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Spread a Smile and XO3D: First Charity Padel Tournament

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Spreading Joy and Hitting the Padel Court: XO3D’s Partnership with Spread a Smile

At XO3D, we firmly believe that being part of a business extends beyond the daily grind to include making a meaningful impact on our community. This conviction led us to a delightful partnership with Spread a Smile, introduced to us by our director Alex, whose sister Natasha works with the charity. Their outstanding efforts inspired us to become the main sponsor for their recent Padel tournament—a role we were thrilled to take on.

Spread a Smile Charity Padel Tournament - XO3D team with Natasha Mann

Our Connection with Spread a Smile

Spread a Smile has a simple yet profound mission: to bring joy to seriously ill children in hospitals across the UK. Their commitment to creating moments of happiness in challenging times resonated deeply with us at XO3D. Supporting such a cause felt not just appropriate, but necessary.

Our Foray into Padel

None of us, except one, had prior experience with Padel—a lively blend of tennis and squash. The tournament was an exciting new challenge and an excellent team-building opportunity. There was plenty of laughter as we navigated the basics of the game, with spirited attempts and playful mishaps characterising our day.

The camaraderie extended beyond our team, connecting us with other participants who were equally enthusiastic about the cause. The event was not just about competition, but also about community and collaboration, which made every moment on the court that much more rewarding.

Appreciating the Spread a Smile Team

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Spread a Smile. Their ability to bring cheer not only to children but also to all participants was a highlight of our experience. They reminded us that the joy they spread is contagious, touching everyone involved.

The Importance of Corporate Community Engagement

At XO3D, we advocate for active corporate involvement in charitable activities. Engaging with local non-profits enriches our team’s experience and strengthens our connection with the community. It’s about more than just donations—it’s about making a real, positive impact.

Through our partnership with Spread a Smile, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of community engagement, not just for those we help, but for our own team as well. We hope our experience inspires other businesses to find their own ways to contribute, reinforcing the idea that together, we can make a significant difference.

What is Spread a Smile?

Spread a Smile brings joy and laughter to seriously ill children in NHS hospitals and hospices across the country.

Through in-person and virtual visits and events, Spread a Smile’s entertainers – from magicians to musicians, artists, fairies and therapy dogs — enhance wellbeing and help young patients and their families cope with the pain and anxiety of serious illness and hospitalisation.

Since their founding in 2013, they have built a reputation for developing bespoke relationships with each family and each health setting, so that we can offer the most impactful support.

In 2023-24, they will deliver over 12,000 in-person bedside visits and over 2,000 virtual visits, in partnership with 32 NHS hospitals and four hospice partners. They plan to increase the number of partners to 38 this year.

Instagram: spreadasmileuk
Facebook: Spread a Smile UK
Twitter: spreadasmileuk
LinkedIn: Spread a Smile

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