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Wooden Desks

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with MUJU, a UK-based artisan furniture company that specialises in crafting sustainable, bespoke wooden desks with minimalist design and timeless appeal. Our task was to create 3D renderings of interior lifestyle scenes that highlight the elegance and functionality of their handcrafted products.

In this case study, we will take you through the challenges we faced during this collaboration, and how our team at XO3D overcame these obstacles to produce stunning visualisations that perfectly represent MUJU’s brand values and aesthetic.






Our mission encompassed the creation of captivating 3D lifestyle rendering showcasing meticulously handcrafted products within carefully crafted interior scenes. Our aim was to capture not only the exquisite elegance of these products but also their inherent functionality.

We embarked on this endeavour with a commitment to bringing out the essence of Muju’s products through the art of interior visualisation. Each scene we designed was thoughtfully composed to harmonise with the products, accentuating their beauty and practicality. Through these renderings, we sought to communicate the seamless integration of Muju’s artisanal craftsmanship into real-life settings.

In essence, our task was to weave a visual narrative that not only highlighted the aesthetic appeal of Muju’s creations but also demonstrated how these handcrafted pieces effortlessly fit into and enhance the daily lives of those who appreciate fine design and functionality.


1. Long Intervals between Feedback Rounds:
During the project, we encountered the challenge of extended intervals between feedback rounds. To tackle this issue, we implemented a streamlined communication process. We scheduled regular check-in meetings to ensure that feedback was promptly shared and addressed. Additionally, we provided a clear timeline for revisions and emphasised the importance of timely responses from all stakeholders. This approach significantly reduced the delays caused by prolonged feedback intervals, ensuring smoother progress throughout the project.

2. Sourcing 3D Models Requested by the Client:
Another hurdle we faced was the sourcing of specific 3D models requested by the client. To overcome this challenge, we expanded our network of 3D model resources and diligently scoured various repositories to find the desired models. In cases where the exact models weren’t available, our team of skilled 3D artists worked hard to create custom models that matched the client’s specifications. This proactive approach allowed us to fulfil the client’s requirements and maintain project continuity.

3. Matching Bespoke Desk Textures through Customisation:
The need to match bespoke desk textures posed a unique challenge. To address this, we dedicated significant effort to the development of highly customised textures. Our team conducted extensive research and experimentation to achieve textures that precisely matched the client’s vision. This involved adjusting colours, patterns, and materials to create a seamless and authentic appearance. By investing time and expertise in texture customisation, we ensured that the desks seamlessly integrated into the diverse environments, meeting the client’s aesthetic goals with precision.

Muju Desk Lifestyles Milly Desk Image Interior Scene
Muju Desk Lifestyles Ginger Desk Lifestyle - Interior Renders
Muju-Desk Lifestyles - Margot Desk Lifestyle Interior Renders
Muju Desk Lifestyles Jessica Desk Image


CGI provided us the flexibility to place the desks in different settings, eliminating the need to rent multiple individual studios. This allowed us to make decisions on the desk selection and colour schemes for each scene as we went along, giving our client the creative freedom they needed to achieve their desired results.

Muju-Desk Lifestyles - Blossom Desk Lifestyle Interior Renders
Muju-Desk Lifestyles - Flo Desk Lifestyle Interior Renders
Muju-Desk Lifestyles - Grace Desk Lifestyle Interior Renders
Muju-Desk Lifestyles - Harvey Desk Lifestyle Interior Renders


We furnished Muju with a collection of premium in-situ/lifestyle renders, filling a void where they previously possessed only white box imagery. This enables prospective customers to visualise how the desks would appear in authentic settings, thereby bolstering their confidence in making a purchase decision.

Muju has chosen to feature our images as the banner on their website, effectively conveying their identity and showcasing their core offerings at a quick glance.

Muju Homepage Desks Product Renders Cropped


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