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Jewellery Modelling – Latest Techniques 

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When it comes to designing and manufacturing, we all wish to make use of the most advanced techniques. Things become all the more detailed and intricate when it comes to jewellery. Having established a global presence now, the latest techniques such as CAD software and 3D jewellery modelling have allowed jewellery designers to create incredible and precise ornaments, that too in minutes. 

The connection between Technology and Jewellery designing

Whether it is realistic rendering or direct modelling, the latest techniques in jewellery modelling allow multiple innovations in the development of a design. Today’s women are smart, and they desire to wear innovative jewellery. They wish to buy jewellery that is unique in design and is smartly crafted. 

Technology has made this possible. There is a strong link between technology and jewellery designing. Today there are artists that help design innovative jewellery with the latest techniques. They create unique jewellery with new effects. This jewellery is both environment-friendly and safe to wear. Without innovation, everything is dull and old and the same applies to jewellery designing. This is the obvious reason why technology is used in jewellery designing these days.

We need to understand that there is a strong relationship between technology and jewellery design. Jewellery designers are shifting to technological advancement when it comes to designing smart ornaments. This can be explained as below:

  • Providing the right shape and size for ornaments

The shape and size of a ring are different from that of a neckpiece. Understanding the shape and size of an ornament is essential when innovation is to be introduced to jewellery design. The shapes of necklaces and their designs have been innovated in recent years, all thanks to technology. When innovation is desired in ornaments, it is important to include technology

There is a strong link between jewellery designing and technology. With the help of technology, it is possible to create amazing jewellery designs. Every jewellery is unique and technology helps craft the perfect shape and size for an ornament. Machinery exerts the amount required for crafting perfect necklaces or a gold ring. 

  • Understanding the properties of the material

Technological advancement always depends on the material used for creating jewellery pieces. The mechanical properties of gold are different from other general metals and thus, it is essential to understand what pressure needs to be exerted on gold to craft innovative designs. The stone may have its own properties and only innovative technology can help create amazing designs by understanding this difference.

  • New design opportunities for craftsmen

Most women are always on the lookout for modern jewellery. New technology develops new opportunities to create better ornaments. Machinery has invented new ways of designing ornaments. It helped create new mouldings, smart tools, and innovative techniques to implement style and modernization in jewellery design.

  • Ensuring durability products

When implementing technology to design ornaments, it is important to ensure how particular jewellery will be used. Machinery helps create ornaments that are durable enough to be used for many more years. 

Repairing A Diamond Ring

Why use technology in jewellery design?

When it comes to jewellery designs, everyone admires uniqueness. However, every individual is different and thus their choices may vary. Even when traditional jewellery design has been appreciated, it is still not compatible enough to create unique jewellery for every individual. When authenticity is demanded, it is essential to trust the advanced technological process. 

An ornament must catch the eye of everyone and this is only possible by crafting a piece that is technologically advanced. This is the obvious reason why 3D techniques have been implemented in jewellery design.

Advantages of technological jewellery modelling over traditional jewellery modelling:

Handicraft skills used for jewellery are now a traditional version of designing because they restrict the design of similar ornaments. The most recent ones are machine-based processes that help craft unique and modern ornaments designing.

Advanced jewellery design is a machine-based design process that is quite smart and accurate. These processes have been providing capabilities to create beautiful ornaments. Here are some of the advantages of technological jewellery making:

  1. Uniqueness—Hand-created ornaments have limitations, but technology opens up new opportunities for jewellery makers. With the use of technology and intelligent machines, it is possible to design smart jewellery for modern buyers.
  2. Fewer errors—Even when a jewellery maker has many years of experience, it is possible to make some small mistakes while designing jewellery. Still, when done by machinery, the possibility of errors is almost negligible.
  3. Better aesthetic results – When smart computer-aided design systems are used for jewelry design they help create artistic and modern designs for ornaments that are better in looks and comfortable in use.
  4. Better material—A craftsman tries to use the best possible product for jewellery at his hand. Still, the wearer is not sure what product has been used in the ornament, but when it is crafted with machines, only good physical products are certainly used for design.
  5. Speedy delivery – A jewellery maker can take hours, days, and weeks to design a single piece of ornament. On the other hand, smart machinery facilitates speed-up processes for jewellery making. They use rapid prototyping technology to create smart ornaments.

