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Promotional Videos Are A Great Way To Attract New Customers

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The growth of videos in an online world made it an essential medium of promotion. These days promotional videos, live streaming videos, and how-to videos are flooded on the internet. People love seeing videos and they admire videos over other text advertising. This makes it essential for businesses to promote brands. An effective video does not only interestingly promote the brand, but also helps attract customers easily. 

When interactive videos are created to convey everything about brands and its product, they could easily be consumed by the customers without much effort. Reaching easily among the customers, videos can help attract new customers for a business. Videos are a great way to promote brands and thus it is used by almost every business these days. 

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What is video marketing?

It is a common proverb that “a picture says a thousand words” when it is about the video, one can simply multiply thousands into thousands. Video is said to convey everything appropriately. It is a powerful marketing tool that could communicate in an effective way to connect with customers. It is the finest part of your marketing campaign that could engage the audience to educate them about the brand and its products. 

 In simple terms, video marketing is a marketing technique that uses videos for the promotion of the products and services of a company or a brand. It is used to convey everything about a product that may include its information, its features, functions, etc. It uses different channels of digital and social media. It could engage customers without much effort and thus it is an advantageous way for marketing. 

Why videos for marketing?

Videos are an effective way to communicate information about the brand. Videos can communicate information in a way that is easy to consume. Videos are better over text marketing and advertising because it is easy to create promotional videos and it could convey better with proper and full information about the brand. 

Videos are used by almost all famous brands because they convey interesting content that could easily connect with customers and make them buy the products and services. Videos do not always include a huge budget. At an affordable cost, an effective video can be created that could deliver the best outcome with basic video content. When done well, it could directly deliver easy-to-digest messages to consumers without much effort and make them trust your brand easily. 

Benefits of video marketing

The perfect way for the promotion of any brand is through videos. Videos are interactive marketing techniques that could easily attract more new customers. A perfectly-created video can effectively convey everything about the brand among customers such that they can establish trust in the brand to buy products and services for a long time. 

In the fast-changing world, promotional videos are a great way to market. It creates an impression about the brand that is hard to forget. Promotional videos are known to offer various benefits and some of these are:

  • It can convey everything about the brand in an easy manner
  • It can showcase your brand personality interactively 
  • It can help create brand recognition by enhancing the reach among customers
  • It can help attain better ranking in famous search engines by providing a better SEO score
  • It can penetrate a remarkable image of the brand and thus establish long term relationships with customers
  • It also proves to enhance the overall social media engagement
  • It ensures establishing trust among viewers and customers

Why include promotional videos for marketing?

There are different ways one could opt for marketing. The main aim of any effort made to marketing is to attract customers. Until customers get attracted and until the conversion is made, there is no use of any effort you make. 

Among so many ways used in marketing, promotional videos have been known to generate wonders. Videos are a great way to attract customers because they could effectively penetrate customers’ minds and thus help them get attracted to your brand. 

Here are the common reasons why it is a great idea to consider promotional videos to attract new customers:

 1. Wider reach

When it is about marketing your brand, you cannot limit your extension to a small group of customers. It is a good idea to expand your reach. When there will be more customers, it is possible to ensure better conversions. 

With promotional videos, it is possible to expand your reach. These days, sites like YouTube and Vimeo allow the posting of videos without any costs. This makes it easy to promote without any charges. When people will have access to free videos they will surely know about your company. Also, if they will like your video, they will promote it to their social media account which could ensure further promotion thus ensuring wider reach. 

2. Video is hard to forget

A simple text can be forgotten easily. Even when advertisements are attractive and meaningful, customers are likely to forget them soon. On the other hand, when interactive and entertaining videos are used as a source of promotion, they could embark an unforgettable image of the brand in the mind of customers. 

Videos are likely to penetrate the minds of customers in a better way and thus ensure a long-time inspiration. The main motive of any marketing is to stay long with customers and this is possible with effective videos.  

3. Easy to attract mobile users

These days, more than 50% of customers prefer scrolling the web through mobiles. In such a scenario, it is a little difficult to market on small screens. Each day, hundreds of messages and general advertisements float on mobile screens, but customers remember only those advertisements that are remarkable and hard to forget. 

Unlike images, videos can be effectively viewed on mobile devices and thus help attract mobile customers in a better way. This is an effective way to connect directly to mobile customers that could be easily converted into leads. 

4. Entails almost everything about the brand

When you are restricted to images or text advertising you have limited words to express about products and services of a brand. With videos, it is possible to explain almost everything about a particular product of a brand. 

Animated videos and interactive visuals can be a great way to explain all features and characteristics of a product among the customers. Videos are a great way to introduce your brand and its product to your customers. 

5. Convey meaningfully and connect emotionally 

Videos are a great way to entail everything about the brand from its existing to its new products etc. This can include testimonials of recent customers and their positive reviews of the product. It is also possible to create videos that convey emotional meaning.

Marketing can sound boring, but when it is with videos connecting with your customers is easy. People show interest in emotional videos and when they view such videos for any brand, they would surely remember the brand name for a long time. 

6. Improving the search engine optimization

It is a proven fact that videos are more likely to get better ranks on famous search engines. Videos are sure to appear 70% in the top results list. Also, when videos appear in the search engine listing, customers are more likely to see them over long text content. 

