and commence your 3D modelling journey today!


Selecting the easiest 3D modelling software may pose a challenge, but we trust that this blog post has equipped you with a diverse array of options to choose from. Whether you opt for user-friendly programs like Tinkercad or embark on a journey of 3D modelling proficiency with Blender, we invite you to share your experiences with us in the comments! Your insights and choices can inspire others in their 3D modelling endeavours.

So, there you have it—a comprehensive list of the easiest 3D modelling software options for beginners and those looking to elevate their skills. With these tools at your disposal, your foray into the world of 3D modelling will be seamless and enjoyable. Happy modelling!

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