The advantages of technological processes make them common among jewellery makers and designers. They help craft beautiful ornaments and achieve accuracy and uniqueness in each piece. Such processes help bring successful innovation in jewellery designs. 

The connection between Technology and Jewelry designing

Technological innovation in Jewellery Modelling

Innovation is essential in every sector and the same applies to the jewellery sector. With the demand for uniqueness and modernization in ornaments, technological innovations become essential in this sector as well. The requirements are changing and thus adaptation of new technologies is becoming common among jewellers and jewellery makers.

In recent years, there have been various innovations that have been implemented in this sector. The use of machinery, 3D designing, and computer-aided design systems are common now. Some innovations used in the jewellery sector are:

When talking about innovation in jewellery design, ignoring 3D printing technology is impossible. 3D printing and its advantages have completely changed the processes of jewellery making.

By reducing the total time of the production process, it has helped bring uniqueness to jewellery design. It eliminates the probability of errors and thus reduces the costs involved in jewellery making. It also reduces labour costs and helps create ornaments with intricate details and innovation.

  • Electroforming

Electroforming helps create extremely durable jewellery. It is a process of joining two metal layers to create beautiful jewellery designs. It uses metal layers of organic material or a gemstone to create ornaments. It is widely used for designing earrings.

The smart process of electroforming helps envelope the jewellery piece to provide durability. It covers it automatically to create unique pieces of ornaments. One of the common processes of electroforming is covering hard material with a copper layer.

DaVinci diamond factory is an innovative process for diamond jewellery. It is a revolutionary technique that uses full-faceted laser technology for cutting and shaping a diamond. They use automated systems to provide an advanced cut for creating amazing diamond jewellery.

The technology uses smart laser Microjet technology to create brilliant cuts over a diamond to offer fancy shapes to a diamond. In a single round, the machine can cut almost 57 facets. Additionally, the technology can also offer facilities for shaping, polishing, and smoothing that are required after cutting a diamond.

This artificial intelligence is introduced to all types of jewellery-making processes. In several years, smart algorithms have helped create attractive and appealing jewellery pieces. Artificial intelligence helps enhance the appearance and movement of an ornament. AI is now used in all types of ornaments including metal necklaces, titanium chains, glass beads, or diamonds.  The ornament created by AI helps reflect the amazing beauty of that particular piece. The recent advancement of artificial intelligence has helped jewelers develop beautiful examples.

In 2016, a famous Paris-based jeweller scanned flower petals to create floral rings that reflected the beauty of natural flowers. The other example is of necklaces created by a jeweller that successfully depicted the movement of clouds.

Cable-making techniques are derived from the electrical cable industry. In this process, numerous wires are spun together in a helical manner to achieve a new design. This helps jewellery designers to introduce new designs to create chains and other necklaces.

There can be multiple metal wires spinning together to hold a pendant or a mix of gold wires to create a single ornament piece. Using this technique, white and yellow gold wires are spun together to create a new style of gold jewellery. This technique helps create necklaces that are unique and eye-catching.

Windswept jewellery is a famous jewellery brand that has implemented innovation in its jewellery designing processes. It is a jewellery innovation started by an Irish studio named Love & Robots. This company uses 3D printers to design jewellery with its brand name Windswept.

The smart jewellery designed by the company is known to represent the weather. They work on the creative concept of historical data of weather. When someone orders a jewellery piece from this company, it is compulsory to provide data on the location and date of the order. With the help of this data, they create jewellery that could represent the current weather of the place. The jewellery by Love and Robots is smart jewellery that can be remembered for a special day.

  • Metal and plastic matrixes

These are innovative techniques used to create affordable and lightweight ornaments. With this technique, it is possible to create basic plastic jewellery with a gold look. It carefully combines metals including 18-carat gold to result in an ornament that offers a look of pure gold.

The technique is helpful in creating jewellery that is for the general public. It ensures a luxurious look at affordable prices. One of the most important things about this technique is that it helps create durable and comfortable ornaments.

