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3D Animation In Game Engine

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Video games have been attracting people all around the world. These games which were once a mode of entertainment for children alone, these days are used as an important source of entertainment for both kids and elders. Smart games often include various types of gaming experiences like board games, fighting games, and car races, etc. And these experiences become more realistic when 3d animation comes in.

Gaming experiences have already evolved and this makes it essential for gaming engines to adapt to advancement. Due to changes in technologies, most of the gaming engines have already switched to 3D gaming experiences. In recent years, 3D rendering has already been implemented in most video games. It has been successfully attracting players from around the globe. The three-dimensional models of games provide realistic approaches to the games.

What are 3D games?

These days most of the video games available in the market are 3D games. These are interactive gaming applications that are created with three-dimensional models. These entertainment applications ensure a proper combination of height, depth, and width. The 3D games are of a virtual world that ensures providing realistic gaming experiences.

To create wonderful 3D gaming applications, advanced game engines are used. Game developers often used several software and tools to implement 3D rendering applications. This software comes with features and tools that allow creating smart gaming applications that ensure amazing visual effects, sound, and a perfect calculation of the concepts of physics and elements to provide real-time gaming experiences.

Chess - 3D Games

What are game engines?

The game engine is an advanced software framework that is used for the development of video games. It is a smart framework that supports various useful programs and relevant libraries that could be used to create interactive and interesting video games. A game engine is actually a development software that works in a certain framework to utilize all available and suitable tools to create wonderful video games.

The advance in animation engines has made it simple for developers and game artists to create 3D games in an easy way. This is because there already exist smart gaming software and engines that can be used even by the general developer to create smart gaming applications.

These powerful gaming engines are easy to use and allow using smart features to create wonderful applications to ensure realistic gaming experiences. They are cost-effective platforms that provide a smooth user interface that could be used by almost anyone. This animation engine supports easier learning curves that are often used for the development of smart games.

3D rendering in game engines

To ensure creating an advanced video gaming application, often 3D rendering is used. The three-dimensional model adds up to the animation of the game and enhances the overall experience of the video games. 3D rendering is used so that realistic gaming experiences can be assured to the players.

Rendering supports several features that help develop advanced and smart games. It provides facilities of scripting, animation, sound, artificial intelligence, streaming, networking, and memory management in an adequate manner.

The gaming engines that provide 3D capabilities are often termed graphic engines, 3D engines, or rendering engines. There are smart gaming engines that work with rendering functionalities and thus have features to evolve as per the players’ needs.

Choosing the best game animation engine

Before you could rely on a particular game engine, it is important to choose a perfect engine that could suit your needs and preferences. There are so many search engines in the market and a developer must choose a perfect animation engine that could help develop and enhance gaming applications.

So as to choose a perfect game animation engine, take care of the following aspects:

  • Deep research
    Before choosing the game engine, make sure to conduct deep research of the available options. There are several engines available in the market and one must carefully analyse and compare engines before choosing the best for the development of smart games.
  • System requirement
    While choosing a game engine, you need to peep into the specification and system requirements of the selected game animation engine. Make sure to check whether it will run with WindowsMac, or Linux. You must choose an engine that is compatible with your device.
  • Open source or paid
    Also, make sure that the available game engine is paid version or open source. There are many gaming engines that are available free of cost and can be used by anyone to create games. Developers can rely on open source engines if they wish to create applications with no costs. They can also rely on paid game engines that provide better and advanced features to create wonderful 3D gaming applications. Some of the engines are open source yet support paid plugs to provide better and customized working experiences.
  • Features and tools
    While choosing the game animation engine what you must not skip is its features and tools. Different game engines support different features that can be used to create wonderful gaming applications. This includes the smart features of shading, lighting, audio, and rigging, etc.
  • Programming language
    Just like other software, the game engines also support unique programming languages. In such cases, it is important to choose a game engine that uses a programming language that you are comfortable using. This helps you create wonderful applications in an easy way. If you are not friendly with programming languages, you can also opt for animation engines that could support visual scripting languages. This smart engine does not require any coding for creating gaming applications.
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Difference between 2D games and 3D games

Every field adapts to innovation and so is the case with gaming. Three-dimensional features were added to games to provide advanced and better experiences to players. Prior games were created in simple 2D experiences that have already been replaced by advanced 3D models.

Here are some of the characteristics of 2D and 3D games that can clearly depict the difference between the two:

Characteristics of 2D video games

2D games were designed with basic concepts of lines and curves. These were simple games that had flat graphics. They were drawn and created on the screen as flat images. These were simple games with no geometry. Some of the iconic video games still support 2D features.

Characteristics of 3D video games

Smart 3D video games are smart gaming applications that support three-dimensional geometry. The 3D games use rendering for providing a perfect animated picture of the games. This ensures providing realistic gaming experiences by ensuring a combination between material and texture.

In such games, the features of rendering are applied on the surface of the game objects that make it appear as a solid environment. In such applications, features are applied to characters and objects that can make advanced gaming world experiences.

In such a scenario, games are rendered on the scene using perspective, this provides a wider picture of the game. This makes sure that objects appear larger than they actually are on screens. Most of the games available today are in 3D models. 

Super Mario 2D Game Mobile Legends 3D Game

Styles of 3d animation

In the gaming world, 3D rendering is already ruling. Artists get a wide range of facilities and features that can be added with a 3D version of the game engine and this is the obvious reason why it is used so widely. When a game artist is designing a 3D game with a game animation engine, he can use different types of 3D animations and some of them are:

  1. Digital 3D
    A digital environment that appears to be the final design of any animated video game involves several elements and detailed processes. The final game that is available for players is the result of a tedious procedure performed by several expert professionals. The process starts with an artist designing the characters of the game. This involves detailed sketches of the character and the environment in which the game will run.

