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Use These Easy Ways to Modify the Exterior Design of Your House

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You are concerned about the condition of your residence. You’re proud of how it looks and like showing it off to your family and friends. But, on the other hand, your home’s exterior design necessitates a little extra attention. This is especially true in the suburbs, where house value is primarily determined by how well it merges into the surrounding area.

Your home’s exterior design will make a first impression on both neighbours and potential purchasers if you decide to sell. Therefore, one of the best expenditures you can make is to improve the exterior of your property.

So you have the option of blending in or standing out. Today, we’ll look at some of your home’s best exterior design makeover ideas.

red roof exterior house renovation

Get started on your roof

As the sun sets, you’re strolling down your street. You enjoy looking up and admiring your neighbours’ architecture and gardening.

First, you come upon that one abandoned house that you always associate with squalor. The yard is overgrown, and the door is virtually off its hinges. Its windows are boarded outside, and the roof is the worst part. Its tiles are fluttering away at the slightest breeze. It’s simply ugly.

But as soon as you walk a little further and view your next-door neighbour’s beautiful landscape, you forget about it. As the sun sets lower in the sky, everything takes on a golden hue, highlighting the pinnacle of everyone’s home. And that stunning roof can’t help but make you drop your jaw.

Is it time to replace your roof? It’s not just about the aesthetics. Old roofs may wreak havoc on a home’s foundation. Do you like a contemporary look for your home’s exterior design? If that’s the case, architectural roof shingles are a great option. They’re more multifaceted and one-of-a-kind than the typical asphalt ones. These are also a terrific alternative if you want your home to feel cool on the inside.

exterior house brick texture

Include texture

Are you passionate about your home’s interior design and decor? If you’re a fan of interior design, you’re well aware of the significance of texture.

There’s a lot of it in your comfy bed. You have blankets, quilts, and toss pillows for a meticulously constructed aesthetic. There’s a woven quilt and a velvet throw pillow on your bed. Cotton and wool are both available. Every time you have a houseguest, you remember how people swoon over your bed because of all the texture.

Do you have any plants, either outside or inside? Consider your living room as a greenhouse or your front porch as a lush garden. Greens, reds, and oranges come in various heights and textures. Likewise, your planters come in multiple styles, textures, and patterns.

Why do they appear to be so good? It’s due to the texture. Also, don’t scrimp on consistency when it comes to the exterior of your home. A natural stone accent wall could improve the appearance of your home’s exterior. A brick veneer skirt might be added to make it more appealing. If neither of those options appeals to you, consider a cedar shingle accent on a piece of your home’s façade.

exterior house landscaping design

Include colourful landscaping

Landscaping is one of the most enjoyable methods to improve the appearance of your home. Shrubs, plants, flowers, and trees all have a variety of functions. If you plant high enough vegetation, they can provide privacy. They also add a splash of colour and interest. It’s also a terrific opportunity to broaden your horizons by taking up a new pastime.

exterior house large windows

Improvement to larger windows

Nothing beats driving into a new area and seeing a tall house with large windows. Unfortunately, those houses aren’t always as tall as you might expect. Larger windows increase the value of your home, but they also provide the impression of more height and space. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

driveway for house exterior renovation

Use your creativity to design your driveway

Most of the time, you consider your driveway only a valuable part of your property. You aren’t even aware of its presence. It is a sanctuary after a long day’s work. You approach it and exhale a sigh of relief because you are at home. 

So why should boring asphalt get in the way? We guarantee you’ll be even happier to be home if you have an improved driveway. Your entrance is generally the first aspect that your visitors will notice. It’s your initial encounter with your living area and theirs. So use your imagination! You can use bricks or imprinted concrete pavers for a unique look.

house entryway design

Improving your entrance

Your home’s entry is comparable to your driveway in that both are important for curb appeal. They’re also among the first things you and others see when they walk onto your home. Your walkway and entryway are the two most essential components of your entire entrance.

An ornate paver path can be laid for a stunning promenade. Consider placing comfortable seating spaces along your path. Lighting is also a valuable and attractive element. In terms of your entryway, you might want to consider expanding it. This is appropriate for practically any type of home. You might extend your steps or add additional panels to your front door to make it bigger. Another fantastic option is a Colonial-style tower.

Residential Home in Southern California at Twilight

Improve the style of your exterior lighting

The weather is turning cold. Don’t be alarmed if this sounds intimidating to you if you favour summer pleasure. When the days become shorter, you get that dismal, dark feeling. We’ve found a solution.

Install external lighting that is both warm and spectacular. Choose a variety of sconces to complement your home’s colours while also promoting safety as you approach your front entrance in the dark.


You have a lot to think about. Maybe you’re looking for some outdoor painting ideas or a completely new landscape. X03D is here to work with you and bring your idea to life in every case with the best 3D representation of your refurbishment ideas. Such representation will help you decide if your work is on the right track.

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You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals