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Interior Design Trends That You Should Know About in 2022

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Interior design trends in 2022 have leaned toward regaining discrete offices developed in the home. There’s a newfound interest in decorating thoughtfully and introducing natural elements into the house. It has also been proven that the interior design of a home impacts the mood and mental state of those who live there.

If you reside in London, where the weather is often changing, your home’s interiors will provide much-needed comfort and serenity. Locals in London wear sunglasses and an umbrella simultaneously due to the unpredictable weather.

Despite the ongoing epidemic and uncertain weather conditions outside, you may create an excellent mood in your house by keeping up with the current trends and seeking professional assistance. So, what are the most recent and exciting interior design trends?

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve ever wondered the same thing. Here are some of the top interior design trends to look out for in 2022 that will instantly brighten your mood.

Chigwell Interior Bedroom Render

The Bedroom is Getting More Attention

Everyone has had a difficult time in the previous few years. Bedrooms are frequently converted into workstations as work from home has become the new normal. Unfortunately, this specific trend was not conducive to establishing an environment that would make you feel comfortable and tranquil.

As offices open up in 2022, it’s expected that this year will be all about restoring the bedroom area as the sleeping refuge it was designed to be. The emphasis would be on creating a sleep-friendly environment.

This year’s design trends include mood lighting, calming textures, soothing colours, and thick, comfortable blankets and rugs. Finally, anything with a digital screen will be kept outside the bedroom door, and the decor will be kept simple.

Statement lighting interior design renovation

Statement Lighting is one of the best Interior design trends

In 2022, statement lighting will make a comeback, as the form will likely catch up to function this year. The statement lighting is beautiful and valuable, but it also adds to the aesthetics.

In 2022, lights that draw attention to the beauty of a home while simultaneously serving as a statement art piece will be popular. This is reflected in Etsy’s analysis, which found a significant 368 percent YoY spike in searches for ’70s lighting and a 20 percent YoY increase in searches for sculptural and decorative lighting.

Cottage core aesthetic interior design trends 2022

Cottage-core is a popular style this year

In 2021, the Cottage-core (also known as Farm-core or Country-core) interior design trend gained traction. And, with more individuals looking for Cottage-core type designs than any other, the trend will continue beyond 2022. In addition, cottage-core design has grown in prominence thanks to content uploaded on Instagram and TikTok.

Cottage-core is a design that embodies the good life and is inspired by the country lifestyle. Cottage-core is a trend that imitates the style of a picturesque rural cottage. Floral patterns, prints, chalk-painted surfaces, wood, and organic texture are used.

Kitchens with a lot of colours

Kitchens in a home will no longer look dull with monotonous neutrals, greens, and blues in 2022. Instead, there’s been a growing desire to bring a far broader colour range to this arena. As a result, in 2022, kitchens will become more lively and confident than ever before.

Colourful stoves, bright walls, vivid splashbacks, and accessories are in very high demand. Furthermore, interior designers use vibrant colours in alternate tones on kitchen cabinets. This gives the kitchen a contemporary and lively feel.

Experts suggest that by 2022, the employment of prints and patterns in the kitchen will be more widespread than ever. In the kitchen, 2022 will be the year of prints and patterns. It can take many different forms, ranging from retro to modern to flamboyant and chaotic. In 2022, more designers will experiment with images and practices in the kitchen than ever before.

Keep an eye on the future

In recent years, one of the primary focuses and trends has been sustainable living. The use of sustainable materials, reuse of household furniture, and responsible manufacturing of staples will get more focus in 2022.

With the attention to climate change and its negative consequences, consumers are more concerned than ever about sustainability. This has altered the way people shop for furniture and home goods. Millennials and Gen Z customers, in particular, prefer second-hand furniture and homeware to brand-new items.

These are the top interior design trends that will take off in 2022 or continue to grow in popularity starting in 2021. These ideas will help you get the most contemporary look for your home. That is why resorting to 3D works wonders too. When you ask for 3D designs and off-plans for your refurbishment, there is no way you are going to regret it.

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