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The Best 3D Model Libraries Online

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These websites have many high-quality, low and mid-poly 3D models for sale. The best free 3D model libraries online may be found here. We can help you with quality 3D models for cinematography projects, cinema, animation, construction, gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and other real-time applications.



Hum3D claims to have the world’s most incredible collection of automobile, electrical, and weapon models, with over 1500 assets in total and 700 vehicle manufacturers to choose from.

It includes a range of file types, such as OBJ, MAX, C4D, and 3DS, and several car plans for users to experiment with. Even a Batman mask is available. Users can also find handy clipart images to work with on Photoshop if they wish to order ready-made images of their purchased models.



Sketchfab has long been a popular site for anyone trying to publish or find 3D models online, but they’ve recently launched an online store for creators looking to make money. It has nicknamed the shop the “Getty Images of 3D content” following a successful open test.

If that wasn’t enough, the store also features a unique ‘Model Inspector,’ a powerful browser-based 3D player that allows you to analyze every detail of a 3D model library online in real time. Customers will no longer have to guess when purchasing 3D digital files online, and creators can show off their models. Without the need for significant presentation material.



Thingiverse is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and well-known databases. It is backed by a vibrant maker community and only provides free STL files. To get a 3D model from their site, you don’t even need to create an account. The database can sometimes appear less organized than sites like Pinshape and Cults, which have a cleaner and simpler design.

CG Trader

CGTrader Website

CGTrader is the most significant creative resource for CG graphics, VR, AR, and gaming and is a central digital art library. CGTrader sells thousands of 3D assets, ranging from professional high-resolution models to low-poly 3D models.

This application has just under 40,000 low-poly models in various categories, whether you require 3D models for virtual reality, augmented reality, or computer gaming projects. The models can be filtered by format, polycount, animated, rig, or discount. There’s even a collection of low-poly 3D models available for free.

CGTrader offers thousands of professional high-quality 3D models in addition to low-poly ones. Aircraft, architects, exteriors, interiors, character, vehicles, industrial, textures, and much more are among the categories. The ready-to-use models are ideal for CG projects, animation, visualization, gaming, and virtual reality.



In graphic design, gaming, and animation, creating 3D models is still one of the most time-consuming procedures. Instead of wasting time creating original 3D models, visit TurboSquid to find high-quality models.

According to TurboSquid, its customers save an average of 27 hours every purchase, allowing artists to spend more time producing 3D models personalized to their creative styles and projects rather than building models from the ground up.

At TurboSquid, you may browse a variety of categories and hundreds of 3D models used by game developers, advertisers, architects, and other creative people worldwide.

Adobe Stock

adobe stock

It is a collection of images created by Adobe. You can use Adobe Stock’s 3D elements to jumpstart your creations. For Creative Cloud customers, Adobe Stock offers a variety of 3D models, lighting, and materials that may be customized using Project Felix and Photoshop CC, as well as millions of pictures and themes.

To obtain the exact perspective adapted to your creative ideas, adjust the lighting and materials of the 3D components. For us non-experts, Adobe Stock even has basic Adobe Stock and Felix tutorials.



Digimation is a world-leading archive for high-quality 3D models, with over 16,000 3D assets spanning a wide range of topics. The categories are digitized cars, human anatomy, architectural landmarks, 3D geography, and more.

The archive includes 16,500 high-resolution models in OBJ format, which is compatible with a wide range of modeling, animation, and composition software. For individuals looking to produce realistic 3D art, Digimation also offers an additional 1,200 fully textured, high-resolution models in 3DS format with the purchase of the Model Bank Library.

3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse

The 3D Warehouse screams ‘geometrical’ at you. 3D Warehouse has everything generated with the popular 3D modeling software SketchUp, whether it’s architecture, product design, or scale models. Fortunately, you can use their sophisticated search option to filter their database for 3D printable models by selecting ‘Only Show Printable Models.’ Thanks to connecting with the 3DPrintCloud, all additional models can be made printable.



3docean, a subset of the Envato Market community, with around 50,000 3D textures and models available for as little as $2. Envato Market now has around nine million members and more than two million items for sale across its whole marketplace.

Architecture, animals, automobiles, nature, electronics, fantasy, and fiction are among the categories in its 3D archive. Price, popularity, polygons, and file format can all refine the models further.

Gelato Visual Effects, a boutique VFX business in Manchester, has just created an online 3D scanning store. This will help everyone in the VFX industry. The studio’s new 3D scanning store responds to mounting pressure to generate photorealistic photographs.

3D scanning is helpful for digitizing performers (to safeguard them from dangerous stunts) or to materialize lead characters in video games. However, it is currently broadening its scope. Fabrics, fruits, veggies, and different varieties of bread are presently available in the store for use in your creations. Moreover, the selection is growing.

3D Cults


Cults provides its users with the ideal 3D models, ranging from maker-inspired 3D files to high-quality professional designs. Cults examine each 3D design for printability before categorizing it into categories like fashion, art, jewelry, home, architecture, or electronics. Browsing their website is a lot of fun thanks to the combination of a modern visual interface. Moreover, there is a well-organized database, and an emphasis on clever, helpful, and beautiful designs. While many models are available for free, you need to pay a very minimum price for the others.


GrabCAD website

GrabCAD isn’t like the other databases we’ve seen so far. To begin, GrabCad exclusively offers technical, engineering, and scale models. Second, it allows you to filter its database by the 3D modeling software used to produce the designs. Anyone looking for more than 27,000 technical 3D assets should go there. Please keep in mind that this website is not compatible when it comes to 3D printing.


It is important to refer to 3D models libraries online when you want to explore the best applications to learn more about the process. The list above consists of names of some of the most advanced online 3D model libraries that offer all features that you have been looking for. Simply, check out the descriptions given above, and save yourself some precious time! 

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