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How 3D Animated Videos Benefit Businesses

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In order to create the ideal product, entrepreneurs pour their hearts and souls into it. But without effective marketing, even the best products fail to succeed. Because of this, it is now essential for companies to include animated videos in their marketing campaigns and even learn how to do it.

Promoting a range of products and services is now simpler than ever thanks to the internet. Good animated movies for your business are among the most efficient methods now available for grabbing the attention of your target audience.

According to statistics, 53% of marketers say that video helps them raise brand/product awareness, 49% say videos helped them gain engagement and 52% said video helped them build trust with their potential customers. Video is now used as a marketing tool by 81% of companies, up from 63% in the previous year.

In order for consumers to be persuaded to make a purchase, your product or brand must ultimately be marketed in a creative and distinctive way to them. Additionally, social media platforms have widely embraced the idea of animated videos for businesses as a result of technological advancements. As a result, this has assisted online marketers in employing such movies to increase their business’s sales and revenue margins.

The most crucial elements of your company or product are simply and clearly explained in these clips. Animated films are a surefire way to keep your target audience interested and engaged if your goal is to sell a product or teach a concept or idea to a wide audience.

Animated videos and other types of animation

Animated videos are videos that have been created using animation software. These types of videos are often used for marketing purposes or as educational tools. An example of an animated video would be a cartoon character walking around a city street or a person talking about a certain topic. Many people use these videos in their social media posts or blog entries.

Character animation, on the other hand, is the art of adding hand-drawn facial features to characters, such as a human face or a cartoon face. There are many different techniques to add facial features to an object. One technique is to trace over the image frame by frame, while another technique is to create a 3D model and then animate the model.

2D animation is the creation of a series of images that make up a story. A good example of 2D animation would be a movie trailer where individual frames show a sequence of events. Another example of 2D animation could be the opening credits of a TV show. In both cases, each scene is composed of a single still photograph.

3D animation is similar to 2D animation, except that 3D animation adds depth to the scenes. For example, if we were to watch a 3D video of someone jumping off of a diving board, we would feel as if we were actually watching the person jump toward us instead of just seeing them jump off of a flat surface.

Motion graphics, an emerging domain, is the art of combining 2D animation, 3D animation, and live-action footage together into a unique video. Each type of animation contributes something different to the final product. Live action content is the actual physical movement of actors or objects happening in real-time. 3D animation is what makes the scene look realistic and lifelike. Still photographs are how the artist draws the final scene.

Augmented reality concepts are used in live motion videos along with some perceptual and visual tricks. Animated characters are added to the live-action videos to make them more entertaining and interesting. This is one of the priciest trends in animation video marketing, but once the creative juices start flowing, animators employ original thoughts and unexpected concepts to promote a company.

Evolution of animation

The history of animation dates back well before the first written records existed. Over 4,000 years ago, cave drawings were created in southern France. These early drawings would have been done using charcoal on various surfaces including cave walls and even wood.

One of the earliest recorded examples of animation was created by Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu around 2500 BC. He had his artists draw pictures of boats travelling down the Nile River. In 1515, Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated a scene from the Book of Genesis. His drawing featured a man walking across a field with the sun shining behind him. This illustration shows the beginning of modern animation.

Animation became more popular in the 1800s with Thomas Edison inventing many devices to help create moving images. In 1871, he invented the Kinetoscope, a device that allowed people to view short films without requiring a movie house. In 1889, Edison introduced the Vitascope, which was a device similar to a motion picture projector. By 1907, there were over 100 million viewers who saw these early motion picture devices.

In 1911, Walt Disney released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This was the first feature-length film ever produced. Since then, animation has evolved into a much larger industry. Today, the United States alone makes billions of dollars worth of animations each year.

Why use animated videos in businesses?

Videos have a strong emotional connection with viewers, a huge market reach, the potential to attract a lot of potential leads, and—most importantly—they are entertaining to watch.

John Madine, a molecular biologist, claims that visuals have the most profound impact on our senses and occupy nearly half of our brain’s capacity. Furthermore, our brain cells process visual information much more quickly than text does. Therefore, using brief, sharp images or animations is always advised because they are simpler to understand and more appealing to look at.

With the use of visual graphic descriptions, text, and voiceover, animated videos are a method for selling goods and services. This tool for marketing and advertising aids in telling the tale or concept behind the product in a more thorough way. According to studies, 65% of individuals prefer to learn visually. And when information is conveyed through pictures or motion, it more easily enters the brain and remains there.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, animated marketing videos have attained a new high in popularity. They are a fantastic source of amusement for anyone looking for entertainment after the pandemic. Marketing professionals now use video marketing techniques rather than traditional text- and image-based ones.

The animated videos are flavoured with millennials’ favourite charming and wacky animations. The use of animated video in digital marketing techniques is on the rise, according to trends.

It is crucial to understand the costs associated with animated movies, their significance, and their advantages before any organisation decides to employ them. They must also choose the ideal strategy for utilising this type of marketing tool to advance their company.

We can see why animated videos have grown to be so important because they are currently the second-most often utilised component on social media platforms. To begin with, the content used in animated videos is rich in knowledge and simple to handle because it is more narrative in nature.

However, a firm or entrepreneur must take a few things into account before investing in this kind of online marketing. A vast number of factors go into marketing any product, including brand messaging and brand familiarisation. Businesses benefit from animated movies in this way because they may implement more creative, interesting concepts that connect with their audience.

How do animated videos benefit businesses?

  1. Animated Videos Increase Engagement

Animated videos have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Businesses are using them to make their products and services stand out from the crowd and to engage their audience. 

These days, customers regularly watch online video material. According to a recent study, watching videos takes up one-third of all internet activity time. Therefore, engaging your customers is crucial in the cutthroat world of digital marketing and can be seen as the first step to closing a deal.

