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XO3D on Behance: Case Study Badges and Features

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The 7-year goal

When our founder Thomas Howcroft started XO3D in 2017, he has always dreamed of getting a Behance badge for his 3D work. Now, in 2024, the XO3D team has two for one project, and a second badge for a different project.

This recognition is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication that our team pours into every project we undertake.

Why it matters to us

Receiving these Behance badges brings back memories of the countless late nights and creative brainstorming sessions that have become a part of our journey. We vividly recall the intense discussions we had over the tiniest details, the moments of breakthrough when a complex animation finally clicked, and the collective sigh of relief and satisfaction when we saw our vision come to life. 

This journey has been more than just work; it has been a labour of passionate commitment to becoming the best in our industry.

Flash Motors

Infinity X Electric Scooter Controller

These badges hold significant meaning for us. They affirm our position as leaders in the 3D animation industry and underscore our commitment to delivering top-tier, innovative solutions to our clients. We remember the early days of XO3D when we dreamt of such recognition. To see it materialise now is not just a professional achievement but also a personal triumph for each of us who have invested our hearts and souls into this venture.


Gaming Keyboard Animation

Looking ahead

This recognition sets a positive and ambitious tone for the future. It encourages us to keep innovating and enhancing our skills, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the industry. We can already picture our next project meetings, where the excitement will be palpable, and the drive to exceed our past achievements will be stronger than ever.

This achievement highlights the calibre of our work and reinforces our reputation as a premier 3D agency. It is a reminder that our passion and perseverance pay off. We are more determined than ever to continue providing exceptional service to our clients and to maintain the high standards that have earned us these badges.

XO3D on Behance - Tablet Mockup

We are deeply grateful for this recognition and excited about the future. We will leverage this achievement to further cement our position as the preferred 3D agency worldwide, continuously delivering outstanding results for our clients. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to many more milestones and moments of shared pride and joy.

Follow us on Behance if you haven’t yet, and look out for more of our exciting work soon!

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