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How Can A 3D Company Help With Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing that has gained popularity since the internet revolution. You can say that this is the most efficient way of marketing these days. You can set your target audience so that your advertisement is only visible to people who find your product relevant.

3D however, is changing the face of social media marketing for the better.

Social Media and 3D, these two gifts are two of the most promising and rewarding things technology has to offer. The progress that they’ve shown in recent years is truly remarkable. 3D’s influence on social media marketing is so strong that almost all big brands are starting to take notice of it.

Marketing on social media is a game of how you present your content. Thanks to 3D. The presentation of content in social media marketing has changed drastically. This article will tell you how 3D can drastically improve the efficiency of social media marketing even more.


Instagram is considered the top priority nowadays by big brands when marketing their products. However, advertising on Instagram requires images of the products. And that requires costly studios to photograph the product. But,

The introduction of 3D technology has almost eradicated the need for actual photography of the product. 3D renders of the product are so accurate and good looking that there is absolutely no need to spend money on costly studios, cameras, and lighting.

Here’s How A 3D Company Can Help With Instagram Images:

  • Enhance Sponsor Ads: Advertising on Instagram requires world-class images of the product, and 3D renders can provide just that. You will never find any Instagram ad with poor quality images, therefore you need to use 3D renders of the product to catch up with the fierce competition.
  • Increase Brand Awareness: The more quality-renders you put in, the more brand awareness you’ll get. 3D product renders can make your product look better than it actually is, this implies more audience engagement. After all, Instagram’s algorithms only promote quality content. Using 3D, all this can be done at a reasonable price.
  • FavourUnlimited Creativity: Using 3D renders, you can advertise your product in the craziest way you can imagine. This is not possible with traditional methods of advertisement. For ex- If a car company wants to advertise their product on the moon, they can do that with the help of a quality 3D render.

Facebook, being the oldest player in the game, still hasn’t lost much popularity and is still considered by big brands as a great platform to advertise products. 3D’s involvement in Facebook Adverts adds extra to its efficiency and effectiveness.

Advertising on Facebook is more effective than on any other social media platform just because of the features it provides. Recently, they announced an advanced version of 3D posts- you can upload gITF 2.0 file format for 3D posts. This allows the user to interact with ads rather than just see them.

Here’s How 3D’s Involvement In Facebook Adverts Looks Like:

  • Interact With The Advertisement: With the help of 3D, brands can show ads on which users can interact further. For ex- you can have a 360-degree view of a product using your thumb. Instead of watching a teaser of the game, you can have a short trial of the game so that you can decide whether to install it or not. That’s how Facebook has well-implemented 3D in their adverts.
  • Realistic Feel: 3D advertisements are a great way if you want to increase your engagement. These types of ads look realistic and give the potential customer a better feel of the product. Users are more likely to interact or engage with a 3D advertisement than a normal one. After all, that was the sole purpose of implementing 3D in Facebook Adverts in the first place.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring a camera crew for showing your product from different camera angles, hiring actors and actresses, setting up a studio are pretty tedious and costly tasks. However, 3D changes it all, it cuts down the requirement of the camera crew, studio, and actors, plus it increases the quality of the advertisement.

Eye-catching animations, just who doesn’t love them? After all, our brain is programmed to give attention to the things in motion, it’s a trait required for survival. Big brands know this and they’re perfectly utilizing this to their advantage with the help of animations. Almost all big companies are partnering with 3D companies to make all this happen.

Animations have drastically changed the overall quality of social media marketing, especially 3D animations. They serve as an excellent tool for marketing in a unique way to get more engagement from the audience. A study showed that animated video posts on social media get 48% more views. So, animations have undoubtedly proved to be drastically useful in social media marketing.

Here’s Why Animations Are More Useful In Social Media Marketing Than You Think:

  • More Engagement Time: Users are more likely to watch a full video than read a boring advertisement. Youtube is proving it every day again and again with over 1 billion hours of daily watch time. The trend of video content and animations started after the huge success of platforms like Youtube, Tiktok, vine, etc. After all, most of the users spend time on social media just to watch videos and brands are smart enough to take advantage of this.
  • Convey Your Ideas Better: Animations favor unlimited creativity, the main idea of the concept of the product can be conveyed in a very intriguing and creative manner. Animations are something where the boundary is your own imagination, nothing else. Fun animations can keep your audience hooked for a longer time compared to text or images.
  • Cost-Effective: Animations are way cheaper to produce than to shoot real videos in studios or outside environments. This is because animations require a very little workforce, a team of a mere 4-5 animators are enough to produce good quality animations. All of this means a better Return On Investment ratio (ROI ratio).

