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Organic Reeds

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D’Addario, our return client and a world-renowned brand, came back to work with us for their Organic Reeds product catalogue, following a wonderful experience with their guitar straps project in partnership with their London office. This time, we worked with their New York team through a personal recommendation from Tracy Turnbull, the head of their London office.

We appreciate both the recommendation and the opportunity to work with D’Addario again.

This case study highlights the scope of work we did for them and a peek into our process behind the scenes.



Daddario - 1 Static- Full Family Shot (6 Skus) Transparent
Daddario Organic Reeds - Creative Stills - green
Daddario Organic Reeds - Creative Stills - orange
Daddario Organic Reeds - Creative Stills - purple
Daddario Organic Reeds - Creative Stills - blue
Daddario Organic Reeds - Creative Stills - brown
Daddario - 1 Static - Reserve Reeds - Pastel Yellow


The versatile utility of 3D technology has been a staple in numerous D’Addario projects, offering them a wide range of applications and use cases. Their return is not only an affirmation of their trust in our work but also an opportunity we deeply value.

Our responsibility was to generate hundreds of product images for their complete catalogue featuring a new product, the world’s first certified Organic Reeds. While this task presented substantial challenges and was far from straightforward, it served as a pivotal element in refining our processes and workflows. Our goal was to ensure timely delivery, while simultaneously minimising the workload on our team, and this task proved instrumental in achieving this objective.


Certain distinctive aspects of the animation project would have been unattainable without the use of CGI and special effects. CGI facilitated us to incorporate dynamic labels that flew in from off-screen and animated text that seamlessly integrated onto various elements. Furthermore, it allowed us to create a zero-gravity environment, depict floating components, and manifest ideas directly from our team’s creative imagination, all of which would have been impossible to achieve without the aid of CGI.

Here’s what D’Addario had to say about us the first time we worked together:

The team at XO3D were a pleasure to work with on one of our big product launches. They rendered, batched, and saved out literally thousands of images for us. Every single one of these images came out perfect! They also did some 3D animation with us and were very accommodating to any feedback + timeline adjustments. My team will certainly work with XO3D again!"

Daddario - 1 Static - Clarinet Shot (1 Sku - Packaging + Reed + Holder)
Daddario - 1 Static - Saxophone Shot (1 Sku - Packaging + Reed + Holder)
Daddario - 1 Static - Select Jazz Reeds sliding into holder

Addressing Challenges and Implementing Solutions

One of the substantial challenges we faced was the sheer number of products involved. The packaging came in different sizes and colors, and the reeds were available in different strengths and for multiple types of woodwind instruments – amounting to hundreds of unique variations. Each product demanded careful attention and considerable time in Photoshop. To simplify and expedite this process, we developed a system to quickly create these variations.

After experimenting and refining our approach, we successfully produced all the required images without overwhelming our team.

Another issue arose from changes in the reeds’ textures. Every reed required careful modifications and adaptations, which was a complex and time-consuming process. Despite the difficulty, our team successfully tackled this task. The experience not only solved the immediate issue but also equipped us for future projects, including creating animations and marketing materials for the same product. These materials are now frequently utilised by D’Addario on their social media channels and website.


We efficiently handled an array of products with hundreds of variations in a timely manner using our expertise in CGI and 3D technology.

We successfully navigated the intricate task of modifying the changing textures of the reeds, showcasing our team’s resilience and problem-solving skills.

With CGI, we brought D’Addario’s creative ideas to life. This included creating dynamic animations, simulating a zero-gravity environment, and introducing floating components.

The content we created is now prominently featured on D’Addario’s social media and website, improving their online visibility.

Our innovative approach not only met D’Addario’s immediate needs but also established a solid base for future collaborations.

D'addario Website Product View
D'addario Website Product Catalogue View


XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilised by D’Addario Organic Reeds.

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