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Dingle Dangle Baby

3-in-1 Sensory Play Set

The Dingle Dangle is a unique and innovative sensory play set that has won numerous awards for its ingenious functionality. It serves a three-fold purpose that includes being a diaper change helper, travel mobile, and rattle, making it a versatile accessory for parents to have for their babies.

The creators of this remarkable product, Mark and Stu, approached us to help them bring their vision to life by creating 3D rendered high-quality images of their revolutionary design. These images will give potential customers a clear and detailed look at the Dingle Dangle and its features, ensuring they make an informed purchasing decision.

We were thrilled to work with Mark and Stu on this exciting project and take pride in being part of the process to introduce the Dingle Dangle to the world. Our team used advanced 3D rendering technology and techniques to create stunning images that accurately represent the quality and ingenuity of the Dingle Dangle.






The Origin: A Wriggly Baby. An Airport Bathroom. Keys in the Toilet Bowl. A Nappy Changing Nightmare.


The creation, testing, and production of the Dingle Dangle took more than SIX long years from the initial concepts to the production line. The Dingle Dangle’s final layout and functionality were finished by Mark and Stu in 2021. From Mark’s original concept, the Dingle Dangle has gradually developed into a cutting-edge, multipurpose engagement and distraction tool for infants between the ages of three and eighteen months.

Parents are given the vital 30 seconds they need to divert their infant and complete their task thanks to the stimulating colors, quiet sounds, and gentle swaying motion. It makes diaper change, which may be a stressful daily chore, enjoyable for both parents and children.


Since its launch in January 2022, the Dingle Dangle has been acknowledged as a revolutionary sensory gadget in the UK baby and nursery industry.

The Dingle Dangle has received a “Highly Commended” award from the British Baby Product Association in addition to the esteemed 2022 Made for Mums “Editor’s Choice” Award.

The Dingle Dangle has become a sensation among parents and the media alike thanks to its incredibly creative design, sensory features, and general utility for parents.

Dingle Dangle Baby Octopus on head-Product Rendering
Dingle Dangle Puffer Fish-CGI
Dingle Dangle Octopus-3D Rendering

Dingle Dangle has enjoyed great success here in the UK and now they are getting ready to grow their business internationally.

Recently, Mark and Stu launched their IndieGogo campaign to introduce the Dingle Dangle baby product in the United States!

You can check the Dingle Dangle website for updates or visit their campaign page to show your support.


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