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Flash Motors

Infinity X Electric Scooter Controller

Flash Motors specialises in designing innovative electric scooters, blending innovative technology with user-friendly design.

Explore our collaboration with Flash Motors to produce two 30-second 3D product animations in 4K resolution, showcasing the innovative Infinity X scooter and their unique e-scooter controller technology. This case study will feature our work for their electric scooter controller.

Our task was to create visually stunning content for CES 2024 in Las Vegas and for Flash Motors’ social media marketing campaigns.

Storyboard, Creative Direction, and Animation: XO3D (Alex Mann, Thomas Howcroft, Connor Hamilton-Smith, Jayesh Patil, Jack Robertson)

Sound Design: Gulliver Lawrence-Tickell






To create two captivating 3D product animations, each lasting 30 seconds and rendered in stunning 4K resolution, featuring Flash Motor’s latest Infinity X scooter and their innovative electric scooter controller technology. These animations are primarily designed for unveiling at CES 2024 in Las Vegas and will also serve as key marketing content for their social media campaigns.


During a discussion with the company’s CEO, they expressed that their decision to collaborate with us stemmed from the exceptional quality of our past projects. They believed that we were the ideal team to entrust with this endeavor. This confidence was further affirmed by their evident enthusiasm when we showcased the preliminary material preview images to them.


Utilising 3D animation for these projects enabled us to offer Flash Motors marketing assets that matched the detail of conventional photography. At the same time, it allowed us to emphasize specific features of the product in a more imaginative manner. This approach eliminated the expenses associated with renting studios and equipment, offering a cost-effective yet high-quality solution.

Addressing Challenges and Implementing Solutions

Given the tight deadline for CES, we adopted a product line strategy for this project, dividing it into three distinct phases, each handled by different team members. The phases were:

1. Setting up the initial animation and camera.
2. Working on lighting and material.
3. Handling post-production and creating overlays.

We encountered challenges with extended render times and noise in the animations. To address these issues, we explored methods to optimize the materials and scenes. Additionally, we utilised post-production techniques to add details like motion blur, rather than incorporating them directly into the raw animations.


Hover over the image with the magnifying glass to zoom into the details.

FLM Electric Scooter Controller - Exploded View - Still Render
FLM - Scooter Animation - Controller - Exploded View Close up Circuitboard
FLM - Scooter Animation - Controller - Exploded View Floating Parts
If you are in need for a dream team that are experts in the field of 3D design, you have come to the right place. This is a group of amazing people with dedication for their work and for their clients. Although we had some crazy deadlines this XO3D helped us and created for us amazing designs. Thanks a lot XO3D for your hard work.
Flash Motors Logo_400x400
Flash Motors
Flash Motors Electric Scooter Controller 3D Animation - Floating Shot - Front View - Still CGI
Flash Motors Electric Scooter Controller 3D Animation - Floating Shot - Left Facing - Still CGI


Flash Motors, a rising player in the e-scooter industry, is poised to make a significant impact on the market. Their decision to feature our high-end animations at CES greatly enhances their chances of capturing attention and standing out in a competitive field.

FLM Electric Scooter Controller - Black FLM Electric Scooter Controller - Blue FLM Electric Scooter Controller - Red
FLM Electric Scooter Controller Grey Preview FLM Electric Scooter Controller Black
FLM Electric Scooter Controller Mobile Mockup


XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilised by Flash Motors.

With our powerful machines, we can create imagery and animations at any resolution, perfect for any advertising campaign.