Therefore, one must choose a material that gives you the most possibility of successfully interacting with your audience.

Since they give the means to communicate important information in an enticing and entertaining way, animated videos are the ideal technique to attract potential clients.

  1. Amazing customer response

The audience is immersed in phone animation videos as cartoon characters, and the voiceover can maintain their interest. According to studies, watching films with graphics accounts for one-third of a web surfer’s online activities. 

Keeping your potential customers interested and coming back to your website is crucial. Such videos accomplish the objective pretty quickly. The videos provide a fantastic and efficient opportunity to get the customer’s attention.

  1. Increase Sales & Conversions

Animations help get people involved in a product or service they might not initially consider. If your business is selling something physical, then animations can show how the item works. People want to know what they’re buying and if they need anything else to complete the purchase. Animations allow businesses to explain exactly what they sell without having to read paragraphs of text. 

Not only can animations keep your audience interested, but they also motivate them to make purchases, which increases revenue for your company. According to statistics, adding an animated video to your landing page can boost conversion rates by an astounding 80%.

Any product, regardless of how serious or humorous it is, may be promoted using an animated film, whether you’re attempting to sell books or clothing.

  1. Improve SEO

Google loves animation and websites that use it tend to rank higher than those that don’t. Google’s algorithm rewards websites that have rich content and high-quality visuals. 

One of the many reasons animated videos have seen such rapid development is that Google’s algorithm for search rankings takes the length of time visitors spend on your website into account as users will stay on your page longer to watch the material if the animation is interesting.

According to studies, search traffic might increase by 2 times when a video thumbnail appears in search results.

  1. Build Brand Recognition

If your brand isn’t well known yet, then you should use animated videos to build awareness. When someone sees your logo, they’ll immediately recognise it. Once they’ve seen it enough times, they’ll start associating it with your company and your brand. 

Stimulating images elicit strong feelings and relationships. One of the most effective forms of entertainment is an animated video since it engages us both visually and acoustically. The soundtrack and stirring images in the video improve the viewer’s experience by eliciting feelings and forging lasting memories.

Video can be used to establish brand relationships that improve a business’s reputation and possibly enhance leads and sales. Animation can be used by businesses to strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones. 

  1. Create Content Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to content marketing, video rules the roost. Video is engaging, memorable, and shares great on social media. You could create an entire campaign around a single video and reach hundreds of thousands of people at once. 

Social media has made the world more connected than it has ever been. Everything has the potential to “go viral” and be seen by millions of people due to the instantaneous sharing of information. After all, according to 2018 research, social media and video watching are the two most popular things to do online.

Online viewers value inventiveness. They are more inclined to tell their friends and relatives about something if it speaks to them. Animation is difficult to beat for this type of information.

  1. Promote Your Products & Services

Businesses can promote their own products and services through animated videos. They can showcase different features of the product while explaining its benefits. These videos also work well if you’re promoting a contest or a promotion. 

Moreover, the impact of animated videos promoting a specific product or a service lasts long and customers tend to remember it for a long time.

  1. Save both money and time

Animation videos age more slowly than live-action ones do. Fashions from a few years ago appear absurdly out of date in live-action movies. Instead, opting for animation will save you money because it will look better for longer and require fewer updates.

Additionally, an animated video can convey in a few minutes what would take hours to read or just listen to. Therefore, ordering an animated video will allow you to save a lot of time.

Animation does not favour any certain age, race, or nationality as opposed to living human actors. This is essential given how quickly the internet is transforming into a worldwide market. Because of this, your company must be appealing to all customers.

  1. No exclusion of any group or category of individuals

Videos of animation are made with visuals and technology that don’t make assumptions about human characteristics like age, race, skin tone, or nationality. Characters can be developed in a wide variety of ways depending on the needs of the product or service. Except for the voice actor, no other people are involved in this. Therefore, there can be no possibility of bias, exploitation, or discrimination in such videos.

  1. Without reshoots, content can be simply updated

Particularly if you work in a field that is always evolving, like technology, it’s critical to adapt to changes and demonstrate your relevance in today’s digital world. It’s crucial that you change your messaging and marketing materials to reflect this.

An excellent approach to keep your content up to date is through animated video. Instead of reshooting the entire video, the animation is significantly simpler and less expensive to edit if you want to tweak your messaging or aesthetics to appeal to a different audience.

  1. You can control video production with ease

You undoubtedly already know that filming a live-action video is a challenging and even difficult process if you’ve ever done it. You need to be concerned about the setting, the performers, the equipment, the sets, and even the weather!

All of these limitations do not apply to animated videos. With a simple click, drag, and drop operation, you may change backdrops, reposition actors, and even add props. This makes it simple to test various message delivery methods.


Businesses can strategically enhance their digital marketing initiatives by using animation films. The use of animated movies as a marketing technique has become vital for companies who want to stay competitive since updated technology and easy access to social media websites and other online platforms have prompted entrepreneurs and firms to adapt their tactics when selling their products.

New data about video marketing in 2020 was just provided in an article by Smart Insights. According to the article, 92% of marketers think that video marketing is becoming more significant. This ought to be incorporated into their plans. In addition, 53% of consumers interact with a brand after viewing a video on social media. The survey also notes a 53% rise in digital video advertising spending during 2016.

The data shows that people are spending more time than ever before watching videos online. In particular, when a picture is moving, people can digest visuals 60,000 times faster than words, which is why they like it. Particularly animated content captures viewers’ attention in less than a tenth of a second.

Videos are a fantastic method to raise brand exposure and user engagement. They can also be a very powerful tool for encouraging visitors to take action on your website, thereby assisting in raising your conversion rate.

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