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How Can Digital Marketing Help You Increase Sales?

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Digital marketing is and always will be one major factor for the success of any business. Marketing, as experts define it, is the activity that involves creating, communicating, distributing, and exchanging services/products that have value for customers/clients.

Now, however, the time has changed with the exponential growth of technology. Before the digital revolution, all the marketing efforts were limited to a very small scale.

Since the digital revolution, when computers became a superpower, how we do things has changed drastically. Marketing is not an exception either, it has gone digital and this is known as digital marketing.

If you don’t know how to market your products or services, no matter what wonders your product packs in, it won’t achieve success. Why? Well, because if people can’t fully get to know about your product, how can you expect them to purchase it. Here’s where digital marketing comes into play.

So, what is the sole purpose of marketing? To achieve more sales, hmm? But you have to market your product in the best way possible to achieve that, or your product/business model will be a failure despite using digital marketing.

There are some aspects you need to know about and apply to your marketing structure and we’ll be discussing just that throughout this blog. So, let’s just jump right into it.

  1. Social Media Assets

Social media comes as a powerful tool for marketing your products, especially because it doesn’t actually require a huge investment to do that. You can build your fan base, share updates with your followers, etc.

Social media assets include all the aspects that make up your social media presence. It includes accounts, followers, pages, and the content you post. If you do value all these assets correctly, then no one can stop you from building your brand on social media.

3 Killer Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Social Medial Assets:

  • Be Consistent: Consistency is the key; this is by far the most popular quote in content creation yet the most neglected one. This is literally the most obvious tip to grow your social media presence, people know it but choose not to follow it, why? They’re lazy but you shouldn’t be, or you’ll end up ruining your social media presence.
  • Keep Checking the Insights Regularly: Insights tell a lot about your posts, page, and audience. You can get a lot of data about your audience, from age group to their location. It will also tell you the time when your audience is the most active, schedule your posting time according to that.
  • Keep Tuning Your Content: If you want to market your product efficiently, you should be able to tweak the content when needed. Keep an eye on which type of product or service your audience likes and which they don’t. Tools like insights might come in handy with this.
  1. Social Media Marketing

While the majority is wasting time browsing social media, you can build your brand there. Social media marketing is as simple as it sounds, it refers to marketing your products or brand on social media. You can build your brand, boost sales, and drive traffic to your website through social media. Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the major social media platforms as of now.

These 4 Things Make Up the Foundation of Social Media Marketing:

  • Strategy: The strategy part includes your goals, what to post, what not to, which social media to focus on the most, etc. It is a crucial part of social media marketing, you may gain a lot of traction initially, but with improper or no strategy, all of that is going to come down.
  • Planning: Many people wonder why they can’t stay consistent on social media, well that’s because of poor planning. Consistency is the ultimate foundation of special media marketing and building your online presence. You always have to plan your content ahead of time to stay consistent on social media. You can use automated publishing tools provided by some social media platforms like Instagram so that you don’t have to worry about the timing.
  • Engagement: Keep your followers engaged in your content, that’s the only way you can grow your social media presence continuously. These social media platforms have complex algorithms that detect the engagement of your posts. Acknowledge the interests of your audience and tune your content to keep your audience engaged. If you’re having a low engagement, your social media dreams will likely come to a standstill.
  • Advertising: If you’re getting decent engagement but want to reach more people, you can opt to advertise on social media. You can set the advertising goals according to your liking- to increase profile visits, purchase a product or service, or drive traffic to your website. You can also create target audiences based on their age, location, etc. to get the most out of your advertisement.
  1. 3D Animation

Our brain is programmed to give immediate attention to the things that are in motion, you can take advantage of this. Here’s where 3d animation comes into play. 3D animation plays an important role in digital marketing.

It is the art of conveying information through visuals. It makes the content more understandable. Yes, you definitely can use actors and actresses, for marketing purposes but they are not feasible in the long term unless you’re a Fortune 500 company.

