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Retail software explainer animation benefitting e-commerce

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ECommerce is growing at a very exponential rate. It has provided the convenience to the user to purchase the product from anywhere at any point in time. It has even enhanced the customer’s variety of products and services by overcoming geographical limitations. But this market is not without challenges. Customers in a physical market get to examine the product, and only after they fully get satisfied do they purchase it.


It is not easy to provide a complete description and attract the customer to a product with the help of two-dimensional images. The concept of explainer animated videos has been introduced to increase the eCommerce market’s efficacy. These videos help enhance the audience’s engagement with a website that ultimately helps to make buying decisions quickly.


What is the impact of these explainer videos on e-commerce?

Different research organizations operating in the industry have conducted different services to calculate the utility of these animated explainer videos. Different types of statistics have been obtained over time to prove the sufficiency and utility of these videos in developing the eCommerce market. The list of these services has been given in the following way:


  • It has already been held that all the websites that upload these animated videos engage the audience for an average of 2 minutes more than the standard time spent on the website.
  • Around 64% of consumers get attracted by a video and decide to buy the product.
  • Instead of reading the description and text of a product, around 65% of the audience wants the product’s concept to be delivered to them through videos.
  • Not only this, but also the confidence and authenticity of the product increases by around 53% after watching a video than by reading the testimonials.


All of the statistics mentioned above can prove that animated product videos are preferred for comprehending information in a better way. Almost every e-commerce website tries to develop these online e-commerce videos. It can incorporate the benefits of audio and visual effects that help the customer to relate to the product at a very psychological and emotional level. These videos have always helped promote a product and a service by boosting customers’ engagement and multiplying the product’s impression in their minds.


How can these explainer animation videos be used effectively?

The explainer’s animated videos can be used very effectively. It is helpful to provide a better-branded experience to the user. These videos can be included in the marketing strategy. They can be uploaded on the website’s homepage to promote the product. These videos help explain the product’s features and utility in a much more interactive way.


Some videos can also explain how the product has been developed. Not only this, but also it increases the user experience because the user gets confidence about the advantages of a product without even physically examining the same. It helps to give a Holistic view of the product in the form of three-dimensional views and augmented reality. It is helpful for the fulfillment of specific needs. It even helps to understand the personalized Expectations of every customer and deliver them the product suiting their requirements.


All this is essential to enhance the customer experience by leaving a compelling impression. These videos can be uploaded to the social media handles of the website for a better and broadened outreach. Prospective customers can be converted into actual customers with the help of these methods.



What are the benefits of these videos?

The different types of benefits which can be obtained with the help of these videos have been given in the following way.


Increasing the rate of conversion

One of the primary advantages of this eCommerce animation video is the conversion rate enhancement. Not only the traffic on the website increases with the help of these animation videos, but the amount of time spent by the customer on the website also increases. The customer gets attracted and fascinated by these videos and ultimately ends up with the product. Customers not interested in reading a product’s context get an idea about the product from the video itself.


Increasing the visibility

With the help of these videos, the visibility of a website on Google search results also increases. It replaces the role of Search Engine Optimisation. Most websites that upload these interactive videos have a better chance of appearing in standard search results, hence getting the customer’s attention. Videos have a better potential to become viral in the minimum amount of time. This is the most beneficial effect of these videos.


Increase revenue

These animated videos help to increase not only the conversion rate but also engagement on the website. A user spends more time watching the video on a website than reading the text, which is mainly ignored by the audience. In such a situation, most advertising agencies like to display the advertisement on your website, where the consumer spends more time.


It helps generate additional revenue for the website. This way, the company’s revenue can be boosted by almost every method without any significant investment. It can promise the maximum number of Returns in a brief period. In such a situation, the advantages increase for the company in the long run.



It can be ultimately concluded that all of the concepts that have been explained above are now being utilised by most of the companies. It has basically changed to be in which the marketing can be practiced. It is a useful method to increase the performance of a product and also manage the Dynamics of the product in a better way.


It is with the help of better performance that revenue can be generated by the company. It is a very smart method to increase the engagement of the website. These videos are very easy to create and are preferred by the animators. Most of the users find them very interesting and that is why they get attracted to them over the period of time.

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