The innovative technologies help create wonderful ornaments, but perfect knowledge of the technology can help create wonders. Uniqueness in jewellery designing is essential and this can be ensured only when the right techniques are used for jewellery designs.

Jewellery designer

Some easy Tips for Jewellery Designers

There are certain restrictions for every kind of technology and the same applies to 3D technologies. Even though it helps create wonderful designs for jewellery, it has rules that must be followed by jewellery designers to create the best jewellery. 

  • Minimum size of small details

For a 3D printed ornament, it is important to adhere to the minimum size of small details. There are many decorative parts of a particular jewellery piece and thus one must ensure that they have a minimum size. This can include engraved and embossed text on jewellery.

The smallest feature must not be less than 0.4 mm in height and 0.35 mm in diameter. The longer feature of a design must not be more than 0.8 mm in diameter. This is essential else it could break in casting.

  • Hollow models

While creating hollow models with 3D technology, one must ensure that there are one to at least three holes in a design. The size of the hole must depend on the design of the model, but this must be at least 1.55 mm in size.

  • Grouped models

While designing jewellery with 3D technology, the designer must avoid using grouped models. When a 3D model is uploaded, only one object can be uploaded. It is impossible to upload multiple objects with a 3D file.

  • Minimum wall thickness

The technology also offers minimum wall thickness criteria for jewellery designing. While printing jewellery with 3D technology, the minimum wall thickness must be between 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm. This is applicable for most ornaments including silver, gold, brass, and bronze.

Wall thickness is referred to as the distance between the outer layer of the ornament and the inner surface of the ornament. It is important to restrict the wall thickness model of the 3D technology otherwise the model could not be printed successfully.

  • Maximum printing size

With 3D printing technology, there is a restriction of printing size. There is a set standard of maximum printing size for every printing material. For printing jewellery in silver, gold, brass, and bronze, the printing size is 88 x 88 x 125 mm. This makes it impossible to print bigger size ornaments.  For printing bigger pieces one can switch to other available material.

It is essential to ensure the above-mentioned restriction while creating silver, gold, bronze, and brass jewellery. This can ensure better and beautiful jewellery designing with innovative 3D technology.

Jewellery Modelling Software

There exists software that helps design wonderful jewellery. This CAD software provides enhanced 3D printing capabilities to craft neat and beautiful jewellery. Whether it is stone carving, gold ornaments, moldings, or metal pieces, this software helps create realistic wonders. There are a number of software that can be used by jewellery designers and some of these are:

  •  Adobe Illustrator 

This software provides a 2D line drawing for jewelry designing. This could be later converted into a 3D model for better illustrations.

  • Jewellery CAD Dream 

This software brings in the technology of LED DLP that could provide a projector for creating accurate and HD quality jewellery.

  • Sketchup 3D modelling design software 

This software offers presentation tools that help design even complex jewellery pieces.

  • WizeGem 

This software enables 3D technology to create personalized jewellery pieces. It is online software that allows real-time viewing.

  •  AutoCAD 

This is software that functions like a drafting application. It helps create blueprints of jewellery designs for creating beautiful 3D jewel pieces.

  •  RhinoGold 6 

This is CAD design software that helps design enhanced ornaments. It enables several components for editing and creating jewellery designs.

  • TinkerCAD 

This software brings in an interface for crafting wonderful jewellery designs. It helps print 3D visuals for neat designs. With this software, one can create even complex ornaments.

  •  LibraCAD 

This is open-source software that works on CAD and 2D technologies. It helps create quick and precise jewellery designs.


It is true that 3D technologies and computer-aided technological software have made it possible to create amazing designs in jewellery. Thanks to the advanced 3D technology that has made it possible to bring innovation in jewellery design. 

The advantages of 3D technologies have made it easy for the jewellery industry to adopt them. It is a revolutionary concept that totally changed the way jewellery is created. Technological advancements help create a whole new range of jewellery. It has helped create new designs for ornaments. 

To survive in the current world, it is important for every jewellery and jewellery designer to adapt to this technological advancement.

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