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Significant Advantages of Modular Architecture

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Getting a building constructed is not just time-consuming, but also a costly affair. Inadequate planning, lack of funds, weather conditions, etc are some common factors that can cause delays and problems in the process. Often, long construction processes can also bring a bad name to a brand or company and bring it under negative perception. Fortunately, there is a way that can drastically decrease the time and effort put into the construction and it is – modular architecture.

What is Modular Architecture?

Before moving ahead with the advantages of modular architecture you must have a clear picture of its definition. According to the American Institute of Architects, Modular Architecture is a unique process wherein the structure and other components of a building are pre-fabricated at a different location, transported to the actual destination, and then assembled to form the building.

Moreover, The Modular Building Institute defines the term as the process in which the major components of a building are constructed off-site in “modules” under favourable conditions by using the same materials to fasten the overall construction procedure. This process of MA is innovative and is praised by all. The cost-effective and time-saving method is getting popular day by day.

History of Modular architecture

The modular architecture is often misunderstood to be a newly developed technique due to its suggestive name. However, this unique technology has existed for a thousand years. It is believed that this kind of architecture was first used by the Roman armies who constructed their forts in sections and later assembled them to the actual destination. Though the stories of modern architecture have prevailed for a long time, the first example of this technique was seen in the 1600s when a man shifted to America from England. Believing only in the English methods of architecture, this man ordered wooden panels to be constructed in England and later shipped those components to America for assembling.

In the middle of the 19th and 20th centuries post world war II, this self-sufficient architecture technique gained much importance, especially in America. There were around 200,000 prefabricated houses that were installed during this time in the United States that automatically lifted the popularity of this modular system architecture.

Significant Advantages of Modular Architecture

Anything that gains fame has reasons that prove its efficiency. With modular architecture, the clients get a lot of benefits that ease the process of fulfilling their long-lived dreams of owning a house or property.

Here are some of the remarkable features and benefits that come along:

  • Comparatively faster 

Construction of a property is generally considered a time-taking and hectic process. The house owners wait for a long time of several months or years to see their dream house finally turning into reality. Moreover, construction in the traditional process experiences a lot of delays due to climatic conditions of the place or unavailability of labour or funds, etc. The modular architecture is the solution to all these problems. With this unique technology, the construction process can be completed almost 30-50% quicker when compared to that of the traditional methods.

For instance, if you have ordered a two-story house, the interiors of both the floors of the house can be built simultaneously and on the other hand, the foundation of the house can be laid. All these processes will speed up the whole procedure and will give you quick results.

  • Saves your hard-earned money

When building a house through the traditional methods you might need a hefty amount invested solely for this purpose, so that you don’t have to face a financial crisis in the middle. However, with the vast scope of modular architecture in the construction sector, you can save a lot while building your own house.

Modular architecture demands low costs as opposed to all construction methods because here the process needs much less time compared to the traditional techniques which in turn requires less manpower. Apart from the reduced manpower costs, clients are offered a lot of payment options according to their suitability. A major benefit that comes along is that architects generally include their designing charges along with the construction costs so that the customers do not feel burdened. After all, what can be better than a house that works as an investment tool?

  • Off-site construction

A major factor why the concept of MA is gaining popularity every day is because of its off-site construction process. Apart from speeding the process and creating good quality products, this feature reduces any kind of disturbances caused on the site. When you order for the construction of a house to your modular architect, he plans and designs the layout of your property. After this, his team starts constructing the different components of the house separately. In the end, all the scattered panels and components of the house are transported and assembled to make the final product. This technology constructs your house in modules which has a lot of significant benefits.

  •  Causes minimal disturbance

Contrary to the traditional construction methods that create chaos in and around the site, modular architecture carries around 80% of its procedures away from the actual site. This very factor helps those clients who own an ongoing business, school, or college and want their property to be extended. With such technology, clients can rest assured that their ongoing business would not be disrupted by the new construction process.

  • Highly flexible

As the panels of the modular building are built and attached separately, they are highly flexible and can be changed anytime, whether you wish to change the settings of your house or want to replace a damaged part. For instance, if you want to increase the space of your backyard, playroom, or kitchen you can just get it extended easily if you have used modular architecture. Moreover, the individual modules of the building are easy to transport if in the future you want to shift your resident city. Having flexible elements in your house can be very helpful and will save a lot of pennies at the time of renovation.

  • Desirable designs

People often wonder that a product that has a lot of benefits and is a time-saver would generally not be available in too many options. However, this is not the case in Modular architecture, here you get several attractive designs and desirable options to select and fill emotions into your dream house. Apart from the several colors, textures, and materials to be used in the construction, modular construction provides the feature of customizing your house according to your suitability. This means you can design your school, office, or home concerning the site area and your estimated budget.

  • Gives a competitive edge to your business

If you own a business, you might be aware of the fact that customers make their perception about your company right before they enter your office. Your company’s buildings, exterior, and interiors can create a good or bad impression on your client’s mind which can, later on, affect your business. Therefore, it’s necessary that your offices are attractive both from inside and outside.

However, renovating or extending your offices can take a lot of time, money, and effort that can hamper the business. To your rescue, modular constructions offer everything you might need in a construction technique. Moreover, the stylish and new designs offered under this method, will give your company’s building an edge over your competitors and attract more clients than ever.