None of your potential customers or target audience has the time to read a 500-word advertisement of your product. However, they don’t need to, thanks to the use of infographics. Infographics, as the name suggests, are images containing important information about any product or any topic, displayed intriguingly.

The use of infographics in social media marketing is growing these days. Brands find conveying their idea with infographics more effective than with text, same with the users, it’s a win-win for both. The main goal of infographics is to convey complex ideas in a strikingly understandable format.

Why Brands Are Serious About Including Infographics In Social Media Marketing?

  • Better ROI: As said, the information conveyed with graphical illustrations are more effective than normal text form. And basically, this is what infographics are known and used for. This results in better engagement and interaction with the audience, thus ultimately resulting in providing better ROI to the brand.
  • Intriguing Way Of Presentation: Infographics are considered among the most intriguing ways of presenting an idea. The striking graphics and punchy colors in an infographic grab attention quickly. And unlike videos and animations, infographics convey the idea much quicker and efficiently.
  • Good Infographics Increase Reach: People love good, eye-pleasing infographics, even if the content isn’t much of use to them. In that way, infographics can help increase the reach of your social media page or profile. After all, this is how all social media platforms’ algorithms work.

Any brand, product, or service provider just can’t climb the ladder of success without properly marketing itself. It is one important step of running a successful brand that professionals very know of.

A good marketing strategy can be really beneficial for you if you want your brand to grow or simply want to increase your brand presence. But don’t get carried away, before getting yourself into marketing, you have to understand marketing assets, the very foundation of a good marketing strategy.

Marketing assets, as the name itself suggests, are anything that a brand or company can use to market itself or its products. Online or offline, any means through which a brand can market itself is a marketing asset.

E-mail, social media, brochures, pamphlets, are some good examples of marketing assets. To understand marketing, you have to understand marketing assets first as the whole marketing strategy is based on these marketing assets.

Some Of The Most Important Marketing Assets You Need To Know About:

  • White Papers: White papers have always been a reliable source of information. These are lengthy documents containing top-to-bottom knowledge of a certain topic. These can be found helpful as a marketing asset when your potential customer/client or say lead, wants to know more about something. Also, white papers can help improve your brand’s reputation. After all, you’re being fully transparent about your company, so they trust you more.
  • Webinars: It is believed that conducting webinars leaves more impact on the customer than simple videos. Why? Because unlike videos, mostly, webinars are scheduled at a fixed time which creates urgency in the viewer. They’re more likely to value something scarce rather than something abundant. It’s a psychological game and professionals know how to play it and play it well.
  • Interactive Content: What comes to your mind when it comes to customer engagement? The time they spend on your product or say the advertisement of your product. You can get their more time by providing them with interactive content, i.e. content that the customer can play with rather than just watching. Interactive content is more likely to grab the lead’s attention so that they get to know more about your brand or your product. Therefore, serving as a great marketing asset.

Every brand is aware of the true power of marketing and without which, a brand will struggle to move up the ladder. However, there are not a lot of marketing experts in a company of some sort, they need help from another company to get things going.

A marketing company can help with just that, it’s a firm that has well-qualified professionals with the sole purpose to help other brands with marketing. They create and implement various marketing strategies for the brand to help them build their presence.

Some Types Of Marketing Companies Are As Follows:

  • Marketing Consultancy: A marketing consultancy doesn’t get directly involved in creating and implementing marketing strategies for a brand. Instead, what it does is a deep analysis of the current marketing strategies and offers suggestions or new strategies that your brand can implement accordingly.
  • Direct Marketing: Direct marketing company helps you with sending emails to the prospects or your target market. They help you curate email lists that match the requirements of the receivers. Direct marketing companies can also handle all your emails and also your brand’s responses to the customers.
  • Digital Marketing: These marketing companies specialize in the internet world. They help you grow your online presence through various marketing strategies implemented online. They help you with social media marketing, email marketing, improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website, etc. Also, they provide strategies to communicate more effectively with your customers/leads online.


Partnering with a 3D company can be beneficial in marketing especially social media marketing. A 3D company can help you with intriguing animations, eye-pleasing infographics, and much more, increasing your brand’s reputation overall.

Still, 3D is new in the market, but considering its potential, it has much more to deliver. 3D has changed the face of social media marketing forever. With its intriguing way of presenting the concept or the idea, it is one important factor in social media marketing that you can’t ignore.

You also must’ve noticed how 3D has changed social media marketing forever. Mostly there are no actors and actresses in a commercial of a smartphone or any other electronic device. Also, don’t you find these new 3D commercials more intriguing than traditional methods, I bet you do.

After all, 3D has proved its worth in cutting costs, faster production, effective communication, etc. So, one can undoubtedly say that 3D is one of the booming sectors of the 21st century as of now.

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