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How Retail Companies Should Use 3D Animated Videos

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Our lives are now entirely reliant on the advancement of technology. Technology is essential to many facets of our daily lives, including our entertainment options, transportation, and companies.

This was triggered more by the pandemic since everything was purposefully transferred from face-to-face interaction to online Zoom sessions and internet buying (e-shopping). As a result, businesses are increasingly coming up with fresher strategies to draw customers to their establishments by enhancing their online presence.

Businesses are working hard to implement strategies that will boost their online sales, and one method they are doing this is with the use of 3D animation, more particularly, by adding animated films to their websites. This is due to the fact that using animated movies in these enterprises can have a number of positive effects, including an increase in sales. These are particularly useful for companies that operate entirely online.

People may become disoriented by the abundance of choices due to a large number of designers, businesses, models, and stores available. To showcase any luxury brand product and reach consumers, businesses must find a unique way to do so. Making the campaign visually appealing and stunning is only reasonable considering that fashion is all about aesthetics and the enjoyment of the eye. 

More effectively than any other marketing strategy, a quick video can emphasise all the most recent trends you’re offering while showcasing your most recent jewellery collection. People need to see fashion, not just hear or read about it!

While the fashion industry now cuts across several sectors, including both wholesale and retail firms, there is one element that all fashion-related components have in common. Whatever you want to highlight—clothes, clothing accessories, jewellery, shoes, textiles—animated video is the ideal storefront display.

Evolution of animated videos in the retail business domain

Retailers must compete in a market that is very dynamic and customer-driven due to the environment of retailing’s ongoing evolution. To keep customers coming back, they must continually adjust to the shifting expectations of the public.

The growth of the retail industry has changed tremendously from department shops of the Industrial Age to the multi-channel, ubiquitous surroundings of today. Retailers who keep in mind that “the customer is king” appear to endure despite how much the industry changes. The onset of 3D animated videos in this space to boost sales and promote the brand is one of the perfect examples.

Animation originally began back in 1831, when Englishman John Henry Pepper invented the “Pepper Box.” It was a box full of pins that moved around and shot out pins. It was a way for him to demonstrate physics to children. The animation was then taken over by Thomas Edison, who developed the Kinetoscope in 1895. The Kinetoscope was a machine that showed a series of pictures that were attached to a strip of celluloid. It was the first moving picture device. At this point in time, animation had become a lot less expensive than live-action filmmaking. Companies, including retail firms, could now use it to make commercials cheaply.

Edison soon realised that the Kinetoscope was a great tool for teaching science and chemistry to children, and he wanted to market the idea. He went to the Edison Advertising Company, which helped him develop some of the earliest animations. Eventually, he founded the Edison Manufacturing Company in 1903.


Domains in which 3D animated videos should be used

  1. Advertisements

One of the biggest advantages of using 3D animation is being able to create advertisements that have a unique graphical appearance that cannot be achieved using traditional 2D images. 

These animations can often be created at a fraction of the cost of producing a similar advertisement in 2D format. By creating these types of animations, companies can effectively promote their products and services while standing out in a crowded marketplace.

An engaging presentation of your product or product line can quickly capture the interest of your clients and spark interest in your offerings. An excellent promotional tool, animated explainer videos have a clear and appealing format. It is simple to draw attention to the advantages and demonstrate to customers how your product can help them.


  1. Branding

Another benefit of using 3D animation in advertising is its ability to convey a brand’s message in a way that cannot be done any other way. In order for a company’s branding to be effective, it has to be clear and concise, and 3D animations allow brands to do just that. Through the use of motion graphics, they can make their branding easily understood and memorable.

Businesses can present themselves and their specialised products or regulations through animated explainer movies. According to Wyzowl’s research, companies that have an educational video or an explainer video on their homepage are more likely to close a deal. Long-term client trust can be built by communicating intriguing information using amusing and instructional animated videos.

  1. Web design

Using 3D animation in web design gives websites a unique look that cannot be achieved without it. The use of motion graphics in website designs helps websites stand out among competitors and provides customers with a much more enjoyable experience.

3D animated video on the website adds authenticity to the company and hence, makes the site more approachable and trustworthy.


  1. E-commerce sites

E-Commerce sites benefit greatly from the use of 3D animations because they give them a unique look that cannot otherwise be achieved. Motion graphics are great for e-commerce sites because they help drive traffic to their site and keep viewers interested in what they’re selling.

Videos assist your clients to have an enjoyable buying experience and gain a deeper understanding of your products. Additionally, they facilitate quicker decision-making for online customers. Explainer videos perform admirably on product pages and landing pages, according to numerous studies. 

For instance, landing pages featuring videos increase conversions by 80%. This is due to the fact that they enable your visitors to understand the specifics of the things they wish to purchase and choose whether they are to their taste.

  1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a big business nowadays, and many people spend hours each day promoting themselves and their businesses online. Using 3D animation in social media marketing allows users to share interesting content that draws attention, keeps viewers engaged, and encourages interaction.

The utilisation of animated videos by businesses can increase online sales because Google favours multimedia material higher. Pages with more photos and videos often have higher rankings in the Google algorithm. The most popular social media channels for marketing products, features, and deals are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Videos shared on these platforms have the potential to be shared, go viral, and eventually reach a bigger audience, which immediately increases revenue for the company.

  1. Product explainer videos

Online product searches are one of the most frequent ways your target market uses your goods. The product explanation video can appear right away in all search results. so that they can learn more about your product and your target market. 

Google’s organic search results can be impacted by social media, which may also serve as the foundation for your website or promotional page. The video appears highly in the Google search results. Your product explainer video can find a position on one of the many widely accessible social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and others, and it won’t take long for it to start spreading like wildfire.

How animated videos benefit retailers?

