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What Type of eCommerce Videos Can Boost Sales?

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It is well established that video fosters engagement and trust. A dynamic eCommerce marketing plan typically consists of numerous distinct components. You’re using social media to advertise, emailing people. Your online store is being promoted by you.

The secret to success is having an omni-channel marketing plan, but you could still be having trouble producing the kind of content that your target audience wants to read. The answer is internet video marketing.

Many eCommerce experts have yet to perfect the use of eCommerce videos to their fullest potential. There are numerous types of marketing films you may employ to make an impact, based on the kind of product, the page, and your position in the sales cycle.

According to a poll done by Animoto, 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a commercial video. All of the benefits that promotional videos have to offer should be utilised by every owner of an online store.


What Are eCommerce Videos? 

If you’ve ever shopped online before, then you already know how e-commerce works. If you haven’t, here’s a brief explanation of how it works. E-commerce, simply put, is selling products or services over the Internet. Products can range from anything from shoes to electronics, to cameras — basically, anything sold in stores can now be purchased from anywhere at any time.

The way people purchase things online today is much different than say 10 years ago. Back then, shopping was a lot simpler. People would go into physical locations where they’d buy items like computers and TVs. Those places would have salespeople who’d help them pick out their purchases.

Nowadays, buying something online is much different. When someone wants to purchase something online, they’re going to make sure that the quality and various factors add up as shown online. The choices offered and the variations of the products also go into consideration.


Why is a video necessary on an eCommerce website?

A potential customer will be able to carefully inspect the product and decide. Customers will more rapidly trust and stick with an e-commerce platform with video content than one that only employs photographs with a white background and product descriptions.

The buyers view the video, which requires some time. As a result, people stay on the website longer, which search algorithms take into account. This indicates that the position of your website in the search results is rising.

For a variety of reasons, video is essential to any e-commerce marketing approach. It mostly enables prospective buyers to comprehend products better.

Customers cannot physically touch eCommerce products before making a purchase, in contrast to brick-and-mortar retail. Video, however, may fill this demand by demonstrating the product in use and providing buyers with greater context for how it looks, feels, and functions on a daily basis.

A vital step in the sales process is the use of e-commerce videos. According to 73% of American adults, watching an introductory video to a product or service increases their likelihood of making a purchase.

Ecommerce video marketing is essential for convincing customers that your product is the appropriate choice for them. Almost 80% of customers believe that product videos boost their confidence when making online purchases.

Particularly if you are marketing to a younger audience, video content helps you establish trust with your audience. 87% of Gen Z preferred watching videos or advertisements that feature people discussing or using a product while researching items and making purchasing decisions.

Since more than half of marketers utilise at least one type of product-related video, there is a significant risk that you will lag behind your competitors if you don’t use videos for your e-commerce firm.

In the end, employing videos is crucial for the success of your e-commerce business.

What Is Video Marketing and how should it be used?

Video marketing is the use of video content to promote products and services online. Video content marketing includes websites, blogs, YouTube channels, Vimeo accounts, etc. Video content can work well for any business since people love to watch informative videos about anything. Businesses use these videos to make their customers aware of new products, special promotions, and announcements.

Videos have become much more popular than text content on the internet. On average, people spend 30 minutes watching a short video clip online instead of reading a few paragraphs. 

People enjoy watching videos as they are often easier to follow than written content. Videos also allow viewers to feel a sense of connection or empathy with the person speaking due to sound and motion. These factors can help increase customer engagement and trust in your brand.

You should start using video marketing if you want to connect with your target audience. If you would like to improve sales, then you need to create high-quality video content. There are many different ways to get started including posting videos on social media sites, creating YouTube channels, and even writing blog posts.


Types of eCommerce videos that can boost sales

  1. Product Videos

Product videos are a great way to show off products and explain how they work. You may use product videos during checkout, on your website, or even in social media posts. A video gives customers a visual idea of the product’s appearance before purchase. 

