Use Interior Design Visualisation to take your project to the next level.

What is Interior Rendering?


Firstly, an Interior Rendering is a type of 3D Rendering that is tailored for Interior Design. Above all, it allows you to show the designs unique personality for each clients taste. Likewise, showing all of the components that have been thought of by the designer, including things such as appliances, furniture and how they interact with the space including all the different colours, lighting and textures. Certainly, Interior Design is a huge business, and if you want to compete in this business you need top notch 3D Rendering Services that allow you to show your designs off in all their fashion. In short, Interior Rendering allows you to show your clients all the different options of the space in question, allowing them to pick and choose what aspects of your work they like.

Kitchen Interior Rendering

Benefits of Interior Rendering


When it comes to traditional 2D rendering, you can run into quite a few problem issues when it comes to conventional 2D rendering system that may be unexpected. This is especially true when it comes to the more complex interior designs. Nevertheless, the use of 3D interior modeling, which are available today, can solve many of these problems. Here are some benefits that demonstrate some of its importance.


    Firstly, with the ability to use 3D rendering, you can start your project immediately allowing you to save time in the long run because you it gives you the power to visualize multiple designers of the same space quickly. Removing the need to re-think the interior design. The key to creating good interior design renders is to communicate the best you can with the 3D artist. For example, the traditional way of using mood boards are being rapidly replaces by 3D interior rendering. This is because it allows a much clearer vision of the design. Although, mood boards are very helpful to the 3D artists that help create the vision.


    In the passed this was not the case, but since technology has advanced 3D visuals are more accessible than ever. While computer power has dramatically increased to the point where complex interior renderings take less and less time to process allowing work to be completed faster and more efficient than ever. When you take a look at the cost of interior renderings, it can easily be seen that interior design renderings are a more cost effective way of communicating.

    By using our 3D interior rendering services you can set your self apart from the competition. The beauty and simplicity of our carefully crafted and tailored images will blow your competition out of the water, while communicating your vision in a way that no other can match. With the ability to make photo-realistic images through 3D rendering over 2D renderings it gives the project life. This is very beneficial because people can see things much better when they have a picture in front of them.

    3D interior rendering offers the ability to visualise many different concepts and options for any project. This can include different different materials, shapes and textures of the buildings. A 3D render can quickly and effectively show invested parties what all the different options will look like. Generally there are a few different concepts for each interior allowing clients to choose their favorite option before development.

    At XO3D, we can use actual CAD data from sources such as Google Earth, project images, technical drawings or any other accurate information that may help us to create,  high end definition visualisations. Blending actual photos with 3d renderings in a montage can also be an affordable and effective way to communicate the vision of your project. This is true for both interior and exterior designs.

    Most importantly, images speak louder than words. Many, if not all people see things in better light when they can have a interior visualization in front of them in stead of having to imagine it. From the start of a project, all parties that are invested need to be able to see what a building will look like once it is completed. With XO3Ds professional interior rendering services you can quickly show what the project will look like from beginning to end while communicating different materials and what they may look like in different atmospheres and lighting.


    With social media taking over as the preferred channel to market it is important to have show stopping imagery to catch your markets attention. It is extremely important to use social media to show off your project in the best way possible, our 3D artists can design creative content that is tailored for any social media platform. While it is very difficult to distribute large CAD data and physical copies of drawings. It is much easier to send high quality imagery, via email or social media or to use on websites.


    By using high end photo realistic architectural renderings you can easily start marketing before construction. Allowing you to close sales faster and free up more cash flow, which is always an important thing. To promote their marketing efforts, estate agents are using 3D renderings.

    Prior to construction, with 3D rendering, designs are built in 3D and not just on paper, we can easily visualise the idea, using actual CAD data and being able to spot potential issues within the construction of the project. A good example of this would be a situation where a necessary sign is obscured by a wall. When it comes to not having to make subsequent interior structural improvements to and already designed building, this skill could end up saving a lot of money.

    Show people you mean business, by using 3D rendering and its ability to provide consistent branding across all images, your marketing results will increase over time. It is considered to be very professional to have 3D interior renderings on your websites and marketing visuals. This is because there is big differences between 2D and 3D renderings. You can show a style of image across the board.
Bathroom 3D Render High Image Resolution

Interior Design Visualization 3D Services at XO3D


  • Residential Interior Rendering

    Xo3D offers our clients carefully crafted specialised packages for interior residential 3D Renderings. Whether you are an individual homeowner or a large developer, we offer the same high quality service. Likewise, we understand that the needs of these clients are not always the same, some clients need affordable interior renders so they can see how their new refurbished kitchen will look with different materials. But on the other hand, some of our clients need renders that will stand out amongst the competition to show off their high end homes. This is why we offer two tiers of service.



With our standard 3D rendering services, that we target at homeowners, custom home builders and small developers, clients can get interior renderings that are less expensive, but still high quality and high resolution images. These are for quick visualisations of small interior design renovations.



Likewise, with out premium interior rendering service, these are targeted at high-end customized homes that have much more extensive development and are larger in size. These renderings feature higher quality standards of lighting and the ability to show much better detail with more customized models, showing with all designer appliances.


    Commercial renderings are used for many different reasons such as showing off a brand new re modelling of a store to football stadiums. Showing all of the rooms of the interior designs. Giving clients the power to see their project in all its glory well before developments.


    Using the power of 3D floor plan renderings to show the overall layout of a property in clear and visually appealing designs. These 3D floor plans give more clarity over the traditional 2D floor plans, showing size, and flow of space. Some people find it difficult to visualise 2D plans, so 3D plans takes out that confusion. Likewise these can be done for homeowners or project managers that require 3D site plans.