  1. Online Marketing:

    Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to promote products online. These videos help people understand how things work and what they should do if they want to use them properly. 

Retailers often create these videos to make their customers feel more confident about using their products and to increase sales. Animated explainer videos have been proven to increase online conversions by 20% or more. When done well, they can even reduce returns.

  1. Brand Awareness:

    When people visit a retailer’s website, they want to know if the company offers good service and if the product is worth buying. A great way to show your brand is to create an animated video that explains how to use your product. 

This helps customers understand how to use your product, whether it’s a food processor or a pair of shoes. You can also show off your brand’s history, culture, or heritage.

  1. Product Promotion:

    Retailers who offer a wide range of products can use animated explainer videos to promote each individual item. These videos let shoppers know more about the features and uses of specific products.

An example would be a video explaining how to cook with a specific type of knife. By showing how the product works, you give customers a chance to learn about something before they buy it.

  1. Customer Service:

    Animations can also help companies provide better customer service. If someone calls your business and has a question, you can send them a link to a relevant video instead of having them listen to a long phone call. 

Customers appreciate getting quick answers to questions. And if your company doesn’t answer questions right away, you run the risk of losing customers.

  1. Online presence:

    If you sell a lot of different products, then you need to keep your social media accounts updated with information about each of your items. That means posting images of each product along with written descriptions. But you don’t want to post the same image over and over again. 

An animated explainer video lets you customise the content of each image. Instead of uploading the same picture of your product, you can upload a unique version.

  1. Website Navigation:

    Many websites have navigation bars at the top of the page. If you want to encourage customers to click through to the other pages on your site, you can add links to those pages in your navigation bar. 

But if you just have text, then visitors may not notice them. Adding an animation makes the links easier to spot and encourages customers to click through to other pages.

  1. Email Marketing:

    Email marketing is still one of the best ways to market your products. People love receiving emails and clicking through to the websites associated with email messages. 

If you have a lot of products, then you can segment your list based on interest and send targeted emails to people who fit into particular categories. Using an animated explainer video can help you create more effective emails.

  1. Consumer education and information:

    The adaptability of 2D and 3D animated videos is what makes them so magical. You can demonstrate to customers how certain products from your business are made, where the resources are sourced from, how a basic fabric is transformed into a high-end fashion item, and much more. 

Customers feel more connected to your business and realise all the effort that goes into it when you describe your creative process and the inspiration behind the outfit.

It’s crucial to leave a good impression on the world. Let 2D & 3D animated video do it for you if you want the market to actually connect with your business and help you establish a reputation for yourself.

  1. Position Yourself as the Industry Leader:

    Let consumers know why they should choose you over the competition, emphasise your strong qualities, and present your company in the best possible light. Making excellent animated videos can help you gain the trust of customers and demonstrate your worth.

  2. Quicker Results:

    In comparison to traditional advertising techniques like words, infographics, and photographs, a realistic 3D animation produces faster results in a more effective way. With the use of 3D animation, it will be possible to deliver more information in a short amount of time in an accurate manner. 

If someone has watched a 3D simulation of a product, there is no need to physically evaluate or examine it. As a result, it generates higher levels of client satisfaction than any other form of advertising.

Guidelines for employing animated videos in your retail business

Here are a few points to keep in mind while using animated videos for the purpose of enhancing the growth of any retail company:

  1. Animation videos are effective at portraying information in a way that text alone cannot. The purpose of animation videos is to get attention. Make sure the video has a clear message and that it is engaging.
  2. The best time to upload a video is when people are actively searching for content.
  3. A good video will have a positive emotional reaction.
  4. Video content is especially useful if there is a lot of text.
  5. Try to include images that help tell the story.
  6. People watch longer videos than they read, so try to make them more visually appealing.
  7. Create videos that are short enough to fit into users’ social media feeds.
  8. There are various tools and software to create animated videos, both free and premium. Pick the option that best fits your needs and price range.
  9. When creating video content, keep in mind the following principles: Keep the message simple and use more visuals to convey the point.


The course of time has changed, and so has the marketing strategy. To stay relevant in the market, companies must endure cutthroat competition. Meeting the constantly shifting corporate environment will be simple with the aid of 3D animation.

The prevalence of 3D animation has been more well-known throughout time. In the world of marketing right now, 3D animation is quite important. 

A creative and distinctive technique to present any product and its features are through commercial animation, such as 3D product commercial animation. Therefore, a 3D product commercial animation video will get more attention and greater visibility because of the way it is presented in front of everyone.

Currently, a lot of new businesses want to prioritise using 3D animation movies on their websites to advertise their brands. In the end, it helps one reach the target audience with just one video in the best way possible by informing, entertaining and capturing them.

The top 3D animation studio may also be one of your hidden weapons in the cutthroat world of marketing to help you stand out from the competition and shine, as we all know that marketing encompasses a variety of approaches to promoting and branding your company or product. Additionally, animation is the easiest approach for all of your customers to watch your videos and learn more about your business and product.

This is one of the best methods for promoting your content in a straightforward manner. Additionally, you only need one video to be featured on each site where you want to publish or broadcast your video. And when it comes to growing a business, the current trend indicates that animated videos are among the best media to market your name, your goods, and your services. If a suitable 3D commercial animation video is used for the promotion, sales growth will merely increase.

Besides this, it motivates visitors to go to your website, buy your goods, and support the upkeep of your brand. Your ability to communicate your ideas clearly and the aesthetic appeal you create in your video are both important factors in the process of making the animation video more alluring and vivid so that viewers will stick with it rather than just skipping it like any other video.

If you want to determine whether your marketing approach was successful or unsuccessful, you can also examine the growth rate of your company as a result of the addition of animated videos. This will assist in determining what the team finds effective, ineffective, and future-proof.

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