Customers want to know precisely what they are buying before making a decision. If they don’t have a clear picture of the product, they may not feel confident enough to buy.

  1. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials give customers a chance to hear about how others used a certain product. These videos are helpful for proving that the product works, especially if there are no reviews on the site yet.

They typically take the shape of a little film that documents the user’s impressions of the good or service, their experiences with it, and their justifications for urging others to purchase it.

Testimonials allay clients’ concerns since they provide tangible evidence that your products are useful and that consumers enjoy them. Even if they don’t accept everything you say about your items, people are more likely to believe reviews from reputable sources.

  1. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are short (less than 10 minutes) videos that teach customers how to do something. For example, a tutorial video could teach someone how to set up a vape pen or how to use the software on a computer.

Product tutorials can give clients who are deeply engaged in the research stage of the purchasing process the confidence that they will be able to use your items to achieve their goals.

By reducing the uncertainty or annoyance customers can feel while attempting to use your products, tutorials can also reduce product returns.

  1. How-To Videos

How-to videos demonstrate how to do something. They are helpful for beginners who are just learning to use a certain product. A how-to video shows customers step-by-step instructions and provides them with a guide to help them understand the process or any service that they want to use.

  1. Giveaways

Giveaway videos are similar to tutorial videos except they offer prizes instead of information. Giving away free things is a great way to get people to try out one of your products. People love getting something for free, so having giveaways can really boost your sales.

  1. Live Streams

Live streams allow customers to watch your company live while talking directly with the CEO and staff. Customers will appreciate being able to interact with the team and ask questions during these events. Live streams are a good option for companies with larger groups since they give customers a chance to meet everyone involved with the business.

It would be a terrific approach to communicate with customers and gain a deeper understanding of their issues. It helps you stand out and shine by forming a unique connection and giving you an equal advantage over your rivals.

Additionally, you can advertise your live videos on your newsletters and other social media accounts. It will help to some extent in increasing traffic to your eCommerce website. Just be sure to use any internet screen recording software to capture your live streams.

  1. Customer Service Videos

Customer service videos are useful for answering customer questions. The elaborate inquiries can either be addressed via phone or email, depending on how you prefer to handle inquiries.

These videos help in accessing customer services easily as everything will be explained in them in a concise manner.

  1. Lifestyle videos

Videos of everyday life demonstrate how actual people use your products. They provide clients with a feeling of how the products might fit into their daily lives and assist them in visualising how they might utilise the things.

If you offer water-resistant hiking footwear, you can display a hiker wading through large puddles and then removing his boots while still wearing dry socks. If you sell workout wear, you can provide examples of users of all shapes and sizes utilising your product.

Make sure your target audience can relate to your lifestyle films, and excite them about all the ways your product can improve their lives.

  1. Animated Videos

Videos of this nature are always interesting and enjoyable. The nice part about these kinds of videos is that they may effectively convey the main idea with only text and animations.

Animations facilitate information processing and appeal to all age groups. Additionally, they cost a lot less to produce than live-action videos.

  1. Specialist Interviews

Expert interviews provide you the chance to impart useful knowledge to your target audience and help you establish trust. Interviewing experts and posting the resulting videos to your website could potentially help your eCommerce brand gain credibility since experts frequently have a comprehensive knowledge of a particular field.

The following aspects should be considered before you start producing your videos.

Make sure the questions you pose are pertinent to and helpful to your intended audience. Make sure the interview is properly organised, focused, and monitored throughout. Also, it is imperative that answers are succinct, clear, and concise.

  1. Interactive Videos

Digital videos that encourage user participation and interaction are known as interactive videos. The audience can interact with these films in the same manner that they would with other web content by clicking, scrolling, hovering, dragging, gesturing, and performing other digital actions. By involving them and getting them active in your eCommerce site, they increase audience involvement.

Quizzes and data fields could be added to your videos with ease as video creators. The best thing is that these videos support creators in keeping track of various video analytics. Using any of the video metric analyzers available online, you can quickly measure the number of clicks within a movie, evaluate various metrics and paths taken via branching, and do much more.

  1. Knowledge-based Videos

You don’t necessarily have to limit your video content for eCommerce marketing to talk about your product. You can also make videos that are directly relevant to your product. 

You may, for instance, develop movies about the top skincare and haircare regimens if you sell cosmetics or makeup. After that, you can explain how your cosmetics will assist them to get the results they want.

By doing this, you’d be able to emphasise how your solution addresses the majority of customer issues and how you distinguish yourself from your rivals.

These kinds of videos will introduce you to a new group of viewers and aid in spreading the word about your business.

  1. FAQ Videos

The dull FAQ sections of your website can be completely revamped with the help of FAQ movies. It prolongs user engagement on a website more than conventional text-based FAQ sections.

Consider creating videos that address a handful of the frequently asked questions and posting them to your product pages. People would be more likely to clear up any worries because videos are more engrossing than text.

  1. Unboxing videos

On the internet, unboxing videos are incredibly popular. People seem to enjoy seeing their favourite influencers open presents for some reason.

It’s fascinating to know that each month, over 90,000 individuals search for “unboxing” on YouTube. Unbelievable, but true!

eCommerce companies may quickly increase the number of visitors to their website by making unboxing films and distributing them through the appropriate influencers.

As the owner of an eCommerce company, you can get in touch with any influencer that follows a sizable portion of your target market. You might ask them to participate in an unboxing video for your goods by approaching them. And after they consent, you are allowed to send them any of your goods as a thank-you gift.

  1. Launch Videos

You can make a product launch film whenever you think of a set of new product features, showcasing all the advantages of the new features. You can also discuss the creation of your product, how you addressed customers’ problems, etc.

To further engage the audience, you might use your ingenuity to perform a few entertaining challenges. You can invite individuals to take part and take advantage of the occasion to advertise your most recent product releases.

  1. Videos that tell a story

Customers love hearing stories about their favourite brands. Businesses can connect with, inform, and engage with the audience through the use of stories.

Their site copy and digital marketing campaigns will connect more emotionally with the target audience if they include narrative-based videos. They’ll enhance the appeal of the brand and assist in demonstrating the principles the companies uphold.


While it’s common knowledge that marketing videos are highly effective at increasing eCommerce sales, using the right type of video on the right pages can give you the leverage you need to advance your video marketing campaigns. 

On your eCommerce website, you may enhance engagement, sales, and brand loyalty for years to come by getting to know your audience and using purposeful, diversified video content.

Make some test clips and see how their utilisation will affect the sales of these products if you are still unsure about whether videos will enhance conversions to your online store.

In order for you to plan future work, you also need to know how much money and time will be needed to create each film. Post your video as widely as you can, including on YouTube, social media, and the website itself. The outcome will appear quickly.

Because you can track your audience’s video watch statistics, video advertisements let you grow an engaged audience. These will benefit your e-commerce company if they are used in conjunction with static image advertising and are supplied at the appropriate time.

You can incorporate trends over time and maintain top-of-mind awareness with clients by consistently producing new films. At the time of launch, make sure to draw attention to any new features or enhancements to the product.

Your brand is the single most important component of your company, so maintaining brand consistency throughout all materials is crucial. Keep all of your films consistent with your brand by using colours, language, music style, intros, and any additional graphics.

The best part is that over the past ten years, making eCommerce videos has become exponentially simpler. High-quality eCommerce videos can now be created affordably thanks to smartphones’ ability to shoot in 4k at 60 frames per second and simple cloud-based video editing tools.

Somehow, videos have grown to be an essential component of eCommerce marketing. You can start experimenting with various types of videos now that you have a clear understanding of how to incorporate the power of videos into your eCommerce marketing strategies.

Despite this, you must still use strategy while producing and disseminating videos that have an impact.

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