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Glen Dimplex is at the forefront of revolutionising product visualisation in the home appliance industry. In this ambitious project, our team was tasked with creating an extensive collection of 650 computer-generated imagery (CGI) for Stoves UK, a renowned brand in Glen Dimplex’s portfolio. This project was not just about quantity; it demanded meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality.

This case study takes you through the intricate process of bringing this project to fruition, the challenges faced, and the innovative solutions implemented to create a benchmark in product rendering for the home appliance sector.







This project involves the creation of 650 CGI images, showcasing 42 unique range cooker products. These images are required to adhere to high-resolution standards, emphasising realistic lighting, shadows, and reflections to highlight key design features and functionalities. Each product should be portrayed from various angles, exhibiting multiple colour options and finishes. Consistency in style, lighting, and background is crucial across all images.

Anthracite_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Black_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Chilli_Red_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Classic_Cream_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Country_Blue_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT.png Icy_White_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Kingfisher_Teal_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Anthracite_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Mojito_Mint_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Porcini_Mushroom_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT Thunder_Blue_Richmond_df_dx_900_FRONT


Glen Dimplex’s decision to collaborate with XO3D for CGI imagery arises from a desire for superior visual representation. Unhappy with the results from a previous provider, the company opted for XO3D’s expertise to enhance the quality and precision of their product images. Known for producing high-resolution CGI with realistic lighting and meticulous attention to design details, XO3D’s commitment to customisation aligned seamlessly with the manufacturer’s vision. The company acknowledged XO3D’s capability to offer a fresh, consistent, and visually appealing outlook for their range cookers, ensuring that the CGI representations effectively convey the product’s features and aesthetics to prospective customers.

Glen Dimplex Stove Cooker Renders - Mint and Midnight Blue
Glen Dimplex Stove Cooker Renders Split Screen - Red and Cream
Glen Dimplex Stove Cooker Renders - Porcini Mushroom and Thunder Blue


In the context of this project, CGI presented itself as the ideal solution for a company without physical prototypes, offering a flexible and cost-effective alternative for product imagery. Without tangible models, CGI enables the creation of highly realistic and customisable visual representations. This adaptability permits companies to display different design iterations, colours, and features without necessitating extensive physical production. CGI also provides the benefit of rapid modifications, facilitating swift alterations in response to client feedback or changing design concepts. Moreover, the lack of physical prototypes minimises logistical challenges and related expenses, rendering CGI an efficient and accessible method for visual communication.


Hover magnifying glass over the images below to zoom in on the details:

Glen Dimplex Stove Cookers_Sterling_DF_DX_1000_Wok Hob
Glen Dimplex Stove Cookers_Sterling_DF_DX_1000_Griddle_Silver

Addressing Challenges and Implementing Solutions

The task of producing 650 CGI images within a constrained timeframe posed a significant challenge for XO3D. In response to the time-sensitive nature of the project, the team strategically tackled this obstacle by implementing an optimised workflow. This approach included streamlining the CGI production process, prioritising tasks for efficiency, and utilising advanced tools to speed up rendering and post-production phases. By refining and automating certain elements of the workflow, XO3D adeptly managed the time limitations without sacrificing image quality. The optimised workflow not only guaranteed the prompt delivery of all 650 CGI images but also upheld a high level of realism, consistency, and detail throughout, demonstrating the company’s dedication to efficiency and excellence in visual representation.

Glen Dimplex Stove Cooker Renders - Chilli Red Smartphone Mockup Square


Leveraging CGI to produce imagery without physical prototypes can significantly enhance overall business value. CGI enables the company to showcase an extensive range of cooker designs, colours, and features even before the physical manufacturing process begins. This pre-production visualisation not only accelerates the design iteration phase but also facilitates early and impactful marketing efforts. 

By presenting realistic and customisable CGI images, the company can gauge consumer preferences, refine designs based on feedback, and create marketing materials that effectively highlight the product’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

Additionally, the cost savings associated with avoiding the production of
multiple physical prototypes contribute to improved operational efficiency and
resource allocation, adding further financial value. Ultimately, CGI empowers
the company to make informed decisions, optimize design processes, and create
compelling visual content, thereby enhancing the overall competitiveness and
value proposition in the market.

Glen Dimplex Stove Cooker Renders Consumer Appliance CGI for Ecommerce


XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilised by Glen Dimplex / Stoves UK.

With our powerful machines, we can create imagery and animations at any resolution, perfect for any advertising campaign.


You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals

You're only one step away from better product visuals