Here Are 3 Killer Advantages Of 3D Animation in Marketing:

  • Looks Visually Stunning: 3D animation looks far better and appealing than traditional advertising methods. 3D animation grabs attention quickly because the human brain is programmed to give attention to things that are in motion, it’s an evolutionary trait. 3D animation can make your content more appealing than it actually is.
  • Less Time to Produce: 3D animations require less time to produce when compared with traditional methods of producing advertising content. Actors, costly studios, interviews, none of these are required for this method of marketing. Catchy animations with good background music and a perfect voiceover are all you require to produce a good advertisement using 3D animation.
  • Reduce Costs: 3D animated advertisements are cheaper when compared with real advertisements that are shot in costly studios. Yes, 3D animations do cost a lot in some cases but you always have an option there. If you own a small to medium-sized company, you can choose to spend less on animations, etc. In a nutshell, 3D animated advertisements have a greater ROI.
  • Simplify Complicated Ideas: Your complicated idea can be conveyed to the viewers in just a matter of seconds. That’s the magic of animated content, it is easy to understand and interpret even for people who do not know that particular field or industry. You should’ve also observed that power of animation for once in your life. When you can’t take your eyes off the screen.
  1. 3D Rendering

It is the process of converting 3D models into 2D images. People want to have a virtual feel of the product before purchasing it for themselves. This is not quite possible without the use of 3D rendering. You have to show some images of your product to the customers, the more the images, the better the chances of your product to be sold.

Here Are Some of The Benefits of 3D Rendering in Digital Marketing:

  • Great Customer Experience: Making your customers feel good should be your top priority if you want to sell them your products or services. 3D rendered images can be better visualized by the customer online.

For example- The customer feels good to see the product from 360°, view every detail by zooming in, etc. You can also set the environment around the product in which it would look the best, through 3D rendering.

  • Increases SEO Performance: Sounds strange? Well, it’s not. Search engines display what they find relevant to the user’s search keywords. Images getting more and more clicks can improve your SEO this way. Having loads of images of the various products can really give your website’s SEO a boost.
  • Reduces Cost: 3D rendering can reduce the cost of developing a costly prototype. No photoshoot in costly studios is required. That is the sole purpose of a good marketing plan, to get more money by spending less money. 3D rendering can help you with that.
  1. Architectural Visualisation

Architectural visualisation can be defined as representing a structure in a 3D form which in our case, is the product. It is the process of creating a 3D visualisation of the product so that the clients/customers understand your complex idea better. These 3D models, if developed correctly, are highly accurate, pretty close to the actual ones.

Here Are the Benefits of Architectural Visualisation

  • Easily Explain Ideas to Everybody: 3D renders are easy to process by the human mind, everyone can understand it regardless of their knowledge in that field. Clients/customers can experience the full product with the help of a 3D render of the product.

Generally, 3D models are produced before the actual product is presented. So, you can explain your idea of the final product to the customer/client using a 3D model. Consider 3D models as virtual prototypes.

  • Control the Details: Many advertisements in the same niche are produced every day, but what separates a good one from the rest? The details.

Using architectural visualisation, you have total control over the details. Tweaking the dimensions, height, width of a product is an easy and hassle-free task when architectural visualisation is combined with it.

  • 3D Models Can Be Used as Marketing Tools: As said these 3D models are pretty close to the actual ones, you can attract investors and businesses using them. You can give your clients the experience of the product without actually giving them the product.

You can also do this using a physical prototype but that’s not as cost-effective in the long term. Also, you can reuse or recycle your old models into new ones. That’s the magic of 3D visualisation.

  1. Product Visualisation

A visualisation of the product before presenting one very important in digital marketing. You must’ve heard a popular phrase “Don’t sell them the product, sell them the experience”. You can do that with the help of product visualisation. It is a 3D representation of the actual product. Customers can rotate it 360 degrees, can zoom in/out, see every detail of the product.

Product Visualisation Packs in Many Benefits in Digital Marketing Such As:

  • Increase Sales: Product visualisation can increase the odds of a potential customer to buy your product. When the customer sees the product from every angle and visualizes every dimension, it significantly increases the chances of the customer to purchase that product.
  • Make Your Brand Look Modern: Product visualisation can make your brand stand out. While other brands are using traditional 2D images to display their product, you can use a 3D render of the product using a product visualisation software. It definitely has a great impact on the customer’s image of the brand. It also sets you up ahead of the competition.
  • Customers Are Less Likely to Return the Product: When the customers can experience the product using 3D visualisation, the actual product is more likely to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. This significantly reduces the chances of costly returns.


It is important to keep up with the technology or the competition will do it. The same is with marketing, traditional marketing methods are gone. Digital marketing is the new age of marketing, it has reduced the cost of marketing effectively while increasing the impact of the same.

If you’re marketing your products digitally, it is important to take the advancement of technology to your advantage. Using animations3D rendering, and visualizing the product using product visualisation software is a necessity if you want to keep up with the competition.

So, digital marketing has some serious advantages only if one utilizes them correctly.

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