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Waldan Watches

Heritage Professional Series

Waldan Watches, a 35-year-old family-owned and operated American watch brand considered the “best kept secret” in the world of fine watchmaking, approached us via Juan Sanchez to produce high-end renders for their signature timepieces. We worked on a number of views and produced the full range to appear as the SKU images for both their online store and marketing content. 

Visit the Walden Watches website to see some of our work in action.





Heritage Professional Series

4 Colour Variations
4 Model Variations

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This project was not without challenges. To get the symmetrical look on the front images a lot of post-production lighting adjustments were needed. Due to the nature of the 3D environments the lighting studios were not perfectly matched on each side as variation was required for the rest of the image. However, the front dial needed to have the same look on both sides and therefore required the additional correction post-rendering.

We can use a variety of methods in our arsenal, and that means we can deliver top results and to the exact specification of our clients.

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We added value to Waldan Watches simply with our ability to create CGI marketing content ahead of production for products that are not yet on the market, or in the manufacturing stage – allowing Waldan to create hype and sales much sooner than they would be able to with traditional photography.

Heritage Sportline

2 Colour Variations

4 Model Variations


Waldan Watches Professional Series - Website Preview
Waldan Watches Heritage-Sportline-Watch-Render-45-View-Black-White-Box
Waldan Watches Heritage-Sportline-Watch-Render-Back-View-Black-White-Box
Waldan Watches Heritage-Sportline-Watch-Render-45-View-White
Waldan Watches Heritage-Sportline-Watch-Render-Back-View-White-Box

challenges & solutions

We initially tried to create a reflective environment that created colour and variation in the reflections, but the client decided a simpler black and white reflection would look better and be less distracting. See below for the first submission and the final submission. By exploring these multiple lighting solutions, we can experiment with several methods, and allow our clients to arrive at the best possible decision for their visual assets. 

Grey Product Model Final Product Render
Grey Product Model Final Product Render

Heritage Professional Tricolour Limited Edition

3 Colour Variations

4 Model Variations


XO3D creates stunning 3D assets for any marketing campaign that can be used across all media, as utilized by Waldan Watches for their new watch collection.

With our powerful machines, we can create imagery and animations at any resolution, perfect for any advertising campaign.