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Video Advertising is Effective: Must-Have Marketing Tool in 2023

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Video advertising is effective and a valuable tool in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. The adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has been superseded by a new truth: ‘a video is worth a million views’. At XO3D, we’re often asked, “Why is video advertising so effective?” and our response invariably centres on the powerful impact of visual storytelling.


Video advertising leverages the compelling nature of moving visuals and sound to create an immersive experience for the viewer. It’s not just about selling a product or service; it’s about telling a story, eliciting emotions, and forging a connection with your audience. This ability to engage and connect on a deeper level is why video advertising has emerged as one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketer’s arsenal. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind the effectiveness of video advertising, backed by statistics and industry insights.


The Dominance of Video Content

First, let’s take a quick look at some statistics. According to a report by HubSpot, over 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands or businesses they support. Furthermore, it’s projected that by 2023, videos will make up 82% of all internet traffic. This growth in video consumption is not surprising when we consider how well it aligns with our natural human preference for visual content.


Video Grabs Attention

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. This means that videos, which are essentially a series of rapidly changing images, are an incredibly efficient way to communicate a message. In a digital world where attention spans are shrinking, video advertising has the power to cut through the noise and engage viewers immediately.


Video Boosts Comprehension and Recall

Research suggests that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. This high rate of retention makes digital video advertising an effective and potent tool for marketers seeking to make a lasting impact on their audience.


Video Advertising Drives Action

Effective advertising is not just about capturing attention; it’s also about inspiring action. Here, too, video adverts demonstrates its power. As digital marketers or as online entrepreneurs, it is important to always stay on top of video advertising trends and which ones can inspire your audiences to engage and buy from you.


Video Encourages Social Shares

Social media and video are a match made in digital heaven. Users are more likely to share video content than other types of content. This propensity to share increases the reach of your video ad and consequently drives more traffic to your site. Video advertising campaigns are a great way to leverage the power of video and the incredible reach of social media.


Video Improves Conversion Rates

According to a study by Wyzowl, 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. By providing a dynamic and engaging experience, video can turn prospects into customers more effectively than other forms of advertising.


Video Builds Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of conversions and sales. Video has the unique ability to create a personal, human connection with viewers, fostering trust and credibility.


Video Showcases Products in Action

Unlike static images or text, video allows you to demonstrate your product or service in action. This helps build consumer confidence and can alleviate any potential doubts or reservations.

Video Allows for Storytelling

Video advertising is effective because it gives brands the opportunity to tell their story in a compelling and emotive way. By creating an emotional connection with viewers, brands can cultivate loyalty and encourage long-term relationships.

The Future of Video Advertising

With the growing dominance of video in the digital marketing landscape, the future of video advertising is looking brighter than ever. But what does this future hold?

Immersive Video Experiences with 3D and VR

3D and virtual reality (VR) technologies are set to take video advertising to a new level. These technologies offer immersive experiences, allowing viewers to fully engage with the advertised product or service. At XO3D, we are at the forefront of creating these transformative video experiences and producing creative 3D animated video solutions.

Personalised Video Content

With advancements in data analytics and AI, personalised video content is becoming a reality. This means creating video ads tailored to individual viewer’s preferences and behaviours, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates.

Increased Use of Video in SEO

As search engines continue to evolve, they’re becoming better at understanding and indexing video content. This means that incorporating video into your SEO strategy can help improve your website’s visibility and ranking.

As we move forward, it’s clear that video advertising is effective and will continue to shape the digital marketing landscape. To stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to understand these trends and incorporate them into your marketing strategy.


There’s no denying the fact that video advertising is effective. It grabs attention, boosts comprehension and recall, drives action, and builds trust. As digital marketers and tech business owners, harnessing the power of video advertising is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity.

At XO3D, we can help you create captivating and effective video advertisements that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand. Let’s leverage the power of video advertising together and propel your brand into the future.

It’s Time to Embrace Video Advertising

If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace video advertising in your digital marketing strategy. As the statistics and benefits outlined above indicate, video advertising is effective and isn’t just an emerging trend— it’s a proven technique to engage your audience, communicate your message, and drive business growth.

Partner with Experts

Creating effective video advertisements requires expertise and an understanding of both the technical and creative aspects. It’s not just about having high-quality visuals; it’s about weaving a compelling story that aligns with your brand values and resonates with your target audience. This is where partnering with an expert 3D visualisation agency like XO3D comes into play.

Final Thoughts

In the digital marketing world, the shift towards video advertising is not just a passing phase—it’s the future. With its ability to capture attention, convey complex information easily, and create an emotional connection, video advertising is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. It’s effective, it’s here, and it’s time to use it to your advantage.


Partner with us and let us help you harness the power of video advertising to elevate your brand to new heights.


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