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Knife Sharpeners

Sharpen Any Knife Safely, Quickly, and Efficiently with the Diamond Edge Premium Global Knife Sharpener!

We enjoy working with homegrown UK brands. Here, you’ll see the 3D renders and animation we created for our client Chiliworks’ Amazon listing to help ensure their e-commerce success with their new product, Diamond Edge Knife Sharpeners.

The project included one model, three variations, and a 40-second animation.

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Chiliworks - Packaging Knife Sharpener Silver
Chiliworks - Packaging Knife Sharpener Red
Chiliworks - Packaging Knife Sharpener Black

The customer service of XO3D is beyond incredible! They respond really quick, and delivered good results for a good price within only 2 weeks! Would highly recommend, and will for sure work with them again!

Chilton, Founder


For the last few years at XO3D we have been developing a unique package for Amazon sellers. This includes the image set for each Amazon listing with a load of optional extras to help increase sales and engagement. We have found that with interactive 3D content, we can increase the typical sales of any product by 15-30% depending on how much creative content the client is willing to invest in.

After some initial conversations and example sharing, Chilton and Chiliworks decided to not just take the Amazon package but also invest in a product marketing animation to show not only how to use the product but also its versatility and variations.

Grey Product Model Final Product Render


The client asked us to also depict the knives passing through the sharpener in the complex animation so that the viewers could see the knife sharpener could work on a range of knives. We tried to source knife models from the internet that we could utilise within the animation, however, the models were not good enough or would have cost additional budget which the client did not have. Using some clever remodelling and model fixing methods, we were able to make this work without having to charge the client extra.

We also had to invent some creative methods for animation the knives to make them feel more realistic. But by detaching the handle of the knives and creating a linkage between these two parts rather than animating them as one body, we were able to achieve this result.

WHY use cgi?

The client wanted a product animation without the need of expensive rigs or long-winded post production trying to remove unwanted people from live footage.

By using a solution like CGI, we are able to give life and movement to inanimate objects in a way that photography and video are unable to achieve. This is because we are able to move and use the products in a 3D space without the assistance of any sort of real-world rig or human involvement. We can also use clever digital tricks to enhance the viewing experience and overall appearance of the products. Due to the way in which 3D is able to do this, it is actually even on top of all the other benefits, a less costly endeavor.

Any product, companies, with similar sale aspirations, should strongly consider 3D as their primary marketing content of choice.


From our years of working with a wide range of clients, XO3D have managed to increase client conversions through our high-end imagery and interactive content. Using our expertise and experience, we were able to do the same for Chilton and Chiliworks. We consider every job a partnership towards a common goal and our team ensures our clients get the best possible outcomes every single time.

Chiliworks Knife-Sharpener-Silver
Chiliworks Knife-Sharpener-Red
Chiliworks Knife-Sharpener-Black
Chiliworks Instruction-Knife-Sharpener-Silver-with-Knife
Chiliworks Instruction-Knife-Sharpener-Red with Knife
Chiliworks Instruction-Knife-Sharpener-Black-with-Knife
Chiliworks Instruction-Knife-Sharpener-Silver Left Side View
Chiliworks Instruction-Knife-Sharpener-Red Left Side View
Chiliworks Instruction-Knife-Sharpener-Black Left Side View

working with chilliworks

It is safe to say that Chilton was one of our favourite clients to work with. Chiliworks were both fast and responsive in their feedback, complimentary in their assessment, and a joy to collaborate with. We wish Chiliworks all the success with their new product and hope they choose to work with XO3D again in the future.


XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilized by Chiliworks (Diamond Edge) on their Amazon listing for Knife Sharpeners.

With our powerful machines, we can create imagery and animations at any resolution, perfect for any advertising campaign.