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How to Approach 3D Rendering on Your Own?

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The world of 3D rendering looks exceptionally mesmerizing. Creating mind-blowing, lifelike visuals out of mere thoughts shows how far we’ve come regarding technological advancement and what the human imagination is truly capable of. However, it does require some special skills. Mastering 3D rendering isn’t an easy feat. It demands a lot of hard work, time, and sheer dedication. That said, learning 3D rendering doesn’t require formal education, either. It’s all about having the necessary education and skills no matter where and how you get them. Fortunately, the internet is here to help you with that.

Let’s look at various methods that’ll help you master 3D rendering, even if you’re starting from scratch.

Make Use of Free Content

Many veteran 3D artists from around the world are willing to share their knowledge for free. You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars to gain the required knowledge. Interestingly, most veteran 3D artists you’ll find online would also have mastered 3D rendering without spending a dime.

If they could do it, you’re no different. Let’s look at various platforms and tools that’ll help you climb up the ladder.

Follow YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is one of the most significant platforms to learn new things. Many skilful and experienced 3D artists use YouTube as their primary source of income, providing you with valuable content in return.

YouTube will fetch you multiple videos explaining various aspects of 3D rendering. You will even find detailed tutorials that you can follow to get familiar with the techniques, toolkits, and designs of various 3D rendering software.

Enroll in Udemy Free Courses

Although most of the courses available on Udemy are paid, you can still find various 3D artists giving away their knowledge for free. Udemy provides you with a complete learning environment with minimal distractions.

You can find practical, in-depth tutorials and live sessions that will teach you the required skills to tackle any 3D rendering project. Moreover, it even has a progress tracker that will reflect how far you’ve come.

Engage in the Forums

Forums are one great way to familiarize yourself with other players in the industry. Multiple 3D rendering experts share their experiences and valuable knowledge for free, which might be helpful to you. In addition, you will find yourself in the company of many like-minded aspirants that’ll motivate you to reach the top.

However, it’s best if your favourite 3D software has a forum of its own. Otherwise, you can look for platforms like Reddit, Facebook groups, etc. Finding communities based on your interests to gather knowledge about the industry and building a network will help you in the long run.

Read Blogs

Blogs can deliver a huge chunk of information in such a short time. That said, some even prefer to read topic-related blogs over videos. There are multiple blogs available on the web that can stuff you up with the necessary knowledge for free. We also recommend you subscribe to multiple blogs’ daily or weekly newsletters to ensure no free knowledge is left behind.

Enrol in Courses (online and offline) 

Enrolling yourself in an offline course is a traditional and highly effective approach to learning 3D rendering. Courses are especially helpful for those who need a teacher’s presence at all times and don’t mind having a tight schedule. You may also want to seek a personal tutor if you want personal attention; it’s especially helpful in your initial stages when you don’t have any clue about 3D rendering whatsoever.

However, offline courses do cost a lot. Be ready to pay a chunk of money if you want to get mentored by some of the most experienced teachers in the industry. If you can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars in your learning, online courses are here to help. Online courses are one great way to level up your game for a fraction of the money.

Moreover, online courses give you the flexibility that no offline course can provide. All you need is consistency and sheer self-discipline. However, one major downside of online courses is that most of them are not accredited by any institution. You should only enrol in an online course if learning and expanding your knowledge is your main objective.

Here are 5 best and most credible online learning platforms, providing invaluable courses at affordable prices:

Instead of requiring payment for every individual course, some of these online learning platforms allow subscription-based payments (e.g., Skillshare) that’ll make you save even more money. Talk about exceptional ROI!

Read Books

This affordable yet highly effective approach towards learning new things is one of the oldest yet still very reliable. Reading books may not be the most desired way of learning, but they’re written by experts and experienced veterans who have spent a significant amount of their lives in the industry. That said, the books contain invaluable information with practical examples and tutorials that can help you quickly level up your game as a 3D rendering artist.

Besides large volumes of knowledge, a book writer also shares his experience in the industry. This will help you familiarize yourself with various things and processes in the industry, all you need to gain a competitive edge over others.

Familiarize Yourself with various 3D Rendering Software 

Most of the 3D software available in the market comes with in-built tutorials that can help you gain knowledge while making you familiar with the software’s features and tools. You can choose a free 3D rendering software like Blender or go for a paid, industry-standard software like Maya. Either way, with every completed project, you’ll be developing as a 3D rendering artist.

Also, many of these paid 3D rendering software comes with a free trial or an entirely free version of the software with limited functionality. You can go for the latter if you want to get familiar with various complexities that come along while learning 3D rendering. Working on 3D software will also make you gain practical knowledge and sharpen your skills at the same time.

Seek a Mentor

Having a mentor to guide you at all times will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes while accelerating your progress. You can ask any known veteran artist or engage in various communities and forums to find 3D artists who are ready to help you. A mentor can help you effortlessly tackle obstacles and will play an essential role in your journey of becoming an expert 3D rendering artist.


Ques. 1: How much do 3D rendering professionals earn? 

Ans: The average salary for a veteran and skilful 3D artist is around $69,000 per annum.

Ques. 2: Is formal education required to become a 3D artist?

Ans: No, you don’t require any sort of formal education to make a career in 3D rendering.

Ques. 3: What job opportunities do rendering professionals have? 

Ans: Being a 3D artist, you’ll always be in demand. 3D rendering professionals have multiple job opportunities in architecture, entertainment, gaming, the IT sector, etc.

Ques. 4: Is the market of 3D rendering saturated? 

Ans: No, in fact, the 3D rendering market is far from getting saturated. With new companies and job opportunities emerging each day, becoming a 3D rendering artist is and always will be a great choice.

Final Thoughts 

So, is it worth becoming a 3D rendering professional? Yes, and there’s no denying it. 3D rendering has revolutionized multiple industries including architecture, movies, gaming, etc., and the rendering professionals are paid handsomely for their good work.

In addition, being a 3D rendering professional doesn’t require any formal education or a degree, you can just follow the methods shown in this article and there’ll be no stopping you.

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You're only one step away from better visuals.

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You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.