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Benefits Of Using 360 Spin Photography Software

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The main objective of every business is to connect directly with its customers. Old ways of expressing yourself with words alone are no longer effective in establishing a connection with your end-users. The online competitive world is 360-degree photography. Digital marketing and its techniques keep on changing, and in order to survive in the online world, it is important for every business to adopt these changes. When you wish your customers to know more about your products, 360 spin photography can be a good idea.

By creating a 360-degree view of your product on your product page, you can ensure an accurate representation of your products. This can create the perfect picture of your product in your customer’s minds that can let them purchase your product.

What is 360 spin photography software?

When you wish to create 360 spin photography for your product, you need to rely on perfect software. The 360 spin photography software helps create 360 images of any product that can be added to a website or an eCommerce portal.

Often referred to as 360 viewers, this is software that can load on your customer’s browser when they get to the product image on your web application. He can then interact with images while looking at your product. It provides several features including panning, zooming, rotating, and drilling the product.

Using this software, the product 360 views can be designed using HTML codes. This will allow viewers to load and view images on a web server. This ensures to provide capabilities and functionalities of controlling the 360 product image.

There are plenty of 360 viewers available in the market that can be used to create and design 360 spin product images for your web application. They can be lightweight with some features and few customization choices. The other is full-featured viewers that offer better functionalities.

When you wish to target better customer segments and ensure better sales leads, it is important to choose perfect 360 spin photography software. When your 360 product image can run on all devices and all browsers, it will reach more customers. This will help maximize the overall profit for the business.

Features of a perfect 360 product image

A perfect 360 product image can connect with end-users and help boost sales lead for a product. In this competitive world when e-commerce portal owners are widely using 360 product images, it is important to understand what a perfect 360 photograph is all about. The perfect 360 product image must have the following characteristic:

  • Informative
    A perfect 360 photography is one that conveys everything about the product in the most interactive way. The perfect 360 product image must have exact shape, texture, colour, features, and capabilities. For this, it is essential that the picture of the product is taken with right angles in the right position.
  • Aesthetically rich
    By viewing the 360 product image, the user will decide how the product actually appears, and thus it is important to ensure that the image includes even the minute detail about the product. It must resemble the original product in all ways. So as to maintain this it is important to ensure a proper number of frames for smooth rotation.
  • SEO friendly
    In the online world, speed is quite essential. If a 360-degree product image is slow in loading, the user will simply close the product to open others because there are plenty of choices available online. This is only possible when the image is SEO-friendly and runs well with all browsers. The image must be smooth and quick to load on the screen of users.
  • Mobile friendly
    One must not forget that these days SEO portals are commonly used on mobile platforms. Users wish to conduct purchases anytime and anywhere. This is the reason why images must be compatible enough to run well on mobile browsers as well. It must-have features of zoom, rotate and move as supported on mobile devices.
  • Web browser compatible
    The image designed by 360 viewers must be compatible to run well on all types of web browsers. There are different versions of browsers used by end-users and in such cases, it is important that images display well on all browsers.

How does 360 spin photography work? 

360 spin photography is quite different from general photography. In this photography, it is important to have a complete setup in order to achieve a proper 360 images of a product. This includes cameras, lenses, lights, software, and other essential computer equipment. In such cases, a 360 turntable is also essential.

This complete setup allows taking different images of the product from different positions and angles. The images are usually taken with a white background so as to achieve a perfect 360 view. When product images are taken with 360 views, it seems to be floating.

With such advanced photography, a combination of light is used with product positioning on a setup stage. When right positioning and lightning are achieved, the product is then spun to improve its appearance and looks. After this, the product is reviewed for quality.

Once the final product image is catered it is then provided to be launched on a web application. The final product image of this viewer is a high-resolution 360-degree image that allows customers to engage and interact with the image.

The end results of such viewers are eye-catching and amazing that can help depict the perfect idea of the original product. With such pictures, you can convey every minute detail of the image.

Where is 360 spin photography software used?

The final version of the product image created from advanced 360 spin photography software can be used on the eCommerce portal to ensure sales. The 360 image photography helps provide a correct product image to customers so that they can know all about the product and purchase it without any delay.

The images can also be used on websites and web portals to let customers and end-users know about the product sold by the company. The 360 spin photographs of the product help entail everything about the product right on the website.

These advanced product images are also used on social media platforms and Amazon listings to ensure sales. The 360 product image is used on such channels to inform users about the product to increase the overall sales of the product.

How can 360 spin photography benefit your business?

When you intend to buy a product, there are many retailers selling the same products. When there is tough competition prevalent in the online world, it is to stand out. In the current scenario, 360 spin photography is a technology that helps sell products in the most innovative way.

Product 360 animation

The 360 product view adds a unique feature to the product and helps customers interact with the product and know about it in detail. It helps provide various benefits among which some are:

  1.   Enhanced customer engagement

Viewers can get easily bored with descriptive data in paragraphs. To attract viewers something attractive is required. In such situations, a 360 spin product image stands out. Product images designed with 360 product viewers display photorealistic images of a product that can ensure better customer engagement with the product.

