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Product Market Growth Matrix Insights: Tips for More Advanced Strategies

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Growth plans are important for any business that wants to continue doing well and grow. A tool that companies worldwide use to study and plan their growth strategies is the product market growth matrix, also called the Ansoff Matrix. In 1957, Igor Ansoff created this Matrix to help businesses figure out how their current and new goods and services relate to their current and new markets.

What does the product market growth matrix mean?

This grid-styled tool called the Ansoff Model helps marketers find ways to increase their businesses’ revenue by creating new goods and services or tapping into new markets. Hence, it’s sometimes called the product market growth matrix instead of the Ansoff Matrix.

Because it focuses on growth, the Ansoff Model is one of the most popular ways to sell. It helps businesses figure out how they can increase sales by showing them different ways to target new markets, such as by displaying various types of customers and places they can go, along with different goods and services.

Product Market Growth Matrix

Understanding the product market growth matrix!

People use the Matrix to compare how appealing it is to grow using both current goods and markets versus new ones, as well as the amount of risk that comes with each. Each box in the Matrix represents a different way to grow. These are them:

  • Getting Into the Market

This area has the least risk of the four. Product market growth matrix penetration means working with a product already on the market to gain a more significant share of that market. This means the company doesn’t have to enter new areas, so it has the least risk.

  • Creating New Products 

Putting a new product on the market is what product development means. Because there are different levels of variety, this is seen as a more significant risk. Since you’re offering a different product to the same people, you can lower your risk by making connected or similar goods or by making changes to a product that you already sell.

  • Growth of the Market

With this approach, a product that is already on the market is aimed at news areas. This approach is based on the idea that the current market has already been fully utilized, so you need to enter a new market to expand. This choice has less risk because the product already exists, and studies have been done on how to get people and keep them happy.

  • Diversification

This is the most dangerous of the four plans. When you diversify, you sell a new product to new areas. Diversification is the most dangerous choice because it requires moves in two quadrants. Diversification can be related to something else. Using linked diversity allows for the release of a product in a field that it already has extensive knowledge in.

Strategies for Building Markets

It will help you figure out what product market growth matrix plan will work best for you if you use the product market grid. However, influential leaders need to think about prices, risk, and the kind of customer or product they have. When you want to enter a new market, having a partner in production or marketing can help. Older businesses will be more willing to take risks than new ones, and in some industries, it can be hard to find a spot that still needs to be highly competitive. Read on to find out more:

  • Enter New Markets or Demographics – Study the product market growth matrix and your competitors to find any open markets or groups of customers that your services might be able to meet. Make user profiles of the new people you want to reach to learn more about their likes and dislikes and how they act.
  • Target Different Groups of Customers – Use your market study to find groups of customers who have yet to try your brand. Then, go after them. Make sure you change your user personas and marketing tactics to appeal to these new groups.
  • Go to a different part of the world – Spread your business around the world to help it grow. Look for open brand-building opportunities in foreign markets. If that’s not possible, move your business to new places in your own country.

The Right Way to Use an Product Market Growth Matrix

The Ansoff grid is an excellent way for companies that want to go beyond “business as usual” to look at and handle risk and plan for product market growth matrix possibilities. There are a few ways to use an Ansoff grid:

  • Plan Out Your Matrix

Now that you have the grid, you can fill it in with possible plans for each space. Each of these ideas should be a natural way to grow the business. As an example, you could write start a new loyalty program under the product market growth matrix ideas in your Ansoff grid.

  • Think About Your Choices

Now that you have the grid, you can fill it in with possible plans for each space. It seems to reason that any of these suggestions may help the company expand.

  • Check the Risk

After you’ve filled out your grid, consider the risks associated with each idea and region. Some tactics are riskier than others by nature, but the potential gains may compensate.

  • Outline What Could Happen

Once you know the risks, you can make plans to deal with and lessen them. Put the risks with the biggest likelihood and possible effect at the top of the list.

  • Pick your method

Now that you know the chances, risks, and backup plans, you can choose the best business approach.

Benefits of Using a Product Market Growth Matrix

What Are The Benefits?

When a plan or strategy is being looked at, this approach can help you group your behaviour into broad categories and come up with other options. Among the benefits of the product market growth matrix are the following:

  • A simple way to help people talk about their choices.
  • The whole company can use it or just one area, like Marketing.
  • It can help you organise your planned decisions and figure out how risky they are.
  • It’s quick and easy to understand.
  • Brings up the danger and makes sure it’s talked about.
  • It is driven by a growth attitude and is meant to assist companies in concentrating and growing.

A product market growth matrix is a strategy tool that helps product teams figure out what the services and products do well. It helps them understand what they could do better, what threats they face, and what possibilities they see. Businesses use this grid to figure out their target users and markets. Marketers use a product market grid to learn more about the product they are going to put on the market. It helps them figure out who their ideal customers are and who their rivals are.


When making a new product, it can’t hurt to use the Ansoff Matrix. It’s always a good idea to look at risks, and the Matrix’s simple, easy-to-read product market growth matrix makes that possible. By using the grid, you can compare the risks of each choice. You can come up with a backup plan for launching your new product, which will increase your chances of success.

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You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals