Reverse engineering is the process of reconstructing an existing part into a CAD model and/or drawing. This CAD service can be useful for a reasons such as: the supplier has stopped producing the part or there are no drawings of the part.

What is the process?


  • The ability to have brand new drawings from old existing parts.
  • Create your own drawings from out dated supplier parts.
  • Have fresh new drawings created from old ones.
  • Create drawings from physical parts 
Reverse Engineering


  • Consult – Got an idea but don’t know where to go with it? XO3D can help you bring your ideas to life through a range of different services.

  • Create – Bring your ideas from paper or imagination to 3D computer models. So you can look around them and see what fits and what doesn’t.

  • Design – Use our services to tweak your ideas and see how you can improve your designs.

  • Visualise – Use 3D models to create a range of different visualisation outputs. From animation to static renders.

  • Produce – Use 2D drawings that we create from the 3d models to get your idea into production.

  • Market – Use the images we create through 2d and 3d to sell your idea before its even been made.

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