The interactive 360 product image lets them handle the product as per their wish so that they can decide how the actual product will look when it will get delivered to them. This helps them grab attention towards the product by engaging them.

  1.   Attractive demonstration of the product

A simple description of the product does allow specifying features and characteristics of the product, but who actually bother to read them all. This left the customer with very little or almost no information about the product, but 360 spin photographs of the product help discuss the product in an attractive way.

When a customer views the product in 360 photography, they get to know the product and its features on their own, and thus no description of the product is required. The 360 product image is potential enough to demonstrate and highlight the key features of the product in the most attractive way to potential customers that will drive them to buy the product.

  1.   Penetration of information in customer mind

Even when you include product features in points and diagrammatic ways, users may miss some of the important information about the product. They can also forget the detail as soon as they switch to other similar products, but when they get a 360 view of the product they feel they are using the product and thus it is hard for them to forget any detail about the product.

The 3D images created by 360-degree viewers are so real that they can feature in-depth knowledge about the product in an interactive and engaging manner. When a product image is in a visual format, it can easily get penetrated in the customer’s mind. With such a product image, users can easily digest and understand the information about the product.

  1.   Users are left with no doubt

One of the obvious reasons why the selected product is not purchased is their doubt that how the product will finally appear when it will reach them. For many users, it is hard to understand how the product will actually appear. When an e-commerce portal includes the virtual, 360 product image of the product it is easy for users to decide the final appearance of the product.

The 360 product image depicts the in-depth appearance of the product right on the website. With such a view, the images resemble the exact product in all ways. It includes the key features of the product and the functionality of the product. When users can get an idea of how the product will look from each angle they can actually complete their purchase. This lets them be sure about the product in all ways.

  1.   Less return of the product

One of the common reasons why customers return the purchased product from an online store is that they vary from the appearance on the website and the final product they receive. This is the bigger problem for retailers because product return is a time-consuming process. This comes with an attached cost and is hard to be resold in many cases. The product also involves two-time shipping charges which are not completely borne by the consumers.

To avoid such consequences, it is always better to include 360 product images on the eCommerce portals. When interactive photographs are included on portals, the end users can get a real picture of how the original product appears and this will help them buy just exactly what they are looking for. This will reduce the risk of return of the product.

  1.   Allows use of product image on multiple platforms

Product images created by 360 viewers are interactive images that can be used anywhere on online channels. This is a great way to let customers know about your product in an attractive and engaging way. When you have an interactive image that entails almost everything about the product, it can be used on a different platform for engaging users and creating sales leads.

A 360-degree product image can be a perfect explainer about the product. When you have an interactive way to promote your products, it is easy to target users online. The customized 360 picture is a user-friendly technique to inform everyone about the product. It is a digital marketing asset which, when used appropriately can help boost the overall sale of the product.

How does a 360 product image help ensure product sales?

The main motive of any eCommerce store is the enhancement of sales. The 360 spin-photograph viewer helps design interactive product images that can stand out from other competitors. The 360 product image can reach your customer in the most attractive way and this will compel them to use the product and purchase it from your portal.

It can promote sales in these ways:

  • It will let your product and your portal stand out from competitors’ portals.
  • It will convey everything about the product in a most attractive manner.
  • The presentation of the product is better, attractive, and interactive.
  • The consumers can interact and understand the product in a better way.

When a 360-degree product image is included in a portal, it helps you win in the online world. The 360 product image helps boost sales and thus increases the overall rate of investment. When a user checks the product they can get visual experiences of the product online itself. When they get a fair idea about the product this will also reduce the risk of return and thus ensure an increased sales lead.

Do I need 360 spin photography software?

Do I need 360 spin photography software?

Definitely, 360 spin photography is a need of the day. It helps depict almost everything about the product and can also ensure return on investment in many cases but not all products shot in 360 spin photography can benefit from it.

360 spin photography is an advanced photography option that is done with a complete setup, equipment, and software. Each comes with its own set of costs. It is thus important to carefully decide which products actually need 360 spin photography.

Not all products require 360 photography. Some products that are flat and have very little information to convey do not necessarily be shot in such a photography style. Products that can convey simple images do not require a full hemispherical or spherical view. It is of no benefit spending additional costs on such products.

However, the products that need to be placed on eCommerce portals and require interactive attention from the customer end need to be shot in 360 spin views.

It is also important to understand that not all manufacturers sell products with images. Some products are sold to end-users without any images and in such cases the need for such viewers or spin photography software is negligible.

In some cases, retailers or resellers ask for 360 images because this is the basic demand in marketplaces today. In such cases, one must not ignore the advantages of 360 spin photography for their products.


By showing what your product actually looks like, you can ensure to offer the best customer experiences. It can be difficult to understand a product on online portals but with a 360-degree view, you can provide a perfect pictorial detail of the product. This will help your users know about your product so they can buy it from you.

The main motive of every business is to ensure the final sale of products. 360 product photography is essential for every business so as to ensure sales. The 360 spin photography helps create a perfect idea of product among customers which ensures a sure shot sale for any eCommerce business.

When products are shot in 360 spin photography mode, they are more likely to be sold. With such smart products images, sales leads can be generated easily, and thus they can help enhance the overall profit for the business. 

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