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Portable Coffee Machine

Coffee wherever you want, whenever you want. This is what Caffe2go offers with their newest product Presso XI Portable Coffee Machine.

Caffe2go was born when owner Alec found himself on a beach in France wanting espresso but there was no coffee machine in sight. He thought a coffee maker must be developed that is so compact that it can easily be carried in the bag and can make nice hot coffee.

And the Presso XI was developed from there. The first fully mobile coffee maker with which you can actually make great coffee, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Here you’ll see the images and animations we created to help make their product launch as impactful and successful as possible.




Caffe2go Front View Grey Card Before Image 1 Caffe2go Front View After Image 1

The Presso XI

Whether you are going to travel, camping or on a road trip, the Presso XI will always provide you with a delicious hot cup of coffee.

Shown here is a close up view of the machine’s heating plate and temperature sensors, which are what allows you to make coffee without an external heat source.

Our team took great care in ensuring the images accurately communicate the material and finishes of the product in real life as Caffe2go opens their website for pre-orders of the Presso XI.

Caffe2go Portable Coffee Machine Dual View Product CGI

Enjoy Coffee

Thanks to a compact design and the use of a battery, you can always easily take the Presso XI with you.

We were also tasked to update the client’s 3D assets and ensuring that the 3D models are perfect from the get-go is a necessary aspect of producing the best possible results.

Visit the Caffe2go website to see our images in action.

The customer service of XO3D is beyond incredible! They respond really quick and delivered good results for a good price within only 2 weeks! Would highly recommend and will for sure work with them again!

Alec, Founder, Caffe2go

Caffe2go Lid Open

We were approached by Caffe2go to help them with their marketing images and animations for their website. The client was able to provide us with their initial model which we developed and textured before bringing into our various 3D environments. We were also asked to animate elements of the model showing the unique method in which the cable charged the product.

By creating a series of short clips and animations, we were able to show the versatility and range of functions of the device, turning a complicated process into a compact visual lesson. The client also used the still imagery to show off their unique and industry-leading design.


Take a closer look.

Caffe2go came to us with a complicated process that they were looking to simplify for their customers. In particular, the complexity came from whether you are looking to use a coffee pod or coffee grounds. They knew they wanted to show how to change between the two but were unsure how to do it. There were a lot of back and forth but we finished with a fantastic animation and series of images that both we and the client were proud to show.


Caffe2go Front View After Image-1
Caffe2go Lid Closeup
Caffe2go Cup

From our years of working with a wide range of clients, XO3D have managed to increase client conversions through our high-end imagery and interactive content. By using our experience with Alec and Caffe2go, we have been able to do the same thing for them. Like all our clients, we will monitor the marketing and sales in order to constantly improve our services.



XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilised by Caffe2go.

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