    Once this is created, symmetry with the objects is achieved using a 3D model. The animator or the game artists do not always interact with the objects in any digital environment. Rather they depend on software programs to create the entire digital environment of the game where objects’ movements and commands are set to react in the digital environment. 3D digital animation is complicated because in such animation, each object always appears and thus it must be carefully placed at an angle of 360 degrees and each frame has to be added separately.

  2.  Interactive 3D
    This version of the animation is customized as per the player’s need. The interactive 3D are the ones that can respond smartly to the action performed by the player while playing the game. Using this type of animation, the artists often create gaming applications where characters respond to players.

    This is a unique kind of animation style that lets players move within the 3D environment. With the help of such animation, it is possible to design an application where one can use a mouse to interact with the objects. To create such smart gaming applications, often smart software is used that provides enhanced capabilities to ensure countless possibilities of adding animation to the moving objects.

  3. Virtual reality 3D
    VR 3D games are common these days. When virtual reality is used in gaming applications, it allows users to imagine playing games in the real world scenario. The 3D virtual reality animation is highly complex because it requires a rich set of animations for creating wonderful gaming experiences. So as to enjoy such video games designed in VR, players need to have a VR headset like Google glass, etc.

    These are advanced gaming applications that are designed to create a real-time environment for playing games wherever the user is playing the game. These animated games are rich in experiences and involve fine animation so that players can completely immerse themselves in the game. In such gaming applications, objects in the gaming environment look very real.

  4. Stop motion animation 
    This is a simple yet smart animation style used widely in gaming applications. In this type of animation different frames are created to create an interactive 3D visualization. The animation includes running of frames one after the other that have been created by multiple images of objects. The animation includes a smart process in which frames are smartly manipulated in steps physically. It is then played quickly so that fine 3D animation can be achieved.

    In such animation, special attention is required because an incorrect image of the single frame can disturb the overall animation. The stop motion animation allows artists to show their creativity in large spaces because everything is done manually. They have the facility to create animation by capturing unique frame leads.

  5. Cel shading animation
    The smart Cel shading animation is often used to create comic cartoons in a gaming environment. This is often termed as toon shading also. This 3D animation is known to mimic the original style of the comic book or the style of old cartoons. This is a smart animation style that involves non-photorealistic rendering. In this animation, rendering is done to ensure that computer graphics resemble hand-drawn objects.

    The process of the cel-shading animation starts with the 3D model. Here, non-photorealistic lighting is used to achieve a flat look for each character. In this animation, conventional lighting is calculated on the basis of each pixel value. It is then mapped together into small discrete shades. This makes it possible to create objects that appear like blocks. These objects are not so smooth in appearance. 

  6. Motion capture
    Often used in mobile programs and film projects, this type of animation style is capable of copying the action of real actors. This is a smart indispensable 3D animation that ensures the very realistic movement of each character in the game or film. This is a smart animation that allows including even the most complicated movement of the actor in an accurate manner such that it appears to be very real.

    The realistic physical interaction of such animation helps improve the overall experience of the application. It is a smart animation technique that helps achieve larger amounts of animation in considerably less time. 

Pokemon Go application on smartphone

Different types of game animation engines

There are so many game animation engines that act as useful software for game developers to create wonderful games. Some of the wonderful game animation engines are:

  1. Unity
    This is a free-to-use game engine that allows the easy creation of animated gaming applications. Created by Unity Technologies, this is a smart engine used by worldwide gaming developers. It can run well on a variety of platforms.
  2. Unreal engine
    The Unreal engine is available at no upfront costs and is used widely for its groundbreaking advancement for years. The engine allows the creation of wonderful graphics and animations. It can support several platforms. This allows showing even the finest characteristics of the character that including scuffles and wrinkles. This can be used even by the beginner gaming developer because it is easy to pick and allows creating applications without the use of any code.
  3. Blender
    Blender is a smart game engine that can allow creating almost anything in 3D animation. It supports a wide range of smart 3D features including motion tracking, modelling, rigging, sculpting, and compositing. This is free to use an engine that is capable of designing images, intros, worlds and games in 3D animation. It enables an interface that is much easier to understand and it supports the features of minimal bugs and strong stabilization. It also supports add-on options that can provide tailored experiences for game developers.
  4. Torque 3D
    This is an open-source 3D game engine that has been a favourite engine for game developers. This is an engine suitable to run well on multiple platforms that making it easy for developers to use it to create wonderful gaming applications. It includes smart features such as world editor, occlusion mapping, reflections, and easy access to source code.
  5. Panda 3D
    Another useful open source game engine is Panda 3D. This engine supports advanced 3D rendering. This can run well with common programming languages such as C++ and Python. It includes smart features such as particle effects, GUI creation, advanced shaders, elements of physics, rendering to textures. It supports cel-shading animation style and helps create wonderful gaming applications easily. 


The 3D games that bring in a wide range of entertainment choices are all a result of smart animation processes. The world of 3D animation games is quite wide but most of these games are a result of hard work by animators and artists. The game development process involves several techniques and styles of 3D animations. It is pretty sure that 3D rendering has changed the way the gaming experience can be enjoyed and thanks to 3D features that talented game developers can create advanced gaming applications using this technique. 

It is true that when game developers are welcomed by a set of challenges each day while designing interactive games, the useful game engines provide real help to create wonderful applications. With 3D animation in game engines, it is possible to include smooth features in games that can ensure realistic gaming experiences for players. 

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