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How Real Estate 3D Rendering Can Improve Your Marketing

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In the last few years, there has been huge competition in the field of real estate. There are so many successful builders selling their dream projects. In such a scenario, real estate owners need to rely on modern technologies to sell their properties. For marketing the properties in an effective way, often 3D rendering is used. Traditionally the floor plan of the house was designed by simple pen and pencil 2D designs but these days, real estate designs are created with 3D visualisation to provide a perfect idea of the real property. 3D rendering is an advanced process of turning general models into animated 3D representations. The 3D architecture provides a perfect picture of the real property in an improved and enhanced way.

What is 3D rendering?

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3D rendering is an amazing tool that could help convey the perfect detail of the property in an effective manner. This is a three-dimensional visualisation of a house with respect to the adjacent surrounding. It is modern technology that can convert a basic model of the house into an attractive and appealing three-dimensional model. This could help depict the perfect floor plan in an easy way. 3D rendering is now commonly used in real estate to replicate the original design of the real house or the house to be designed in the future. The rendering can effectively provide a view of the structure and architecture of the house with respect to the adjacent surrounding. This could help understand how the house will finally appear.

Why choose 3D rendering for real estate?

Many real estate owners still prefer marketing the real estate properties with old images. Those traditional images that are incapable of conveying fine details about the house often lack in attracting clients. Today’s era is of three-dimensional images that can depict the amazing visualisation of the house. 3D rendering is often chosen by real estate as an effective marketing tool that could effectively attract prospective clients to buy the property. Some of the reasons why 3D rendering is used for real estate are:
  • Customer satisfaction is important Customers will be happy to invest when they know how their house will finally look. It is easy to create a realistic image of the property with 3D rendering that can ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Effective design presentation 3D rendering helps create efficient presentations that could convey everything about the project. It also ensures that easy modification and changes can be made in real-time.
  • The convenience of the real estate owner, agent, and buyer Professional 3D rendering is good for everyone including the owner, agent, and buyer. It helps owners to replicate the original house design in a 3D model. It makes it easy for agents to market the property to attract potential customers. It is easy for a buyer to get an idea of the house before he can make the final purchasing decision.
  • Need of the day 3D real estate rendering is a common practice followed by most real estate owners these days. It is a common trend in the real estate industry and so as to survive in tough competition, it is essential for real estate owners to adopt 3D rendering.

What does the Real Estate 3D rendering include?

Chigwell-Aerial-3D-Rendering 3D rendering is all about property visualisation. This includes its visualisation in the most suitable way. The 3D rendering often includes the backgrounds and the adjacent view so that the buyer can get an idea of where he will be living after purchasing his house. A meaningful 3D image of property must include basic details that are represented beautifully to provide an appealing visual picture. The basic aspects that a real estate 3D rendering includes are:
  1. Overall visualisation of the property Whether it is a flat or a bungalow, a perfect 3D visualisation is one that depicts even the basic details in the most attractive manner. While viewing the real estate 3D rendering image of any property, the prospective purchaser gets an idea of how his future house will actually look right from his smart device. It may include the floor plan, rooms’ designs, and entry & exit plans, the layout of the house in a society or township, etc., all represented in a picture-perfect 3D view. This is a three-dimensional representation of the original house in all ways.
  2. The combination with the environment One of the important factors of any property is the location of the house. The 3D representation perfectly entails the finest details of the house and its connection to the environment. This includes a 3D view of the architecture of the property with the nearest environment. This may include all the properties of the complex in a 3D view. If the property is a skyscraper, you can easily identify it in this 3D picture. One can also identify whether the property is adjacent to the mountain or is gifted with the sight of the perfect greenery by just viewing the 3D image of the property.
  3. The internal features While purchasing a house, the internal features of the house are also essential. One must need to understand how the final house will look after designing. This may also include the design of doors and windows, kitchen, and rooms altogether. Even when the prospective buyer cannot make a visit to the house, they can get an idea of the house to make an easy purchasing decision. The 3D real estate design of the house includes the basic and finest detail of the house and placement of the material and essentials in the house.
  4. The external renders The 3D image of the house may also include the adjacent lying road and the lighting facilities the street has. While a buyer is interested in the under-constructed property, he would only invest in advance when he gets a perfect idea of the house and its streets, this is easy with the external render feature of the 3D real estate rendering.
The external renders include even those details of plantation and outside parking if the house has it. With just the features of 3D rendering, it is possible to get a perfect idea of how the future home will look. The external 3D rendering includes a perfect indication of the infrastructure of the property.  

