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How to Utilise 3D Rendering For Amazon?

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As customer online shopping trends continue to evolve, studies show that customers prefer 3D rendering for Amazon over genuine images or stock photos, even though most can tell that a render is not an actual representation of the object. We’re not entirely sure why, but there’s something about the ideal lighting and the fantastical rendering that attracts customers into learning more.

This is particularly true in using 3D rendering for Amazon. More and more businesses are also veering towards 3D visualisation for its massive potential for marketing. For one, 3D rendering enables a level of flexibility and creativity that is difficult or sometimes impossible with only photography. As a result, they have a method of attracting customers, which raises the possibility that they will click through and buy your product.

Additionally, employing renders lowers the cost of photography and enables you to include more images for a lower cost. A physical copy of each variation of the product you intend to photograph is a need when using photography. Additionally, you need to take individual pictures for each viewpoint and background you want to use.

This is made simple with renders. Once the fundamental render is finished, it is quite straightforward to change the colour, the location, and the design to accommodate various graphics required for your Amazon account. This may consist of your infographics, lifestyle photos, a variety of images, and A+ content modules, among other things.

This blog will talk about how to utilise 3D rendering for Amazon.

Why should you invest in 3D rendering?

Utilising 3D renders maximises your investment because you may more simply and organically adjust the image and image quality to get a wide range of results. With photography, this is inexplicably impossible.

In summary, 3D renders let you produce more varied material for your Amazon listing at a far lower price than photography, all while attracting more customers and boosting conversions. In addition, they can be easily edited and recreated at the push of a button, are quicker, and have no physical production constraints.

These impacts are all connected; the more variety your listing photographs contain, the more successful your listing will be. Higher conversions are indicative of your listing’s better success. Your organic traffic will be more effective the more significant your conversion rate. This process can be aided with 3D renders!

How Do 3D Renders Work?

Photorealistic digital recreations of an object or scene are called 3D renderings. They can be used as a substitute for photography and produce smooth, clear images with a futuristic appearance.

There have been renders for many years. However, Evan Catmull and Frederic Parke created the first 3D-generated movie in 1972. They meticulously designed and animated this render of a hand.

Although the early renders, like this one, had much to be desired, they were nonetheless very sophisticated for the period. Unfortunately, however, the magnificent renderings of the twenty-first century can occasionally be mistaken for the real thing.

A render’s perfection is what distinguishes it. Every image is fluid and stunning, luring the viewer into the metaverse’s current trend of future optimism.

What are the methods you should consider in creating 3D Renderings for Amazon?

So, what is the process of making renderings in reality? One can make renders using three methods: templates, STP files, and unique renderings.

Files STP

A file offered by the manufacturer is an STP file. Most manufacturers use a product blueprint to help them create the product. Digital artists can significantly benefit from this as it streamlines the rendering process.

Individual Renders

The creation of custom renderings practically begins from scratch and are typically more expensive. As bespoke renderings can cost you more, you should always check in with any render service you use to ensure they are using templates or STP files.

Renders based on templates

Many digital artists will use a standard template when STP files are not available and then modify that template to fit your product correctly. While not nearly as challenging as custom renderings, this nevertheless involves more labour than STP-based rendering.

All of these tactics demand in-depth design expertise and expensive software. As a result, you’ll want to rely on a professional or a creative agency to complete these renders unless you’re a pro digital artist.

Using 3D renders for amazon A seller's guide

Utilising 3D Renders: Know More About It

For increased clickthrough and conversion rates, use 3D representations in various formats. 

Reflective Items

Renders are a fantastic tool for glasses, sunglasses, lenses, and other reflecting products. Renders can help you create high-quality images without the headache of exposure, flash, reflections, or even the requirement to have a white or transparent background because it can be so challenging to capture the lighting just so in photography. 3D rendering for Amazon also shines best when used to visualise close-ups & exploded views of products.

Additionally, one can also use renders to help your customers understand the details of your Amazon listings. It is hard to accomplish this via photographs, but you can tell your buyer all the more nuanced information about your goods with renderings.

Static Pictures

Renders function best for still photographs, such as those of products, where the subject is not moving or wearing anything but is simply lying or standing still in the scene.

Lifestyle Images

You may quickly and easily display your product in a range of lifestyle pictures, both big and little, by using 3D renders. This is the finest technique to generate lifestyle pictures without spending a fortune because renderings can undergo modification and reusing is also possible in many contexts so effortlessly.

furniture rendering for amazon

Extra-large Items

Photographing your massive, clunky, and gigantic objects is a significant chore. The expense of shipping alone can be prohibitive. You can save time, money, and hassle by using renderings for these things!

Scenes of a Large Scale

You may utilise 3D renders to build these settings, whether you want to display your buyers your goods in a metropolitan street, a rural location, or a bedroom. You might mix actual and generated elements to produce an eye-catching graphic contrast! This kind of representation frequently helps architects and furniture manufacturers to showcase their work and their products.


The best way to display your product in several iterations is via renders. One can do this individually or collectively as long as customers can picture your product in all its variations.


Your company should have a fantastic logo and packaging design along with your optimised listing. Without the need for additional photos, renders are a terrific approach to show off your goods with that logo on them.

Creative Illustrations

The possibilities for real product photos are virtually endless, which is one of the benefits of rendering. As a result, Amazon merchants can produce stunning graphics that combine realistic and fantastical elements to engage their target audience. These representations might work best on social media, but they also have the power to attract new clients.

product rendering whiskey bottles glass


Your listings’ success can be significantly increased, and one can attract readers by using 3D models. They are cheaper to make, easier to modify, and faster to produce. In addition, they make you stand out as an Amazon seller by showcasing your image in various contexts. Do you need assistance acquiring renderings for your product? Tell us how we can assist you.

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