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How To Become A Successful 3D Artist?

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Whenever you watch a 3D movie in a theatre or play action games with your friends and family, do you often find yourself to be in awe of the wonders of digitization? Those minute details and beautifully designed lively characters must have raised a question in your mind, “how are they created?”. Well, it is the 3D artist who creates this magic on screen! 3D art or three-dimensional art describes an image with a perception of height and depth in it to mesmerize the user and make him feel involved. This experience that 3D art gives its viewers is called virtual reality. Today, when the world has technology at its fingertips, the demand for 3D graphics and virtual reality are at their peak.

A 3D artist is someone who designs, creative three-dimensional animations, visual effects, and models by the use of sophisticated computer software, hand-drawing skills, and other filming technologies. He creates these digital animations and models that are featured on TV, video games, marketing campaigns, and movies across the globe.

3D artist

What does a 3D artist do?

Though the exact duties and responsibilities for a specified post differ from one organization to another, given below are some generic duties a 3D artist has:

  • Creating high-quality animation and graphics:

The prime duty of a 3D artist is to create high-quality graphics, 3D models, animations, and visual effects according to the requirements of the client. Using good computer software programs and editing tools can help.

  • Establishing teamwork and conceptualizing designs:

It is essential for a 3D artist to discuss the project details with his team so as to solve the prevailing issues and note the progress. Holding team meetings, taking suggestions, and conceptualizing the final design before starting work should be done to create the best quality art.

  • Understanding client’s requirements and working accordingly:

A 3D artist should, first of all, analyse and estimate the requirements of a project and the purpose for which the creation has to be used. Accordingly, he should make use of several techniques like 3D modelling, mapping, lighting, texturing, etc. to create the best quality product as desired by the client.

  • Exploring all possibilities:

It is necessary for a 3D artist to research and explore the new techniques and ideas available in the market that can be very useful in creating genuine animations. Before starting any new project, enough research should be done to provide the client with the best quality artwork.

  • Accepting feedbacks and making alterations:

3D artists receive continuous comments and feedback from a client according to which they make improvements and alterations. Movie Makers, game designers, animators, or other such big visual creators tend to ask for several edits before finalizing the creation.

  • Meeting your clients:

A major role of a 3D artist is meeting their clients to obtain newer ideas, better suggestions, and reviews of the work done if any. Keeping his clients happy shall be the first priority of any creator.

How to become a successful 3D artist?

How to become a successful 3D artist

Wanting to be a 3D artist, and becoming a successful one are two very different things. Nevertheless, having a keen interest and dedication in this novel vocation are probably the first requisites of succeeding as a 3D artist. To someone on the outside, it may seem that 3D art simply means creating a three-dimensional animation or model or some special effects, but it certainly goes way beyond this.

Keeping the below-mentioned tips in mind will surely help you in crossing the bridge between an average and a skilled 3D artist. Let us a quick tour of how to become a successful 3D artist:

  • Enough Procrastination
    If you have been wanting to pursue your career as a 3D artist, you have got to stop thinking so much. Do not small worries and trouble deviate you from the path. If you have the dedication, stop coming up with excuses. If this is really what you want to pursue, do it, and do it Now!
  • Get Trained – Knowledge is Crucial
    When it comes to picking a suitable vocation, there is no denying that education always helps. If as a consumer one has an option to choose between a professional who has more qualifications or the one who doesn’t, one is more likely to choose someone who is better qualified.

Remember: While more and more films become tech-heavy, it is imperative that you not only have enough knowledge about computers but also have enough certificates that boost your CV and your portfolio. The more proficient you are, the better your prospects.

  • Just Learn, No Matter How
    While certificates and diplomas go a long way, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do without one. Your work, after all, is your biggest certificate. Learning how to make use of 3D software is probably the first step that you need to take. With these tools, digital artists can gain unprecedented power, control, and freedom to create an array of 3D images. While some are free, some are quite pocket-friendly. Choose the one that suits you best. Try this: Putting in more time and effort in learning about more extended tools, would further enhance your creations. Some of such tools are:
      1. AutoCAD
      2. Blender
      3. V-Ray
      4. Maxwell
  • You Need to Keep Practicing
    No matter, however big your name becomes, in this ever-changing field, you need to stay a step ahead of others, and it is only possible if you keep practicing and hone your skills as much as possible. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither would your brand. There are going to be loads of trials and errors before you can master the needed skills.
  • Get Inspired
    Inspiration doesn’t mean you steal ideas and designs, it simply means you go through the work of different artists who are or have been doing well in this field. Someone can really help in sparking your creative side. Reading success and struggle stories not only helps in going ahead, but also in dealing with failures. Tip: Follow artists you admire, on social media platforms, get to know them. If possible, try working with them or even as their interns.
  • Design an Impressive Portfolio
    Creating a portfolio of your 3D artwork is another crucial aspect of making it big. You would also have to be smart about what you put on your portfolio and what you don’t.

Keep in mind that your portfolio is the first impression that you would create on a prospective client. Even when you have an exciting portfolio, it doesn’t mean you stick to it. Keep adding to it, and keep it up-to-date at all times.

Remember: If you want, you can take the help of a professional in creating a suitable portfolio. You might have to spend a little, but think of it as an investment, that will pay off many folds.

  • Create a Strong Network
    Today, when the world seems to be shrinking, it is only prudent that you also do not limit yourself to your neighbourhood, your city, or even your country. With social media platforms, you can create an incredible network that has no boundaries.

Not just that, such platforms will also help you connect with other 3D artists. Sharing experiences and ideas can add so much to your reservoir of knowledge.

Tip: People need to know about you and your work, promote your work in a graceful yet effective way, without overdoing it.

  • Keep Improving
    When you are in the technological field, it is crucial that you keep experimenting and exploring. Find original and novel ways to enhance your skills. With the constant evolution in the realm of 3D artwork, the one who doesn’t change with changing times will ultimately be out of the race.

Feeling satisfied with what you know will make you less competent, and your clients will want to explore other 3D artists who can offer fresh and innovative results.

How much can a 3D artist earn?

Now that you have chased your dreams and are prepared to be a 3D artist, it is mandatory for you to know the earnings this job can give you. Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) a 3D artist earns $72200 annually in America.

However, this amount can increase or decrease according to experience, location, company, etc. Starting at a low package initially and looking for better opportunities in the future should be the goal of any 3D artist.

Moreover, some of the leading organizations have also predicted a remarkable growth of 8% and more in the 3D graphics industry in the upcoming years.

3d artist earnings

The Bottom Line

When you have a dream, you need to work towards it constantly and tirelessly. Even if you face small obstacles and failures, giving up easily would never take you forwards on the path to success. Even if you had to start small, there is no limit on how big you can dream. The 3D world is fun, thrilling, and rewarding. And the rewards are fulfilling not just personally but also financially.

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