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Best 3D Car Configurator

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With various options available in the market, buying cars has become easier. You explore multiple options before laying your hands on your favourite car. People visit the dealer for test driving and re-checking to avoid making the wrong decision. Here, the experienced and practical advice of the seller gives a lot of importance.  But 3D car Configurator is the future. Due to the current situation where physical presence is difficult and not practical, the sellers are expected to offer some extra beneficial services to their customers which could help them to think and decide online. Although a lot of services are being offered online, it becomes a little difficult to feel satisfied online, compared to the satisfaction you get after examining the car physically. Here comes the concept of 3D configuration to the rescue.

A 3D Configurator is a software that gives the customers a chance to visualize any product in various forms by utilizing interactive options. With any changes made, the product will adapt and show your preferred customized product. It helps you to decide better and make changes if needed.

3D Car Configuration

Gone are the days when you used to dream about configuring your car. Today, with the help of advanced technology, the demand of the consumers for customization is easily possible. The ways in which people do their purchases have changed. Hence, if the companies do not update themselves with updated technology, they face the challenge of offering customised services for car configuration to their customers. A 3D car Configurator helps in allowing the customers to design and personalize their dream car. It is a web-based application that can be used on mobile, laptop, or iPad. Several colours, accessories, and materials are offered in this app which the customer is free to choose. Also, a product of customers’ expectations or something very similar to their expectations is catered to by the dealer. This not only gives them the confidence to offer something that a customer is ordering but also bridges the gap between the virtual and physical world to some extent.

Every single detail can be designed by the client here. From colours, steering wheels, seat material or cover to rimming’s, horn sound and accessories-everything is under the control of the client. One can see how the car will look when the door or the hood is open or closed or how it will suit different environmental setups, etc. You can zoom in and out every detail of the interior or exterior part of the car so that you get the extra details without having to be physically present there. The high-quality graphics of 3D and the 360-degree view has taken, the configuration experience to a different level.

What are the advantages of a 3D car Configurator?

  •   A 3D car Configurator can help you design almost the entire car in an all-new way. You can change the colour theme of the interior and exterior according to your taste. You will get an idea of how the car will look when the doors are opened, or the hood of the car is open, which car will suit what kind of environment, and the list goes on and on.
  •   With a car Configurator, the distance between a seller and a customer in this pandemic time is bridged. It gives the companies a better way of understanding the customer’s needs and giving them what they want. Many customers who are enjoying this additional benefit of customization are willingly paying more to the companies for the extra services.
  •   The Configurator has not only given the customers a chance of creativity, but has also provided a platform to customize and visualize the interior and exterior of the car. Through the Configurators, all or most of their wishes are coming true. The brands who are offering these services are achieving better ratings in the market and hence more customers and a good name.
  •   Some companies like Porsche have taken the Configurator to the next level by offering an option called ‘Artificial Intelligence. This function gives the clients to choose their recommended engine and design their own Porsche. The Configurator is very realistic, intuitive and covers all the essential features for the comfortable personalization experience of the customers. The car Configurator is adaptable; it gives a 360-degree 3D view of the car which gives a realistic and clear image of the car you wish to buy.
  •   It is with the help of the 3D Configurator that the customers can have a view of their car that is going to take place in their garage. It creates an emotional connection with a dream which they have created by themselves. Moreover, the 3D view offers a 360-degree visual image of the car which helps them in understanding what they will be getting in the future and how their car will look from both inside and outside.
  •   Due to the configuration app, the company knows what their customers want from them. They will not manufacture any model with unwanted features. This will save time and will give proper results.
  •   A very big advantage of introducing a 3D car Configurator is related to the companies who are offering it. The customers are satisfied, the reviews are positive and the sales are increasing. Today, when something new is expected from the clients, the companies have taken the technology to the next level and have come up with this innovative idea.
  •   With the help of a Configurator, the companies are getting the opportunity to understand the demand and expectations of the customers better. This is helping them to build products accordingly that is suited to a customers’ particular preferences. Likewise, they will get an idea if there is a change in demand and accordingly bring expected changes in the product.
  •   A unique benefit of using a car Configurator is that when you customize your car, you will have the option of taking a screenshot on your device or even record videos for your reference. You will, in this case, get a chance to show your design to your friends and family who can give the required feedback which can help you make improvements.
  •   With the custom car configuration, companies are attracting loyal customers. While they offer numerous options for customizing, a customer’s emotional attachment gets established by the brand. Once a customer becomes loyal and emotionally attached, the other competitors in the market will have a tough time winning them over. So, make sure you upgrade yourself with the latest technology.
  •   The configurations are offering services like packages that give an idea to the customer about the kind of investment they need to make along with the product availability date. The client will get a clear idea about when their desired and designed car will be handed over to them. These features when provided at home are appreciated by the clients and add to the benefits of the company.

