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AI Traffic Sensors

VivaCity approached us to create an animated marketing asset to showcase the capabilities of their AI-powered traffic monitoring sensors.

VivaCity is a UK-based company that provides local authorities with transport data using AI-powered computer vision. VivaCity sensors capture highly accurate and anonymised data on multimodal transport movements, speeds, turning behaviours, near miss incidents and more.

This case study dives into our process behind the scenes and how we helped them communicate the benefits and functionality of their product to their target audience with a high quality explainer video.






In the midst of preparing for the company’s North America launch, VivaCity identified a pressing need for digital prototypes to support their go-to-market strategy. This is a requirement shared by many of our clients. They approached us with the intent of visually portraying the functionality and design of their groundbreaking device in a way that would appeal to a diverse audience, including investors and local authorities.

VivaCity first discovered XO3D through a Google search, and they were significantly impressed by the quality and detail of the animations displayed in our portfolio. This led to an invitation for a meeting at their office in Shoreditch.

During this comprehensive discussion, we explored various creative avenues and honed in on the key messages that the project needed to convey. Lizzie and Mike from VivaCity found our approach and direction to be a good match for their vision. Confident in our ability to deliver, they entrusted us with the project. With a clear understanding of their requirements, we set out to create the digital prototypes that would effectively bring their innovative device to life.

Viva City - Camera Open - Exploded View Renders
Viva City AI Road Sensors 3D Renders - Camera closed

Addressing Challenges and Implementing Solutions

During the course of our collaboration with VivaCity, we encountered two primary challenges that required unique, creative solutions.

Issue 1: Uncertainty Regarding Device Finish

The first challenge presented itself in the form of VivaCity’s uncertainty about the desired finish for their device. Although they had commissioned an animation in one colour, the selection of this colour was unclear. To address this, we once again tapped into the potential of 3D technology. By generating a still image of the device showcasing two distinct finishes, we provided VivaCity with the visual clarity they needed to make an informed decision. This process not only resolved their dilemma but did so at minimal cost, proving the efficacy and value of 3D visualisation.

Issue 2: Integrating Live Footage with Device Functionality

The second issue involved the integration of live footage from the cameras in action on the streets with footage illustrating the unique lenses embedded in the camera and their functionality.

Our solution was to use a combination of an infinity zoom effect and a dynamic camera leading into the 3D scene of the lenses within the camera. This approach enabled a seamless transition that clearly conveyed the lenses’ function to the user.

As a result, we were able to create a sequence that left no doubt as to what was happening, transitioning smoothly into the subsequent shot.

In resolving these issues, we effectively demonstrated the flexibility and adaptability of 3D visualisation, meeting VivaCity’s needs and exceeding their expectations.

Viva City Road Sensors Exploded Render in Black Viva City Road Sensors Exploded Render in White


One of the most significant benefits of CGI is the financial savings it offers over physical prototyping. The creation of a physical prototype can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour, involving the procurement of materials, assembly, testing, and iteration. By utilising CGI, we were able to create a virtual prototype of the AI Traffic Sensors, allowing for a highly accurate representation without the expense and effort associated with physical prototyping.

CGI technology offers the distinct advantage of rapid and efficient colour exploration. When designing the AI Traffic Sensors, VivaCity wanted to explore various colour options to ascertain the most aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective design. CGI made this process quick and easy, with virtually unlimited variations available at the click of a button.

In the high-stakes world of product development and marketing, deadlines are of utmost importance. CGI allows for speedy feedback cycles, which proved invaluable in meeting VivaCity’s presentation deadline. By using CGI, any required changes could be made in real-time, avoiding the lengthy delays associated with traditional methods.

CGI is not only beneficial in the design process, but it also creates high-end collateral that can be used to support investor proposals. For VivaCity, we provided photorealistic images and interactive 3D models of their AI Traffic  Sensors, offering an impressive, detailed visualisation that effectively communicated the product’s value proposition to potential investors.

Lastly, but by no means least, CGI offers a significant advantage in terms of future-proofing. Unlike traditional methods that would require expensive machinery or moulding for each design iteration, changes to CGI models can be made efficiently and at a fraction of the cost. This ensures that as VivaCity’s AI Traffic Sensors continue to evolve, any additional content or design changes can be implemented seamlessly, keeping their visuals up-to-date without the need for further large-scale investments.

In conclusion, CGI provides a multitude of benefits from cost savings to rapid iteration, making it an invaluable tool in the development and marketing of innovative products such as the AI Road Sensors by VivaCity.

Viva City-Road Sensors - Close Up View


VivaCity were very impressed with the final result and the process of working with XO3D which enabled them to secure the backing of their directors, and accurately represent their product. But don’t take our word for it, read Lizzie’s review below:

My team and I were really pleased with the final result – a product render animation – and the XO3D team were great to work with. Super helpful, friendly and professional. Would 100% recommend!

Lizzie Toole, VivaCity


XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilised by VivaCity.

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