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Dojo Go

Paymentsense, Europe’s largest Merchant Services provider, contacted us to help them create visual assets for their new sub-brand Dojo and their new line of contactless mobile digital payment machines. 

Understanding the significance of visually engaging content in today’s competitive market, they approached us for assistance. As a trusted partner renowned for our expertise in crafting impactful visual experiences, we collaborated with Paymentsense to deliver a range of captivating visual assets that effectively showcase the features and benefits of Dojo’s contactless mobile digital payment machines.  

To witness the outcome of our collaboration, you can explore their Dojo Tech Website and experience firsthand how our work seamlessly integrates with their brand and enhances their online presence.





Dojo Go

Dojo Go is the ultimate all-rounder. Secure, fast and simple to use, it’s perfect for businesses that need the flexibility to take payments anywhere.

PaymentSense-Dojo-Render-Close Up Top
Paymentsense-Dojo-Render-Close Up Product
Paymentsense-Dojo-Render-Close Up Card Slot


Paymentsense realised that their current photography practices were not providing the resolution they desired. As a result, they turned to us, a trusted partner renowned for our ability to create exceptional, high-resolution 3D product images. Through our collaboration, we were able to provide Paymentsense with a range of stunning and visually compelling product images for Dojo Go that accurately showcase the features and benefits of their card payment solutions.

By partnering with us, Paymentsense can now confidently present their offerings to customers in a visually impactful way, ultimately driving increased engagement and sales.

paymentsense before render grey card Paymentsense DojoGo After Render


Paymentsense sought to improve their product photography resolution and turned to us, a trusted partner known for creating high-resolution 3D product images. By collaborating with us, Paymentsense received visually stunning and accurate product images for their card payment solutions, enhancing their ability to engage customers and drive sales.

CGI offered the following benefits:

CGI created photorealistic images with exceptional detail, showcasing product features effectively.

CGI provided complete control over the creative process, allowing Paymentsense to highlight specific features and align images with their branding.

CGI offered a cost-effective and streamlined alternative to traditional photography, saving time and resources.

CGI ensured consistent visual branding across marketing channels, adapting easily to various platforms.


How are we different to others they have used?

At XO3D we offer high-end imagery that rivals photography at a cheaper and more applicable solution. With the ability to make any image we can imagine, 3D rendering wins hands down.

When considering a visual content provider, it is essential to evaluate what sets them apart from others. At XO3D, we take pride in providing our clients with exceptional, unique and high-quality visual imagery. Our specialist use of 3D rendering technology enables us to create photorealistic and detailed images. This advanced technology offers vast versatility and precision accuracy, making it an ideal solution for various projects. 

Not only do we provide top-notch services, but we also offer affordable pricing to deliver genuine value to our customers. XO3D is a solid choice for anyone seeking professional and stunning outcomes.

Paymentsense Dojo Lifestyle - Product visualisation


XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilized by Paymentsense for the launch of their new sub-brand, Dojo.

With our powerful machines, we can create imagery and animations at any resolution, perfect for any advertising campaign.