Benefits of 3D rendering to real estate agents

Residential House Rendering off-plan property While designing a floor plan, real estate often chooses 3D rendering because it helps ineffective marketing. This is equally beneficial for real estate agents. Agents choose to promote the property with 3D images because this helps convey the basic idea of the property in a meaningful way. Real estate owners wish to win the competition with 3D visualisations. When competitive partners are still promoting the properties with old pictures and images, one can win with animated 3D rendering. Real estate agents often prefer 3D images for selling because this can attract prospective partners and make them invest in the projects easily. Some of the benefits that real estate can enjoy with 3D rendering are:
  1. Helps attract a larger number of clients Wherever you see there are numerous projects launching each day. Among so many properties, it is hard for real estate agents to sell their properties to purchasers. In such a scenario, 3D images can help attract clients easily. It is general human behavior to get attracted to floor designs with animated graphics than with simple and basic line floor plans. The 3D eye-catching picture of the property helps provide a good view of the product such that people can easily make a final purchase decision.
  2. Reduced efforts and costs When real estate wishes to promote a property, he needs to provide photographs or a video of the property to the prospective purchaser. In such cases, hiring a photography expert becomes quite essential. When traditional photographs are to be taken, it is important to conduct several photoshoot sessions so as to achieve the best photographs of the property. On the other hand, 3D photo sessions are comparatively easy. This requires hiring a professional 3D photographer who would visit a property once and complete the 3D animated image of the property. This is a comparatively easy and cost-effective choice for an agent when compared to a traditional photo shoot.
  3. Its saves time Traditional photo session includes several sessions, sourcing of locations, and taking numerous pictures to catch a perfect one. This is a time-consuming process. The process also involves editing which further adds to the time. On the other hand, 3D rendering just involves hiring a freelancer professional who would be responsible for just designing a 3D visualisation of the property which is comparatively a less time taking process.
  4. Stay ahead of the competition When a real estate agent seeks to sell a property, he tries all sorts of efforts to ensure the sale of the property. In a competitive era, it is important to promote the property with advanced ideas. 3D rendering provides a competitive advantage to sell the property. When virtual reality is added to property marketing, it enhances the way marketing is done. 3D rendering provides an effective and animated view of the original property that helps your property stay ahead of other existing properties. It is pretty sure that augmented reality is a one-step-ahead way to promote property in today’s scenario. This helps win the competition in all ways.
  5. A convenient way to sell property Most of the prospective buyers hesitate to visit the property because they are generally busy with their daily routine tasks. In such cases, agents can provide a basic picture of the property with 3D rendering images. The 3D designs of the property help showcase the designs of the infrastructure not only internally but also externally. This negates the need to personally visit each property while taking the purchasing decision of the property. The 3D rendering makes it easy for agents to provide a tour of the home right when the seller is sitting in his office.

The benefit of 3D rendering for buyers

Example of off-plan property 3d render Investing in a property is a crucial and life decision. For many, it is their dream home that they are planning to buy. In such cases, this decision can be tough. Potential clients need to check even the finest detail of the house when they are about to invest in it. The 3D rendering does not only benefit the seller but is equally beneficial for the buyer. With 3D images, they can get an idea of their house even from their comfort zone. They can easily decide whether they must invest in a project or not. Some of the benefits of 3D rendering for buyers:
  1. Keep space for chances When the real estate owner sets standards for designing a house with the 3D rendering, one can get an idea of how the final house will look. This includes the flaws and imperfections just before it is built. When you already have a 3D visualisation of the floor design, it is easy to identify the structural details of your property even before the first brick of the house is placed. When you know the flaws, you can ask your builder to change the imperfection as per your needs even when the house is not built. This helps add superior value to futuristic houses. Also, the 3D rendering ensures that the builder meets what he has promised while delivering the 3D visualised images.
  2. The idea of the under-construction property Sometimes, the property is not ready to move in and in such cases, it is sometimes hard to decide how the final house will look after completion. A 3D rendering floor plan of such houses helps depict the finest detail of under-constructed houses so that purchasing decisions become easy. The 3D rendering is enough to showcase all possible details of the house and thus a buyer can know everything about his dream house even when it is not fully constructed. This makes it easy for buyers to choose their future house.
  3. Perfect understanding of the project When a buyer wishes to buy his home, he/she needs to judge even the neighborhood and environment around their property. This is easy with the 3D rendering designs provided by the owner. Even when the adjacent road is not constructed or the exterior walkway is missing, this hardly matters if the property has 3D rendering images. With 3D rendering, it is possible to get a perfect design of a house. This includes the interior of the house, the floor plan, and the exterior of the house. The 3D images can effectively depict the structure of the house, in-depth detail of the architecture, texture, and color of the house, neighborhood and adjacent street visualisation, etc. In short, the 3D architecture includes realistic and impactful ideas of the house.
  4. Help depict realistic quotes By providing a basic 3D rendering detail of the house, an owner can provide a precise cost of the projects. This helps the purchaser know how much he needs to spend on the final completion of the project. Also, the design helps the purchaser know whether the asked costs of the house are worth the money or not. The 3-dimensional pictures of the house know how much he will be investing in his house and at this price what will be the final design he will be getting. This helps depict the overall quotes of the house even before its construction.
  5. Easy comparison While investing your lifetime income in a dream home, there are numerous houses that you see before actually buying the house. In such cases, it becomes quite hard to decide the best property to invest in. The 3D rendering images help depict the perfect project in an easy manner. The 3D rendering can provide a perfect visualisation of the internal and external of each house and thus makes comparison easy. The 3D images help depict the project to the maximum extent. When you have 3D rendering for the house, it becomes quite easy to decide which is the best project to invest in. The 3D rendering services make it easy to compare two projects and choose the best one out to make it your dream home.


It is pretty clear that 3D rendering does not only help real estate owners but also helps real estate agents to sell the properties in an easy and effective manner. It is a perfect way to stay ahead of the competition. The 3D rendering visuals of real estate help improve the selling of the properties by attracting new and prospective buyers. It is an advanced and cost-effective way to provide a perfect picture of the property to the buyer so that they can make a meaningful purchasing decision right when they are sitting in their comfort zone. 3D rendering is equally beneficial for purchasers as well because this could help them peep into their future homes. By viewing the 3D floor plan of a property they could decide how their home looks internally and externally and whether they should invest in the property or not.  

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