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Bring Your Ideas to Life Through CGI Product Videos


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Our team at XO3D specializes in creating stunning 3D assets that redefine reality, giving you the power to communicate through CGI like never before.


We understand how important it is for your product to stand out and make an impact, that’s why we create custom animations that capture your product’s features and benefits, giving you a competitive edge. We collaborate with you on every step of the process to ensure your vision is brought to life.


Our product animation services are trusted by leading brands, and we have been featured in multiple global platforms. Trust us to deliver the highest quality visuals for your product and take it to the next level.


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Reduce product returns

Shopify has found that there has been a 40% reduction in returns after implementing product videos.

Shopify has found that adding a video improves conversion rates by 60%, while adding product videeos improves conversions by 94%, on average.

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Send us a contact email, and we will send you some forms to fill out for the project estimate. Once you approve the quote we begin.

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We send a range of images for comments while working with you the client to make your visuals come to life just how you want them.


Approval of each stage throughout the project with constant communication.

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Get your market ready images from us, to assist you in whatever your project needs.


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My team and I were really pleased with the final result – a product render animation – and the XO3D team were great to work with. Super helpful, friendly and professional. Would 100% recommend!

Lizzie, Viva City Labs


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XO3D offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your project’s needs. Beyond just basic products, these services ensure your product has the best chance of success. Explore our additional services and see how we can assist you further.



What is the process for creating a 3D product video animation?

Typically, a 3D model is built first, followed by a storyboard to finalise camera angles and motion animations. The 3D model will then be animated with 3D software. Following the completion of the product video, it is rendered and exported in a format that may be used by a number of media outlets. As a standard, we render them out in HD resolution (1920x1080p) but a 4K resolution may be made available upon request and at an additional cost.

Yes, a 3D product animation can be used to show how a product works. Product Video can be used for a variety of purposes, such as making quick explainer videos or outlining how a new product functions. A versatile technique, product videos can be used to provide interesting material that is both educational and entertaining.

MOV and MP4 are the most used file formats for 3D product video. Both of these video file types may be viewed on the majority of computers and electronic devices. Although MOV files often have bigger file sizes, they provide video of higher quality. MP4 files are more device-compatible and have reduced file sizes.

A 3D product video is a multimedia that showcases a product in a three-dimensional space, while a 3D rendering is a still image of a product.

Simply get in touch with the team by filling up our contact form or message us directly at [email protected] or +44 020 3488 3437 to get started. The team is happy to go over any project needs and provide guidance on how to go about producing amazing visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.

Animation Package:
  • Custom Clip Delivery
  • 3 Formats (YouTube, Reels, Instagram)
  • Custom Still Delivery

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You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.

You're only one step away from better visuals.