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How Video Marketing in eCommerce Can Increase Sales

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A lot of people shop online. A recent survey revealed that nearly two-thirds of Americans make online purchases at least once per month, with the average American spending about $80 each time. This means eCommerce businesses have some serious competition, especially if they’re still not using video in their marketing strategy.

We have started using videos in eCommerce to generate more leads, sell more products and increase our sales per visitor in comparison to traditional text and images-only websites! In this article, you will know why we have started integrating video in eCommerce, the methods we are using to do it, and the outcomes so far. I hope you enjoy it! 

In today’s digital era, companies are spending more and more on videos to market their products or servicesVideo marketing, sometimes called video advertising, is an affordable and effective way to increase brand awareness and boost sales by reaching people on a personal level. 

In the e-commerce industry, video marketing in particular can have positive effects on traffic, conversion rates, and sales of your products or services. 

Video marketing has become one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales in 2017. But why? There are so many other means of marketing out there – Why should you care about video? And what makes it more effective than other forms of content marketing? Let’s dig deeper into this.

Video marketing has been used by e-commerce business owners to increase sales and build their reputation as an industry leader, especially when it comes to product descriptions. We know that social media has taken over as the number one go-to place for content, but let’s not forget the written word still has its place in digital marketing – yes? 

To make sure your written content isn’t left behind, why not add video marketing to that page? The two complement each other so well! Video marketing in eCommerce, as in any other industry, has been gaining popularity. 

You can see tons of customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and other videos on the most popular eCommerce platforms’ websites and social media accounts – Amazon, eBay, Newegg, etc. How can you use this powerful marketing tool to increase sales in your eCommerce store? Read on to find out more!

The top reasons why video marketing is effective

Things every product video should contain

  1. Does the video include real footage of the product or a recording of someone using it? 
  2. What is the video about? 
  3. How does it show off your product and what makes it unique? 
  4. Does the video contain relevant information about where to find your product, how much it costs, and how to buy it? 
  5. Does the video make you feel like you’re at your favourite place on earth – that’s not possible without visuals. If you have an existing store, this will be even more important as people want to see what they’re buying before they buy it. 

You’ll need to show them every angle, feature, and detail of your product so they know exactly what they’re getting. You’ll also need to answer any questions that might come up in their minds when watching the video (which is why we suggest adding a FAQ page). 

With still images, you don’t have the opportunity to convey all these details so easily but with video marketing, it’s super easy because consumers can get all these details with just one viewing!

How to get started with creating marketing video

5 mistakes to avoid with product videos

  1. Focus too much on visuals – videos need to have audio narration for customers to comprehend the message. Customers who are listening and watching have a better understanding of the product and customer reviews play an integral role as well. 
  2. No structure or organising – when it comes to videos, you need to plan ahead and stay focused on your script. Scripts should be around 3 minutes long, so don’t fill them with filler and pointless information – that just wastes time! 

If you want to include more than one person, make sure they are talking about the same thing and try not to repeat what is already said. Take your video one step at a time. If this seems difficult, start by making a list of what you want to include before filming. 

  1. Editing Errors– Make sure everything looks good on camera before posting it online. One common mistake is forgetting to zoom in on text when filming so everything is readable while watching. 
  2. Poor Lighting – Make sure there is enough light, but no direct sunlight to avoid glare and glare off surfaces such as jewellery which can look fake. When recording outside, wear sunglasses to reduce reflections from the sun. 
  3. Relying on Music– Unless you’re using licensed music, make sure any music used is royalty free or add a watermark if necessary, and do not use copyrighted music without permission because it’s illegal to upload unlicensed content without permission from copyright holders.

Why do you need product videos?

You need product videos to show potential customers how your products are made, where they’re made, what you do with the items when you get them back from customers, and more. 

Videos will help close deals faster and answer important questions for potential buyers. The more confident your buyer feels about purchasing an item, the quicker he or she will purchase. These are six reasons you should use videos to market your products on your site and through social media channels such as Facebook. 

While it is true that not everyone needs a video of their products, having a video does provide some definite benefits to those who have one.

Videos help generate higher conversion rates because people want to know everything they can before making a purchase decision. Product videos educate potential customers on how your products are made, where they’re made, what you do with the items when you get them back from customers, and more.

Types of videos

There are some different types of videos that you can use for your brand. These are as follows:

Educational – An educational video is a valuable tool. You could choose to show the user how to do something like replace a tire or fill out an order form. Or, you could educate the public on a problem they may not be aware of, such as using blinds inside an office or making an introduction to your product with just a photo and caption. 

These videos have the potential to teach customers new information, and it’s a great way to add more content that doesn’t take up much time.

How-to Videos – A how-to video is one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube and other platforms. They’re also helpful for educating people who want to know more about what you sell before they buy it. 

For example, if you were selling exercise equipment and someone wanted to know what kinds of exercises they could do, this would be the type of video you would provide them. If someone was interested in knowing more about your service, this would also be a good type of video for them. But keep in mind: Make sure these videos offer value! Don’t put together a bunch of random facts that don’t tie into each other or try to trick viewers into buying your product by falsely claiming it does things it doesn’t. 

Related Videos – Including related videos on your website is a terrific approach to assist your visitors learn more about the products they are interested in or explore additional products that are comparable, even though they aren’t necessarily a category in and of themselves. 

This tactic will assist consumers in learning all the information they require to safely make a purchase because they may be hesitant to make online transactions.

Reviews or Testimonials – Videos of reviews and testimonials are yet another crucial component of your eCommerce website. People adore them since they provide details on the product’s quality and functionality. Naturally, this gives customers more assurance that the product is practical and performs as promised by the maker.