Best 3D car Configurators

  • Porsche Taycan Turbo S- this is the best car Configurator. The whole new range of Porsche models is configurable. You can work on it online and the website is quite responsive in that matter.
  • Bentley Configurator- this company offers one of the easiest and most sorted out procedures for configuration. Although it does not show the price of the car, the process is quite simple.
  • Audi Configurator- one of the biggest advantages of this brand is that it has several models to offer. You will get ample choices.
  • Formacar 3D Configurator- you can configure the car anywhere you want since you are getting to use the function on your mobile device. You have the option of painting, designing as well as customizing your car in your way in a 3D display.
  • Chevrolet 3D car Configurator- this company offers a 360-degree view of the customized car to understand the requirements and make preferable changes. They have used VisCircle GmbH, their partner agency who has helped them develop their car Configurator.
  • Mercedes- it has a set of equipment to offer, an option to offer the integration of accessories while configuring, and a choice of transmitting the configuration to the dealer as well.
  • BMW- you will enjoy the various filter options offered here that include pricing, transmission, performance, etc.
  • Toyota- here also you will get options on packages and other stuff.
  • Renault- this is a good French company that is giving numerous services and offers, accessories and options for financing as well.

How can you decide which Car Configurator to use?

A significant number of customers consider and choose among the options available and prefer using the Configurator that they have already used in the past. This factor plays an important role in deciding which car Configurator to use. Moreover, there are some details like levels of equipment, packages offered, and designed presentations that play an important role in choosing among options.

The web-based app should be of good quality to attract consumers. Sometimes due to the inefficient working of the software, clients choose another brand offering fluent and versatile services. It is very important to choose software that runs smoothly and has various alternatives to offer.

In this competitive world, if a brand needs to maintain its position in the market, it has to work hard on improving technology. It has to offer new and hi-tech features to its clients to win them over. Car configurations are many, but not all of them offer advanced and new features.

Features are added with every new version and the more you offer, the happy and satisfied the clients will be. It is also important to take care that the process of configuration does not become tedious and boring with useless features.

Another important factor that plays an important role here is that people with conventional thinking prefer to go for the most commonly used option. For them, it does not matter what features are being offered by different brands or how easy their task will be using the Configurator.

They feel the need to buy from the commonly used brands in their area. They usually prefer the brand which their friends, family, or neighbours are using. In this case, the car Configurator holds no importance. Here, even with minimal features in their Configurators, a brand can become popular in a particular area.

Most popular online car Configurators

The cloud-based online car Configurator offers a clear visual display of configuration in any car model. This Configurator has two different options to offer- Palette and Palette+. Palette gives an option of image-based configuration to its customers who can explore and personalize a car with various configuring options in any web device.

Palette+ also offers many configuring options like the former, but here, the customers will get a chance to visually explore and see a car from 360-degree. This app is for a premium experience. Lamborghini has been using Palette since 2019 for all its models. The customers here get a chance to customize and see their future Lamborghini come alive on screen. Audi uses Palette+ for its models. The customers have been enjoying the features of premium configurations across Audi’s top 20 markets.

Threekit is another software for car configuration that offers 3D images and a full 3D view of the personalized product. It gives a realistic visual experience to the customers with all its advanced features.

Program-Ace is software that helps in designing a customized car with 3D images and a 360-degree view. It offers high-quality graphic images with accurate details. It can work for any car model. The software runs smoothly and gives various options with different models to achieve your dream car.

Elementals is another software offering amazing 3D configuration options. With the high-quality 3D graphics, real-life-like size and images, and a variety of colours and tools, you can even experience driving the car in augmented reality. You can design the rim, seat, and change the sound of the horn of the car as you wish. You can take screenshots or record videos and show them to your family or friends for a better opinion.

3D Tuning is an app that offers features both for cars as well as trucks to customize according to your wish. All the advanced features along with 3D images are available here. All this is available for free. It is very simple to download and you will definitely enjoy it.

When does a Car Configurator lose its importance?

Well, this is important for you to know to understand where all you need to improve so that you don’t lose out on your customers.

  •   For building a good car Configurator, a very reliable person is required who will help in bringing all the factors together to make this amazing feature work efficiently. Moreover, if you think about using well-established software for configuration, it is not necessary that it will include and support all the options that you want to incorporate. The options will be very limited.
  •   Due to this high-tech feature, companies generally charge an extra amount of the customers. Many times, clients willingly pay for the amazing experience the Configurator offers, but sometimes it might not be approved by the clients. They might not want to pay that extra amount since they will be already paying a good amount for the car. This can turn this app into a failure.
  •   Since configuration will require specific detailing for every product, the companies will have to be very particular about every single requirement of the customers. This will require more time for manufacturing, which means a late supply of the product. The customers need to be clear about the time taken in the manufacturing process.
  •   From the production point of view, the manufacturers might face a tough time catering to the details of the customized product. Each product will have different logistics which at times will be difficult for the companies to cater to. In that case, clients might have to compromise a little and select more accepted and readily available options from the companies.
  •   Another disadvantage of this feature is that the app requires proper internet access to work smoothly. It might not be possible to get good web connections everywhere. The slow internet speed or failure in downloading might discourage the clients from using this app.

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With developing technology in these difficult times when people do not feel safe coming out of their house, these lucrative additional services have proven to be very beneficial. Product Configurators are widely being used and are increasingly preferred due to this reason. Companies are offering the choice of personalization with the care of mentioning product details as well as the date for delivery of the product.

Similarly, car Configurators are offered by many reputed companies nowadays that are not only helping a customer to build their version of the car, but also helping the companies to understand the alternatives which hold importance for the existing customers as well attracting potential customers. This is a technology that is creating an emotional connection between a customer and the product because of which it is being loved by many.

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