How are interior design Visuals created?




Creation of 3d models

Firstly, we begin interior design rendering with the creation of a 3D model, in 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of a subject or object, in this case a product, in three dimensions via specialized 3D software’s. To clarify and begin this process an idea is needed, 3D models can be created from things such as technical drawings, sketches or photographs.





Secondly, lighting is created and it can be thought of the same as a photography studio but on a computer. After that, the lighting is applied in different directions to create the best reflections that bring out all the details of the form of the product. Subsequently, depending on the desired outcome of the render, there could also be minimal lighting to create teaser images for marketing purposes.





Thirdly, the desired materials are added to the object and tweaked with all different settings, using multiple different images and processes to get the materials to look as they would in real life. After that, the lighting is finalised to highlight the finer details of the products materials.




Process the images

Finally, setting the subject off on the final stages of the process. Subsequently, this is where the computer does its work, by generating the images so that they can be used. During this stage, the render engine is started so that it creates all different types of outputs that are brought together in a post production software such as Photoshop and a pretty picture is created by our 3D artists.


How much does a 3D interior Rendering cost?


The price of a 3D interior rendering depends largely on what is involved in the image. For example, there could be a small interior or in contrast a large building. In our opinion there is no set price for an image, that’s why all our quotes are tailored by each project. Creating renders used to be an expensive and time-consuming process which was only viable for large development companies.  Because of technological advancements in recent years home renders have become accessible for the average consumer. We have split them up into 4 Tiers below and have written an in depth guide to how much you should be paying for your 3D renderings here.

The prices below are generalised, and it really does depend on the project. But these are guidelines for clients new to the 3D rendering field.








HIGH-END 3D RENDERINGS - £1500-£10 000.

What is the interior rendering workflow?



    To begin a interior visualization project, clients provide all the information required. For interior renderings, things such as drawings, design specifications, sketches, mood boards or other type of information clients may have are presented to us.


    We will check all of the content the clients have provided and ask for more details if necessary. In addition, a meeting, phone call or Skype call is always beneficial. This helps avoid any misconception and allows us to shorten turnaround times for 3D rendering services.


    Work is begun as soon as we understood all of the details the task requires and time frames have been agreed by both parties. Our 3D artists keep in constant contact with the clients throughout this process, with regular updates.


    A draft 3D render is presented to clients for comments and review. Then, adjustments are made.


    Penultimately, acceptance is given from the client for final processing.


    The final 3D visuals are presented, after post production, in high resolution with full quality lighting, reflections, glossiness and materials.

Different Types of 3D Interior Renderings


XO3D offers a range of different types of Interior Rendering Services. These are usually combined into a package of well thought out Interior Visualisations normally from various angles or views. Below we explain the different types of Interior Design Shots.

Focused Renders

You can do many things with focus shots. The advantage of using focus shots is that you can lead the viewer to where you want. For example, when you are telling a visual story you need to guide your viewer much the same way an author structures a novel. Likewise, by using focus shots as part of a series of images you can really promote the best elements of your designs. Similarly, the use of a single focus shot can have a dramatic impact, especially as the background to a particular product or element in the shot. Most importantly, they will save you time and money through not having to hire a photographer every time you need some new images. Because, 3D Rendering is cheaper and you have much more control when you need to update your range or make changes quickly.


Light Study Renders

Just like the ability of close up shots to apply focus to the viewer we can also achieve a similar impression using various lighting. The versatility of 3D allows a single shot to have a vast range of lighting solutions. Both a quick and cost effective solution to photography because, no one has to be paid to stand out for days on end trying to get the perfect lighting that may only last for fractions of a moment. Finally, you can see here some of the ways in which lighting can change the same Interior Rendering.


Material Studies

Likewise, material studies can be important to make the decision of what colours, textures and materials you want to go with for your project. With the ability to quickly change images within 3D rendering, we can output multiple layers of different materials to show all the combinations that you want to see.

People Integration Images

With the addition of people to a image in both 3D and post-production add a level of realism that really helps create believability of the image. Many clients choose to use this option to create a lifestyle idea for the viewer.

Creative Visualizations

Bring more life to images through imagination. In contrast of some simple shots merge some flair into the idea to create something mysterious and unique. At XO3D we can also utilise video tools to create a “reveal” in which the development is unveiled in a special way.

Close Up Interior Render Kitchen Sink

Close up 3D Renders

In short, close up shots are used in all sorts of art because, the power of a close-up shot is that you can laser in on a particular part of an image. In other words, why would you want to focus on a certain element you may ask? Well, for several reasons; Firstly, you may want to show a particular element due to its unique design or function. Likewise, you may also have a singular focal point for a project. Furthermore, many designers start with a single piece of inspiration such as the idea of a spiders web in the alcoves, or perhaps a fireplace designed stone by stone and although a wider lens will show the feature in-situ it is also powerful to then show a close up shot to emphasises the point.


Why choose xo3d for your interior rendering project?



    With a diverse team of artists, designers and 3D modellers. We have the perfect experience for any creative project to bring your ideas to life.


    Ensuring the smoothest process. We deliver quality work on time.


    Through our experience in workflow optimisation, we can give you the discounts and give you more bang for you bucks.


    At Xo3D, the best creative minds tailor your project to bring your products to light in amazing fashion.


    Xo3D drives by technology and continually seeks solutions to improve our workflow. From the latest software and hardware, to different strategies to complete projects faster with constant improvements on quality.


    We pride ourselves in communication and customer service. Throughout your project there will be constant updates of how we are getting on with your images. We are always at the end of a email or phone call.