  • High-quality production

We know that when a task is carried out separately in favorable conditions without much disturbance, it comes out the best. This is the same case with the components of your house. With MA, the team of architects carefully constructs each element of your house, taking care of the temperature and moisture suitable to the materials being used. Moreover, high-quality products and durable products are formed as they get their required conditions and are kept safe from rains or snowfall.

  • Sustainable materials used

In today’s world, it is highly important to promote environmental safety and implement it into our lives as well. Modular architecture has come up with the most amazing eco-friendly construction materials. The use of recycled products and sustainable materials to build up your house and construct the furnishings will make sure you have made your contribution to the environment.

In addition, construction works traditionally tend to waste a lot of materials which drastically reduces when the components of the building are made in indoor conditions. Therefore, this technique takes care of us as well as our surroundings’ requirements.

  • Undoubtful durability

With growing technology, modular architecture has made improvements. While you may look for your favorite colors and textures, you mustn’t compromise the durability of your house. This technology uses the best materials to build your house which makes it strong, durable, and long-lasting. Some of the popular construction materials used are:

  • Steel
    It is considered the best constructive material that is widely being used these days. Its insulating properties keep your house protected from extreme weather conditions, fire, and rain. Its highly malleable which means any type of design can be created using this material and its high durability is known by all.
  • Wood
    One of the most extensively used materials which give a modern and charming look to the house. Wood is easy to work with and thus it fastens the process of construction, while it’s high insulation properties save the house from fire.
  • Concrete
    The most popular product in the field of construction is concrete, which is well known for its best waterproofing ability. It can be customized very easily and also makes your house energy-efficient.

7 Examples of Modular Architecture around the world

Are you still doubtful about the fancy benefits offered by MA? Well, you need to have a look at these stunning buildings created through modular construction:

A unique and classic example of how modular architecture saves space, money, and time.

A building that was the need of the hour during the covid pandemic. This building was made out of steel containers in a very short time of 10 days.

This school is made in a triangular shape, is highly durable and stable on the water, and was initially built to evict people from heavy floods.

A fabulous example of modern architecture built-in modules, this terminal is constructed with curved panels instead of cubical ones

  • The Modular Farmhouse, Austria 

Apart from the examples of modern buildings, this modular farmhouse is built by using modular triangular volumes for the ease of agriculture.

This big project of 650 social apartments was constructed through the fabulous MA technique and as a result, was finished much before its estimated time. Therefore, the apartments were very affordable.

  • Alibaba Offices, China

Alibaba Offices in Shanghai is built by an MA technique and your offices must be a masterpiece in the field of construction.

Things to be kept in mind

Now that you have decided to opt for a modular construction technique, you must keep a few points in mind to avail the best worth for your money.

  • Do your homework

It is a tendency that people hire a professional and leave everything for them to handle. But, how will your designer understand what are your expectations if you keep yourself away from the project? Therefore, you should begin with the research process much before you hire an architect. Learning about your desired location, its climate, soil, and other important features will assure you don’t face any problems in the future either personally or legally. Also, learning about modular architecture, its features, benefits, and limitations will give you a clear idea of what you want and which architect you should hire.

  • Look out for the best designer

Now that you have done enough research about how you want your buildings to be, it’s time to look for the artist. For this step, you should not rush for one single company, but take quotations from different organizations, especially if you have a large project to offer. Do enough surveys, look for the companies’ ratings and reviews, and do consult your well-wishers before you make your decision, after all, you are choosing the designer that is going to transform your dreams into reality, soon.

  • Estimate your budget

Never start a project without fixing your budget, it can result in a blunder! Because if you do so you might not know the amount of money you have spent at first and may experience a financial crunch at the end. Designing your budget will help you with the further planning of the construction, including what materials to choose and how much labour to be hired. Moreover, it will help your architect to plan their work accordingly and create the best products in order to fulfil your requirements.

  • Analyse your requirements

If you are building a school, hospital, or office for your business, you should first note down all the details and specifications you would require from the buildings. If you wish to have a garden, playroom, music room or canteen with extra features you will have to say all of that to your designer at the first. Although modular architecture has high flexibility for better space management they ask for all these details at the earliest.

  • Safety first

While you get mesmerized by the fancy designs offered by your architect, do not forget to take care of safety and security in your buildings. Choose the right materials that can provide good insulation and waterproofing of the building so that it is not affected by fire, heavy rains, or bad weather conditions. Moreover, select a constructive material that’s durable and can be customized easily so that you can get the desired texture you want. Ask your designer to take care of the roofing, plumbing, and fixing of the joints for extra safety, while the final assembling of your house is taking place. Also, make sure your architect has chosen the right transport medium to bring back the modules of your house safely.


Architecture is the sector that has experienced the least developments when compared to other sectors. However, the entry of modular architecture in the construction field has changed the whole scenario. It has become very popular in the states of America wherein modular construction is considered more of an environment-friendly technique than a modern architecture method. This is because modular architecture, technology reduces air and noise pollution, manages the waste in the best way, and cause the least disruption to the surroundings. However, despite the amazing features some countries are still not ready to accept this construction method against their traditional techniques.

Well, nothing can be declared right or wrong because it’s the people’s perspective that makes them decide what to do, but modular architecture has much more benefits than anyone could have ever expected from a construction technology. And if you are worried about how some factory-made segments can assemble to become your long-term home, don’t be because this 1000-year legacy is super strong and reliable and it is here to stay.

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