Just add titles and descriptions to videos to obtain better search engine ranking and better customer traffic. Videos are a good way to boost your search engine rankings. When videos are used on the website for promotion, it is sure that users will use the website for a long time to view these videos and in turn, Google will provide rank to such websites where users spend more time.

7. Does not require any effort? 

There are several techniques used in marketing a brand. Some may ask customers to click on links and others may ask you to read texts or view images. In such a scenario, videos do not ask customers to take any effort to see the videos. 

Animated videos are a great way to promote interactively and effectively without involving any efforts from customers. When videos involve zero efforts, it is pretty sure that customers will feel enlightened and show their interest in the brand. 

Types of video marketing

Videos are a popular source of marketing in the present scenario. About 55% of people watch videos daily and this makes it easy to convey everything about brands to customers using videos. Everyone admires video over text advertising. This is because, with visuals, it is easier to digest information than by reading one line over another. 

Videos are versatile marketing sources that could deliver different contents in different formats. This is an engaging and entertaining way to penetrate information into the mind of customers. There are different types of videos. Some of the popular video marketing forms are:

 1. Video Campaign 

Prior the video campaign was for those who have the adequate budget to create marvellous videos, but this is not the case in the present scenario. A good campaign does not always need a big budget. There are several channels with which a campaign can be promoted to reach the target audience. The campaign can be used effectively for the launch of new products. 

2. Product demonstration videos

As per the recent report, about 72% of customers learn about a product through a video. Learning about products is easy with videos. It is thus important to create promotional videos for every new product. This is commonly used by several companies to demonstrate a product. The product demonstration video includes everything about the product looks, features, functions, and why customers should buy it.

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3. Live videos 

The current lockdown was a time of live videos. This is a nice way to conduct a meeting or demonstration for a new product launch without actually inviting people to the office. With live videos, one can know about products even while sitting at home. Such videos are also used for events and presentations about a brand or product. For perfect live video experiences, it is important to ensure a proper internet connection. 

4. How-to videos 

Whenever any question comes to our mind, we do not hesitate to search it over the web for answers. When you search with a general question as to how to? We get a list of video results as answers. These are smart videos created to provide answers to general questions. This can also be used to promote the brand as an answer to an important question. 

5. Personalized videos 

These types of videos are usually used by brands to target particular customers to make them feel special and enlightened. Such videos usually use customer relationship management tools so that they could capture information about the particular customer and work over it to ensure a customized and personalized experience for each customer. This may also include special birthday videos for customers. 

6. Content series 

These days, series are also widely used for promoting a brand name. The content series may contain engaging content with a proper message where the promotion of the brand falls secondary. The main aim of this content series is to connect with customers first and to promote the brand next. It has characters, a storyline, and a narrative line. 

 7. 360 degrees videos 

360-degree videos are often used by companies to promote the products of a particular brand. Such types of videos are becoming popular over eCommerce portals as well. 360-degree videos make you feel you are with the product to try it. This is also used by rental and real estate companies to ensure real-time experiences for users. 

How to create an effective video for video marketing?

Animated videos have soon become an integral part of business these days. Videos are a great way to convey meaningful information about the brand. It is important to create an appropriate video that could effectively reflect the brand and could attract customers. These are things to consider while creating an effective video:

 1. Introduction of the brand in the video 

The main purpose of a promotional video is brand promotion. Whether directly or indirectly the video must be created with a motive to convey information about a brand and its products. Many videos entail stories that end up promoting the brand. Some of the videos are advertisements about the brand. Whatever it is, it must promote a brand.  

2. Introduce brand as a solution 

While promoting videos for a brand, it is important to make your customer realize how useful the brand and its products are. This could be a video about the uses, features, and functions of videos and how they could act as useful solutions for users. 

3. Communicating a strong message

Videos that convey a message are hard to forget. When people see so many things on the internet, they remember videos that are meaningful and informative. While promoting brands with promotional videos, one should convey in a manner that is hard to forget. 

4. Crisp and interesting videos

Videos that are long and serious turn out to be boring for viewers. Use some fun that could attract customers to view the complete video with interest. This could help attract users in the right way. Short and funny videos are sure to penetrate the mind of users. 

5. Prepare and post

Never be in a hurry to post your videos. Take your time to prepare a perfect video that has all the essential information about brands conveyed appropriately. Make sure to view your created video twice or thrice before you could post so that you know how the final video looks. 

6. Know your brand

Before you could promote your brand with a video, it is always better to learn everything about your brand. This could make sure that you include the right information about your brand in a video. This could make it easy to promote only what is essential about the brand in a video. 

7. Select the right type of video

Always use the right type of videos to promote your brand. Whether you are using short series or how-to videos, you must know the purpose of posting a promotional video. It is your personal choice to promote with any type of video, but it must be attractive and meaningful.

Final thoughts

It is proven that when videos are used for brand promotion and advertisement, conversions are likely to increase by 80%. Videos prove to be a perfect way for promotion and advertisement. It is known to reduce the space between the brand owner and the customers. It promotes interactively and thus engages customers to show interest in a brand. 

Promotional videos can convey well and can interact with customers and thus ensure better conversions with less marketing efforts. This is an efficient way that is widely used by several businesses for proper marketing and advertising. 

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