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XO3D as Feature Speaker at Virtual Keyshot World UK 2021

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Virtual Keyshot World UK 2021

We recently had the opportunity to speak at the Virtual Keyshot World UK 2021 last October 14, 2021.

Inneo Solutions approached us, the Keyshot resellers we used to purchase the software, to be one of the 14 feature presenters of the event. More than 850 attendees from all over the world joined in and learned many exciting industry practices in 3D rendering.

This was our first feature spot – something we were both excited and nervous about.

Alex Mann Speaker in Keyshot World UK 2021

3D and Modern Marketing

Our managing director, Alex Mann, talked about “3D and Modern Marketing.”

We looked at some of the statistics in the e-commerce space, and we found that online shoppers have increased massively during the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people have transitioned into the online space –  3D allows you to stand out from the competition and allow your prospective buyers a more immersive shopping experience.

OECD online shopping COVID 19 graphic

A More Immersive Shopping Experience

We had been working on our new solution for online shopping—integrating 3D into the shopping cart process—allowing users to explore a 3D version of a product before purchasing. Our goal is that they will be more likely to buy if they can interact with a product before purchase.

We noted that users were 40% more likely to complete a purchase if there was something 3D to interact with in the buying process. We were excited to unveil this new 3D product configurator software during the presentation.

3D Product Configurator

Similarly, we also spoke about our most recent client projects, including several reveal animations for Smarter AM depicting their Alexa-controlled intelligent kitchen appliances.

See more of our work for Smarter AM

We also exhibited our work with Duux on their new heating systems and our work with Greystar on the Chapter Kings Cross building.

Our Talk at Virtual Keyshot World UK 2021 Was a Success

The success of the event was cemented when we received an enquiry from Victoria Albert Baths to modelvisualise, and implement this software into their new online shop – a project that is still ongoing.

We hope to do more of these in the future and similarly encourage any clients also to improve their online shops and see how 3D can revolutionise their online experiences.

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