Top tips for creating product videos

Videos engage shoppers by showing them the product and its features without forcing them to read through a bunch of text. Plus, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google, so it’s a good idea to include videos on your site. Here are top tips for creating product videos:

  • Keep it short! If people have time to watch only one minute, they will be more likely to do so. 
  • Show all angles. People want to know that they’re getting the best possible view of what they’re purchasing.
  • Focus on benefits, not features. Talk about how the product will make their life better rather than just describing what it does.
  • A well-lit video is important, especially if you plan to film outdoors or in dimly lit rooms with bright lights.

Why do people buy from brands with YouTube videos?

People often think that video marketing is only for big brands with a lot of money to spend on advertising. Yet, people are more likely to purchase from companies that use video marketing than those that don’t. On average, consumers who view a company’s video are 2x more likely to buy the product or service. 

This means that even small businesses and startups have the opportunity to reap the benefits of video marketing and significantly increase their revenue.

The best way for any company to get started with video marketing is by creating videos around topics related to their product or service offerings. For example, if you offer dog walking services then you might want to create videos about things like training tips or how much dogs enjoy playing fetch.

ecommerce video marketing strategy

4 Ways to leverage video marketing in your eCommerce store

Here are some of the ways to use video marketing:

  • Add videos to your product pages. Help customers visualise the product with a video walk-through, or show how it’s made.
  • Create customer testimonial videos. Put words and faces to the reviews, and bring people into the story of your brand.
  • Use product demonstration videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to engage with potential buyers. Show your followers how you use a product or what it looks like on someone else who might be their size.
  • Offer up how-to videos for customers who are intimidated by something new.

What Videos Sell Best Online?

The types of videos that are most successful on the internet are typically either educational or entertaining. You should always create content that will be informative and engaging to your customers. 

Even if you’re not a professional video creator, there are plenty of free video editing programs available online to help you get started, such as Windows Movie Maker. You might also want to include your products in the videos you post on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Another good idea is to include demonstrations of how easy it is to use your product by showing step-by-step tutorials for things like makeup application, for example. This strategy works especially well for makeup artists who want people who don’t know much about makeup application techniques to try their products out.

Benefits of YouTube Video SEO

YouTube is the second-most trafficked website on the internet and has over 800 million monthly users, which makes it a great resource for both promoting and hosting videos. YouTube lets you rank higher in search results by optimising your video’s title, description, tags, and other metadata to include words related to your niche. 

In addition to this, YouTube also takes into account viewer engagement (likes, shares, comments) as well as the time spent watching your video when determining its ranking on the site. This means that those with more views will have a better chance of appearing higher up in search engine results than those with fewer views.

How YouTube Analytics Helps You Create Better Videos?

YouTube Analytics is a suite of tools that helps you better understand your audience and optimise your videos. YouTube Analytics provides insights such as demographics, what time of day people watch your video, how long they watch, and geographic location. You can use this information to adjust the content of your video or to choose a better time slot for when you upload the video.

YouTube Analytics also shows you how many people have played your video, how many times it has been viewed, and where those views came from (i.e., YouTube search engine results pages or external links). 

These stats are helpful if you want to optimise your videos for higher view counts or push more traffic to your site from YouTube Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Create Compelling Videos by Collaborating with Influencers on Youtube

In the last two years, video marketing has become more popular than ever. This is because it’s so much easier to watch a video instead of reading text on a page. But even better than just making videos, you should be collaborating with influencers on Youtube. 

This will give you increased exposure and bring your business more customers. Influencer marketing is the future of advertising, and it’s cheaper and more effective than other advertising methods that are used today like TV ads or billboards.

In order to find influencers to collaborate with, you need to search Youtube for keywords related to your product or service: Laptops, online shopping, etc. You’ll get a list of channels with videos related to what you’re looking for.

Engage Audiences with Remarketing & Retargeting (Youtube Ads)

Remarketing is a term that Google coined and refers to the act of marketing to people who have previously visited your website. With remarketing, you are able to reach the audience members on Google’s Display Network, which includes sites like YouTube. 

By targeting these people with ads, you’re able to bring them back to your site and convert them into buyers. This is an important tool for many marketers because it allows them to take advantage of the traffic they already generated. You’re also able to create a custom audience based on viewers’ demographic data or interests.

If you want more engagement from your target audiences, retargeting might be the solution for you!

Use Whiteboard Animation Videos for Explainer Videos & Viral Marketing

Whiteboard animation is a great way to create viral marketing videos. It’s the perfect technique for explainer videos that engage viewers and make them want to learn more about the product or service being promoted. It’s also a tool that is powerful enough to help drive conversion rates on your site. 

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider using this medium for your next campaign.

In addition, it’s important to make sure you’re using video marketing as part of your overall content strategy. You need to have an idea of what you’re trying to do with your video before you even start making it. What are you trying to sell? Who are you targeting with the message? What benefits will they gain by purchasing what you’re offering?


Video marketing is a powerful tool for increasing customer engagement and driving sales. As long as you’re following some basic best practices and putting in the time to create quality content, your video marketing efforts will be well worth the investment. 

Here are some grounds for why any eCommerce business ought to use video marketing: 

  • Video content is 95% more likely to be shared than text-based content. 
  • Video increases conversion rates by 80%. 
  • 75% of consumers say that they’ve made a purchase based on their viewing of an online video 54% of people have bought something because they liked it after watching a product demo video.
  • 50% of people watch videos while shopping on their phone.

Hence, above mentioned statistics show how imperative it is for ecommerce businesses to incorporate video marketing to boost their sales.

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